Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Thanksgiving Set

img_0336Black Friday has come and gone, but did customers spend their money on the GPK Thanksgiving online exclusive set? Today Topps released print run information for the GPK Thanksgiving set. Topps had the set offered for one week in their online store only during Thanksgiving and the Black Friday weekend. Collectors showed they weren’t quite as excited for Turkey. The set sold in the mid-200’s doing quite a bit less sales than the Halloween counterpart offered a month earlier. Leading the way was the Wacky Packs card at 285 copies. This time however the GPK cards didn’t finish that far behind. I’m guessing we will be seeing a Christmas set very soon. Here is the print run information as revealed on the Topps Blog.

  • Duck and Hide Flinging Mix – Wacky Packages – 285
  • Dismissed Donald – 267
  • Trypto Fran – 252
  • Food Fight Earl – 249
  • Pardoned Parker – 249
  • Black Frye Day – 249