Live Mike Pin Next Launch at GPK Nation this Week

Live Mike is next up in the weekly pin series from GPK Nation. Tomorrow, Tuesday 2/2 at 1:00 PM EST the third pin of the 12 pin series will launch. The pin is limited to 50 made.

This coming Friday’s launch is being reserved for a special retro 89’s non-licensed art piece done by Joe Simko titled, “It All Starts Here”. GPK Nation also has information on their Facebook page advertising a charity raffle benefitting SIDES where collectors can buy tickets to win some rare GPK coins. Be sure to checkout GPK Nation on Facebook for all the details.

Pins, and More Pins Set for GPK Nation This Week

The 12 week pin party continues this week, with a bonus pin. First up is the Janet Planet weekly pin launch set for tomorrow, 1/26, at 1:00 PM EST. This is the second pin in the weekly series. There will also be a bonus pin launch tomorrow. The Dead Ted headshot pin uses the same artwork previously used in the iron on patch. Both pins will launch at the same time.

Then on Friday, 1/29, at 1:00 PM EST will be the final rose gold playing card coin, Adam Bomb. The coin will be limited to /20 copies. Friday will also see the launch of the Dead Ted mini card coin. Similar to the Adam Bomb, just a bit smaller. This 3 inch tall coin has a mini version of Dead Ted produced by Topps and imbedded into the back of the coin. The coin also glows in the dark. The coin will be limited to /100 copies. A full week of launches are planned at GPK Nation.

GPK Nation Planning for 12 Week Pin Party

GPK Nation is set to launch the first pin of a 12 pin series beginning today. Over the weekend GPK Nation showed pictures of the 12 pins, and actually had a surprise launch of 12 pins sets, that sold out quickly. Each full color pin is numbered and limited to /50 copies. The first pin, Peepin’ Tom will launch today, Jan. 19 at 1:00 PM EST. The schedule for the rest of the pins is; Janet Planet (1/26), Live Mike (2/2), Patty Putty (2/9), Cracked Jack (2/16), Buggy Betty (2/23), Ali Gator (3/2), Smelly Sally (3/9), Spilt Kit (3/16), Dead Ted (3/23), Beth Death (3/30, and Greaser Greg (4/6).

Coming this Friday, 1/22 at 1:00 Pm EST, will be the next Rose Gold plated playing card coin. Luke Warm is the next one to launch in Rose Gold, and like the others will be limited to 20 copies.

XL Nasty Nick GPK Coin Releasing Friday at GPK Nation

GPKNation is going big this week! They will be launching their largest coin ever this Friday. The Nasty Nick coin is 4.75 inches in diameter. The front of the coin features a full color Nasty Nick image. The back of the coin has an actual Nasty Nick card, specially produced for this launch by Topps, permanently attached to the coin. The coin will be limited to 100 copies. Collectors will be able to purchase the coin this Friday, 1/15 at 1:00 PM EST.

Also launching this Friday, at 1:00 PM EST, will be the next Rose Gold plated playing card coin, Sy Clops. There will be 20 copies of the coin available. GPK Nation hasn’t announced anything yet for a Tuesday launch.

GPK Nation to Launch Dead Ted Patch/Joanie Rose Gold Coin

GPK Nation is gearing up for more launches this week. A brand new Dead Ted patch is set to get things started. The patch will launch on Tuesday, 1/5 at 1:00 PM EST on their website. Then coming on Friday, 1/8 at 1:00 PM EST will be the Bony Joanie Rose Gold plated playing card coin. The coin will be limited to only 20 copies. GPK Nation is sure to have other surprises this week as well.

Rare Gold Plated Playing Card Coin Set Auctioned for Charity by GPK Nation

GPK Nation co-founder Louis Gregory is running a special auction to support charity. Up for auction is a rare 24k gold plated playing card coin set. According to the auction, there were only 4 gold plated sets made, and all were given as gifts. Gregory is auctioning his personal set with a starting bid of $1000. 100% of the proceeds of the auction will go to SIDES, a charity focused on helping families with a child that has Ewing’s Sarcoma. Collectors can place their bid on the auction post on the GPK Nation Facebook page.

New Coaster/Coin Planned for GPKNation This Week

After taking a small break for Christmas, GPK Nation will be back on its regular launch schedule this week. He company has many new projects in the pipeline for 2021, with the first launching this week. First up will be a new coaster. The Double Heather coaster is set to launch Tuesday, 12/29 at 1:00 PM EST. The coaster joins Nick and the 35th logo in their coaster set.

Now that the artist collaboration series is over, a new coin is set to launch. The coin, designed by Topps, features the artwork for Live Mike. The coin also glows in the dark. It will be limited to 100 copies. The coin will go up for sale this Friday, 1/1, at 1:00 PM EST. The coin will get 2021 going, in what is sure to be another year full of GPK Nation surprises.

It’s an Adam Bomb Tuesday at GPKNation

The second Joe Simko piece as part of the artist collaboration with GPK Nation is set to go on sale this week. Simko’s take on Adam Bomb will launch tomorrow, Tuesday 12/22 at 1:00 PM EST. Since Christmas is on Friday, for the first time, GPK Nation will launch the pin and coins the same day. The Adam Bomb pin will be limited to 200 copies. Additionally, there will be two coins offered, Adam Bomb and Blaster Billy, also limited to 200 copies each.

Joe Simko Highlights Next Artist Collaboration With GPK Nation

GPK Nation has another full week of launches planned. Joe Simko is the next artist as part of their artist collaboration. Coming tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/15 at 1:00 PM EST will be the Roy Bot pin, featuring Simko’s artwork. Like previous pins, it will be limited to 200 copies. Then coming this Friday, 12/18 at 1:00 PM EST time, will be two new coins. The Hot Head Harvey and Roy Bot coins will also be limited to 200 copies.

GPK Nation also has an Adam Bomb Christmas ornament set to go on sale durimg Tuesday’s 1:00 PM EST launch. The ornament will be limited to 200 copies. It’s sure to be a busy week at GPKNation.

Nasty Nick Pin/Coin Highlight GPKNation Launches This Week

This week marks the second piece from Brent Engstrom in the artist collaboration with Set to launch Tuesday 12/8 at 1:00 PM EST will be the Nasty Nick pin. Like previous pins it is limited to 200 copies. Then on Friday 12/11 at 1:00 PM EST there will be two coins launching, one for Nasty Nick and one for Evil Eddie. The coins are also limited to 200 copies.

GPKNation also launched the Glow in the Dark Garbage Pail Kids Patch this week. The patches also come with a blue hat to attach them to. There are sure to be more surprises from the company this week.