Release of 2018 Series 2 GPK Oh the Horror-ible Still Scheduled for Sept

I hate being wrong. After reporting a couple of days ago the change in release dates on the next retail set, 2018S2 Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible, it appears the information was incorrect. Word begin to spread on Monday after both GTS Distribution and Beckett updated their release calendars showing a change in dates to July 25, 2018. However, according to Topps repersentative Susan Lulgjuraj the set is still scheduled for a Sept. 19, 2018 release. I’ve reached out to GTS and Beckett to attempt to see why the change was made.

I really strive to have things right on GPKNews when I make reports. I apologize for adding to the “Fake News” society. I thought with both GTS and Beckett making the change it was set. I will strive in the future to do a better job in reporting.

The last couple of years Topps has followed a consistent release schedule for the retail GPK sets. 2016-2018 so far has seen standard Oct./Jan. releases. That however is changing for the next release. After initially announcing a release date of Sept. 19, 2018 for 2018 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Oh the Horror-ible, Topps is moving the date forward by nearly two months. Moving a set earlier is a rare move on Topps part, but the set is now scheduled to release July 25th, 2018. Thanks to Mikee Friesen with the first info on the date change. While there has been no official word from Topps, GTS distribution and Beckett have both updated the date change. Reasons for moving the release up are unknown. Topps should still have enough time to make the new release date. Card front art has been complete for a few weeks now, and sketch cards are due back to Topps in a little over a week. This gives Topps about a month to pack out and ship the set. Get ready for a summer filled with plenty of horror!

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  1. This isn’t your fault…. other sources had this incorrect info and you looked to them as experts on the release date considering they are the distributors and should know when a release date is. I actually saw this info prior to your news story so it was out there on Facebook prior so it wasn’t just you who got the wrong info!