Topps Teases New Entertainment Blend Set Coming Next Week

Topps today via their official Garbage Pail Kids Facebook page began teasing the next Topps Entertainment Blend online set. Not much is revealed by just the picture that was posted. Once again it looks like all the art for the set was done by Ermsy. Ermsy also did the art on the first Entertainment Blend set from last year. The set features multiple brands from Topps including; Wacky Packages, Mars Atracks, Garbage Pail Kids, and for the first time, Look N’ See. Look N See was a brand from Topps in the 50’s that featured portrait style art of famous figures. The sample image on the preview of Oppenheimer and Adam Bomb is an example of a Look N See card. The box itself advertises it contains 6 cards, and says you can find rare B name short prints, on card autographs from Ermsy, and more. Topps Entertainment Blend 2 is set to go on sale 7/27/23 on Topps website.

Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend Teased

Topps today teased an upcoming Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend online set. According to Topps’ Facebook page, there will be a new set featuring contemporary artist Ermsy who will have his fresh new takes on Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages, and Ugly Stickers. No details of the set were revealed other than a teaser video that had images of Adam Bomb and Bony Jonie. Ermsy did a number of GPK baseball related mashups for Topps’ Project 70 set last year. Topps says the set will release on July 13th.