Philly Non-Sports Show Set for October

The next Philly Non-Sports card show is ready to go in October. The next installment of the largest non-sports card show in the US will take place Oct. 14 & 15. The show will once again take place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. East coast collectors are going to have a busy weekend in mid-October as the Philly show and NYCC are scheduled for the same weekend. From a GPK perspective, collectors will recognize one of the guest artists as veteran sketch artist David Acevedo. Other artists scheduled to attend are Jason Brower, Ted Dastick Jr., and Michael Munshaw. GPK sketch artist Rickey Kipfer will also be setup at the show as a vendor. Attendees of the show will have the chance to pickup a Topps approved promo card, Philly Sneezesteak, created by Perter Zies and Neil Camera.

The traditional Saturday dinner will feature guest speaker Gary Gerani. Gary, who has written the backs of many Topps non-sports cards over the years, will be on hand to talk about his recently released book, The Card King Chronicles. Attendees to the dinner will receive a Topps approved Halloween GPK card done by David Acevedo. Anyone wishing to attend the dinner can purchase tickets by emailing, [email protected]

Tickets for the show are available for $12 per day, or $20 for a two day pass. The show will be open on 10/14 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and on 10/15 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Collectors should not only be excited about the show in October, but plans are under way for the 80th show scheduled for May 18 & 19, 2024. The show will take place at a larger hall with more dealers! Dealers and collectors alike should start making plans now to attend this big milestone show.