Jago Studios Debuts Mini Teaser Trailer for Garbage Pail Kids The Game

As promised Jago Studios debuted a trailer for their upcoming mobile game, Garbage Pail Kids The Game. This mini trailer comes in at a quick 5 seconds, and gives collectors a brief glimpse into the art and game play.

After two seconds of card images, we are treated to what appears to be a battle during game play. This two second portion shows two sides made up of character cards. Classic OS characters are featured. The battle shows Adam Bomb attacking and destroying Grim Jim and Frying Brian. The characters on all the cards appeared to be animated during game play. For example Anna Banana is swinging from some vines, and Buggy Betty is flapping her wings.

The sequence ends with a brief screenshot of the character screen for Adam Bomb. Showed what would appear to be a level 14 Adam Bomb, some unlocked and locked powers, (I could use the “Power of Angry” myself), and some items in a “Junk” section.

While the trailer is short, the game does appear to be a “card collecting role playing game”, as the company stated in their initial release. The game is set to release in the App Store and Google Play later this year.