30 Years of Garbage Makes World Premiere

30yearsThe much anticipated Garbage Pail Kids documentary, 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story, made its world premiere Friday night in New York. The movie, directed by GPK artists Jeff Zapata and Joe Simko chronicles the 30 year history of Garbage Pail Kids. Attending the premiere were past GPK artists Mark Newgarden and James Warhola, along with current artists Mark Pingitore, David Gross, Joe Simko, and Jeff Zapada. Many other GPK sketch artists and collectors packed the Anthology Film Archives to catch the first glimpse of the film.

GPKNews.com Special Correspondents Erica Fox and Stephen Sodergren attended the premiere. Here is their review of the events of the evening.

30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story World Premiere Film Screening in New York City

imageLast night saw the world premiere of the documentary “30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story” at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side of New York City. The documentary is the culmination of approximately two years of work for Directors Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata and Co-Producer and Editor June Gonzales who were all on hand for the premiere. Simko and Zapata introduced the film and were visibly excited and proud of the project that they dedicated so much time to. Zapata commented on his hope that viewers would get a deeper understanding of the people involved in the creation of Garbage Pail Kids. Simko voiced his hopes that this film would highlight the fandom of GPK as well as giving a deeper insight into who the artists are who made and make GPK cards so great.

imageThe film itself clocks in at two hours and thirteen minutes and features interviews with the key players in the inception, creation and execution of the iconic card series that captivated children across the country and later the world during the 1980s. The reception during the film was wholly positive as attendees clapped and cheered as each artist and/or creator was introduced onscreen. The only drawback during the film’s screening was the lack of air-conditioning in the theater. However this, along with intermittent downpours and a city-wide tornado watch weren’t enough to stop the die-hard GPK fans attending and enjoying the historical event. In addition to Simko and Zapata, other artists in attendance were Mark Newgarden, James Warhola, Mark Pingitore, David Gross, Lily Mercado, Melty Misfits creator Buff Monster, and Executive Producer and GPKWorld.com owner Aaron Booton.

The event included a raffle of three prize bags each containing an IDW GPK Puketacular comic, a Funko Donald Dumpty figure, and one of three other prizes inserted into each bag which were a stack of vintage 70s and 80s non-sport trading cards, an unopened box of GPK 2015 series 1, and packs of unopened OS packs as old as OS 3. Wine was available prior to the film courtesy of the crew from Peel Here Productions and served as a refreshing drink in contrast to the theater’s heat. An after party was held at Solas Bar on the LES of Manhattan. Partygoers were given the chance to speak with the directors as well as visit with other like minded people. All film attendees were given their choice of 2 cards featuring GPK artists as Garbage Pail Kids as well as promo cards for the film.imageimage

imageAt the film’s conclusion Simko and Zapata thanked all of the attendees for coming out in the weather and for withstanding the heat. They also acknowledged and thanked Mark Newgarden and James Warhola for attending. They stated that the DVD of the film is currently on-sale on their website as a distributor has yet to be finalized. When asked about his reaction to the film Buff Monster said, “I thought the film did well showing GPKs “crazy history” as it started out on the waterfront in Brooklyn in an unassuming warehouse like bubble gum factory.”

The film premiere was a successful event showcasing a movie 30 plus years in the making and marks a milestone in the history of the one-time 80s fad now turned a phenomenon spanning several decades and still going.





GPK sketch artist Lily Mercado was at the premiere and sent along her thoughts and pictures from the event.

The premiere started at approximately 8:05pm, but before that people arrived and gathered in the lobby and met with some of the artist that were present like Mark Pingatore, Jeff Zapata, Joe Simko, June Gonzales and Dave Gross. Heavy rain and thunderstorms didn’t stop fans from attending. They were given artist cards as you arrived and checked in. There were fans/collectors from all over according to Jeff, who attended the premiere. Prizes were given out before the movie and packages of cards were thrown into the audience which was a treat. It was nice meeting the artist and fans/collector. Drinks were served on the upper level (non alcohol). I personally enjoyed the movie and found it inspiring and a learning experience for me. It open my eyes for new ideas in the upcoming series of GPK. It was nice to see families with their kids and the younger generation attending the premiere. Overall, all those who put this documentary together did a wonderful job! Also, let’s not forget to thank the people/staff that worked the lobby and upper level floor.-Lily



GPK collector Keith “Ke We” also attended the event and sent along some great pictures. Including one pic with my name in the credits! My money hard at work!

image image

Thanks to Erica, Stephen, Lily, and Keith for sending along their reviews and pictures!

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