Topps March Future Stars Club Featured Garbage Pail Kids

Topps threw another surprise into one of their monthly membership clubs. March’s Topps Future Stars Club was Garbage Paul Kids focused. The regular club comes with 1 monthly blaster box, 1 (5) card exclusive set, and 1 Topps branded item. Collectors who are pare of the monthly club begin receiving their cards recently. March’s set contains 5 reprints from the 2015 GPK Series 1 baseball card insert set. While the fronts are reprints, the backs are new. The Topps Future Stars logo appears along with an advertisement for the monthly club. Each card back also has a “fun fact” about Garbage Paul Kids. It’s too late for collectors now to buy the set from Topps, so collectors will want to look on the secondary market. Collectors also recorded a 2021S1 Food Fight Blaster Tin as part of the Club. The third item, Topps headphones, was not GPK related. Topps continues to throw in GPK in unexpected places.