Garbage Pail Kids X Mars Attacks Mini Set Available in Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier this month Sidekick Labs and Adam Levine launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new Mars Attacks set. This set, licensed by Topps, is the second go around for Adam and Sidekick for the Mars Attacks brand. GPK collectors might be familiar with both creators of the set. Sidekick Labs recently was the printer for Super 7’s Universal Monsters set. While Adam worked for Topps a few years back and was involved with marketing the GPK brand and early online offers. Just yesterday, a new pack add-on option was added to the campaign for a Garbage Pail Kids/Mars Attacks mini set. The creators were given approval by Topps to use the GPK brand for the set. Artist Jason Crosby will paint the cards for the set. Jason is a long time GPK sketch card artist, this will be his first time creating final cards with the GPK brand. The six card set will be printed on retro card stock, packaged in a wax pack, and also include a mock piece of bubble gum. The pack will cost $10 and is scheduled for a March 2021 release. GPK collectors not wanting to order any additional Mars Attacks cards can pledge at the “Add-On Only” level. Just pledge $10 for each pack you want. A survey will be sent to backers once the campaign is over that will allow you to choose the GPK pack.