Monogram Products Launching Garbage Pail Kids Figural Bag Clips

Monogram International sent over the official pictures for the Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Bag Clips. The clips can be found soon in FYE, Hot Tropic stores, and online. They also created a YouTube video to discuss the new product, be sure to check it out!

Collectors will soon be able to decorate their backpacks in style. Monogram Products is set to launch new officially licensed GPK bag clip figures. Thanks to GPK collector and sketch artist Justin Olson for the heads up on the new product. Garbage Pail Kids Figural Bag Clips Series 1 consists of 11 different figures offered in blind box format. The characters are made of foam with a plastic clip to attach to bags. The character lineup features Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, and 9 others. Each box contains 24 blind packs. Toywiz currently has preorders available for $5.99 per pack or boxes for $139.99. Toywiz lists these shipping in March/April, while Previews World shows May 25, 2022.