GPK Oh the Horror-ible Dollar Tree Packs/Boxes Hit Store Shelves

Thank to GPK collector Luke Parks for being the first to post images and let the community know that Dollar Store packs/boxes are now out for 2018 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible. These no-frills packs are a tradition every release. These are only made for Dollar Tree stores. Each pack comes with 4 base cards, with a SRP of $1.00. There are no “hits” in these packs, no parallels, no inserts, etc. Collectors buying these like having an unopened pack/wrapper for their collection. The boxes are also sought after for collectors wanting empty boxes. They resemble the old gravity feed boxes, just a little smaller. Collectors were not sure if Topps was going to continue to produce the Dollar Store packs, since the Target Gravity Feed boxes were cancelled beginning with this release. However, it appears the tradition will continue. Be sure to hit up your local Dollar Tree for some base card love.