GPK Boys YouTube Show Gives Voice to the Collector

What do you get when you mix a Canadian Nasty Nik collector with a crazed Frying Ryan collector from New York? The GPK Boys of course! Hosts Nick Atef and Ryan Kozyra, in addition to producer Mike Paunovich, make up the group bringing Garbage Pail Kids collectors the brand new YouTube show. The show got off the ground with episode 1, when it launched on March 19th. In the first show they review 2021S1 Food Fight, discuss the art of Barry Nibert, and interview popular GPK Breaker Stevie Coachella.

The GPK Boys YouTube show is the first of its kind within the GPK community. Ryan explains how the idea for the show came about, “It was the lack of anything like this in the community, especially with the popularity of YouTube and podcasts. And with the increased popularity of GPK, especially over the last year, we wanted the fans to have some kind of platform. And the last and most important part, was the chemistry I have with my co-host, Nick. I mean, you could get lost in those eyes.” While their online chemistry was great, the show needed something else to really get off the ground as Nick explains, “Ryan and I once hopped on facebook live and had a chat with everyone in the community. From there we always fantasized about doing a talk show of some sort. What really made it happen was Mike Paunovich joining the team. With his guidance the show was born!” Producer Mike was able to bring his media production experience into the fold, and the show was off and running, “I saw Nick and Ryan posting in the groups about the show and I contacted them to selfishly insert myself into their idea. From their videos on the breaks group I could tell they had good camera presence. I saw the potential from the get go and figured I could help them with my background in media production.”

With all three being long time GPK collectors, it’s no surprise they are all focused on the show giving a voice to the collector. Nick said, “I’d love for us to be THE source for GPK culture and happenings in the collector community. I’m a collector that is equally as passionate about the cards as I am the community members behind the cards. Sure the cards are cool as hell, but some of the people attached to them are equally so.” GPK Boys is a show about all things Garbage Pail Kids. They plan to dig into the latest news and collector culture, and highlight the amazing things that make being a part of the GPK community so much fun. Each episode features an interview with a collector or an artist, plus a whole segment of GPK Talk where the boys throw down their OG knowledge and opinions about these epically gross and awesome trading cards.

The second episode launched today! Mike describes the episode as, “The GPK Boys drop their second episode on Easter Sunday, packed with an in-depth review of the bootleg OS16 box, a discussion about the controversial BTS Shammy Awards card, and an exclusive interview with Topps artist Adam Dobrzeniecki.” Collectors can view all episodes and subscribe to the GPK Boys show on their YouTube Page.