Garbage Pail Kids Official Coloring Book Coming in 2023

The Garbage Pail Kids are getting their own officially licensed coloring book. Epic Ink Books will be publishing The Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Coloring Book. GPKWorld was first to report the new coloring book. All the art in the book will be done by longtime GPK artist Joe Simko. The description for the book promises over 50 classic GPK characters to color including; Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy, Unzipped Zack, Bad Breath Seth, Oozy Suzy, Cut-Up Carmen, Dead Ted, New Wave Dan, April Showers, Electric Bill, Disgustin’ Justin, Evil Eddie, Junky Jeff, Dough Boyd, and Brutal Brad. The 128 page coloring book retails for $12.99. The book is available now for preorder at various online book sellers like Books-A-Million. Collectors should wait before busting out their crayons, as the current release date is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2023.