It Lives! Topps Reinstates 2021S2 GPK Vacation, Cancels 2022S2 GPK

Topps set off a firestorm yesterday afternoon for collectors when they sent out their weekly communication to distributors saying 2021S2 GPK Vacation was cancelled. Well what Topps kills, they can bring back! This morning Topps send out another message updating distributors on what is apparently the next GPK set. 2021S2 GPK Vacation is back on! Instead Topps “cancelled” the previously unannounced 2022S2 set. In addition, Topps updated the release date to December TBD, meaning the planned October date they were shooting for isn’t happening. The bottom line is this. Regardless of what they call it, Topps plan has been to make GPK Vacation the second regular release of 2022. They are pushing back the other planned themes to 2023. How distributors and online dealers will handle preorders that they cancelled yesterday is anyones guess. Only Topps can make things this confusing.