Second David Gross Coin/Pin Highlights this Week’s GPKNation Offers

GPKNation has another week packed full of Garbage Pail Kids launches planned. This Tuesday, 11/9 at 1:00 EST, will see the second pin from GPK artist David Gross launch. Eerie Eric/Berserk Kirk artwork has been redone and will first be offered as pin. There will be 200 copies of the pin available. Then on Friday, 11/13 at 1:00 EST, there will be two different coins, one for Eric and one for Kirk. There will also be 200 of each coin available to purchase. Just like with last week’s release, there are no parallels planned for this coin.

Also, Tuesday will see the release of the Yellow Adam Bomb Ornament Keychain. There will be 100 of the Yellow keychains available for purchase. Finally, Tuesday will also have the 3rd installment of the GPK Gold Bar. These 24k Gold Plated bars have been quick sellers. This will be the 3rd batch of 25 to be released out of a total of 100 made. You also never know what other surprises GPKNation will have in order this week.