Sgorbions Slime Launches in Italy

Thanks to GPK collector Henry Mora for finding these picts online. It appears Topps, maybe with another company, has launched Sgorbions Slime. Sold at news stands in Italy for €2.99 each, the box appears to start there are 12 different ones. Based on the packaging each container contains some slime and 1 GPK character. They look a lot like the old Minilkins. If anyone knows any Italian or has information on the release please comment on the article.

Update: There is also an activity book that comes with each container of slime. See below for more pictures from some Itilian Facebook pages and a news stand in Italy.


One Reply to “Sgorbions Slime Launches in Italy”

  1. I saw mention on topps UK Facebook page that they will be releasing this series in the UK soon too. The Garbage Gang UK cards were printed in Italy too, wonder what else will come from this relationship.