2021S2 Garbage Pail Kids Vacation Officially Gets Release Date, Updated to 2023

Our long national nightmare appears to be coming to a close. In today’s release date email to distributors, Topps officially gave 2021 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids GPK Goes on Vacation a release date. As had been rumored for weeks, the newest retail set is now scheduled for a 2/22/23 release date. The set was originally scheduled for a Sept. 2021 release, but saw numerous delays due to Covid and printer shortages. Additionally, Topps also updated the set to be titled 2023 Series 1. Topps had gone back and forth the last year on updating the year on the set, with various dates under consideration. This also marks a change from the 2023 internal sales calendar Topps had planned. This confirms what we’ve been hearing, that Topps would back off slightly on the retail releases in 2023. The newest plan is for Vacation to be 2023S1, with both 2023S2 and Chrome OS 6 coming later this year. It looks like Kids are finally ending the longest vacation ever!