Garbage Pail Kids Featured on Antiques Roadshow

Tonight’s episode of Antiques Roadshow featured an appraisal of Garbage Pail Kids. The long time PBS TV show visits cities around the country, and uses expert appraisers to give people value of everything from fine art, furniture, collectibles, and more. This week’s show was filmed at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. The appraiser was Travis Landry, who is a Collectibles and Toy appraiser for the show as well as Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers. Almost mid-way through the show a lady was shown with her Garbage Pail Kids collection. The appraiser highlighted the key OS 1 cards in the collection (1a/b & 8a/b). According to the appraiser, she had complete OS 1 & 2 sets. The appraiser was knowledgeable about Garbage Pail Kids while he gave a brief history of the sets. When it came time to give value, he pointed out the flaws in the key cards and said the Nasty Nick would grade a “7”, while both Nick and Eddie would be worth between $250-$350 each. He said the Adam Bomb and Blasted Billy would be between $200-$300 each. In all, he valued the collection at $1000. This marks Garbage Pail Kids second reality TV appearance after a Storage Wars episode a few years back. You can watch tonight’s Antique Roadshow episode on The GPK portion begins at 24:52 of the episode.