First Look: Pack & Box Art for 2022S1 Garbage Pail Kids Bookworms

We are just over two weeks away from the release of the first retail set in months, 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Bookworms. It looks like the release is on schedule, as Topps has shared with GPKNews the Pack and Box art for the upcoming set. All the art on both packs and boxes features a new character from the upcoming set having quite the vomit portal issue. Box art is below for the Collector, Retail Display, and the brand new Walmart exclusive Mega Box. The Mega box advertises on the box that there are 136 cards included in the box. Interestingly the number of packs isn’t displayed, although 136 cards equates to 17 8-card packs. The Mega box also advertises randomly inserted Gross Adaptations insert cards, as expected. GPK collectors should finally have packs to bust soon! 2022S1 GPK Bookworms is scheduled to be released 7/27/22.