Swag Golf Launching New GPK Golf Head Cover

It’s been nearly a year since their last Garbage Pail Kids release, but Swag Golf is back to make your golf clubs stand out on the course. According to their Instagram account, the company will be launching the GPK Rocky N Roll blade and mallet covers. The covers will go on sale this Thursday, 10/6, at 11:00 AM Central time at their website. While not announced, surely there will be a Les Vegas rare version included in the launch as well. These covers are very popular with Swag Golf fans, and will sell out quickly. You will want to be ready to purchase right at launch for a chance on this one.

Super Impulse to Launch Pop Taters GPK Adam Bomb Toy

Super Impulse, the company behind the GPK Micro Figures, will be using their GPK license in a new Pop Taters toy line. According to Transformers news site TFormers.com, Adam Bomb will be included in the toy line based off the popular Mr. Potato Head toys. In conjunction with Hasbro, the first wave of Pop Taters will include various characters from the licenses Super Impulse has. Some characters include Adam Bomb, Optimus Prime, Bob Ross and others. According to the first ad’s for the toys, they will include interchangeable parts. The toys will come in two versions, a 4” version with interchangeable parts and a 2” keychain version. No release date has been mentioned, although the advertisement mentioned they are new for 2022.

Dynamite Comics Previews Garbage Pail Kids Origin Issue #3

The comic story behind the origins of GPKs is set to come to a dramatic conclusion. Dynamite Comics has released the preview for Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issie #3. This is the final issue in the short comic series that was the brain child of Jeff Zapata. Like the other issues, the comic was written by Zapata, Adam F. Goldberg, and Hans Rodionoff. Zapata and Chris Meeks did the artwork for the comic, while Dustin’s Graham worked on coloring in this issue. The preview for this issue reads, “The stunning conclusion to the most important Garbage Pail Kids comic book OF ALL TIME! This unprecedented “origin” series has an epic conclusion you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!” Covers being offers for this release were done by Zapata, Tom Bunk, Frank Kadar, and a trading card cover featuring Adam Boom. There are also virgin covers of all three being offered, along with many more to be announced in the coming weeks. Preorders will be available wherever comics are sold. The final GPK Origins Issue #3 is set to hit store shelves 12/14/22.

Garbage Pail Kids Official Coloring Book Coming in 2023

The Garbage Pail Kids are getting their own officially licensed coloring book. Epic Ink Books will be publishing The Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Coloring Book. GPKWorld was first to report the new coloring book. All the art in the book will be done by longtime GPK artist Joe Simko. The description for the book promises over 50 classic GPK characters to color including; Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy, Unzipped Zack, Bad Breath Seth, Oozy Suzy, Cut-Up Carmen, Dead Ted, New Wave Dan, April Showers, Electric Bill, Disgustin’ Justin, Evil Eddie, Junky Jeff, Dough Boyd, and Brutal Brad. The 128 page coloring book retails for $12.99. The book is available now for preorder at various online book sellers like Books-A-Million. Collectors should wait before busting out their crayons, as the current release date is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2023.

Hybris Production Launches GPK Clothing Line in Europe

Do you live in Europe? Do you need a new wardrobe? Then Hybris Production has you covered. The company recently launched a large line of officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids clothing and posters. GPKWorld was first to report on the products. The Sweden based company has a license to produce a number of GPK clothing items and posters. There are nine different styles available; 7 card variations, 1 curved GPK banner, and 1 new licensed trash logo. Each style is available in 8 different types, everything from men’s and women’s tshirts, big & tall, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Most items also come in a number of different colors. A large range of sizes are available for almost anyone. There are also baseball caps and a tote bag with the new licensed trash logo. The company sells their cloths direct to Europeans in their online Shirt Store. The company also produces over 100 different  posters featuring artwork from OS 1-3. The posters are available in four different sizes ranging from 21 CM x 30 CM (8”x11”) to 70 CM x 100 CM (27”x39”). Europeans can purchase the posters from Just Posters online store. Collectors in the United States will have to get creative if they want these items. There is a seller on Amazon who will ship the clothing items to the US at a steep cost. The posters don’t appear to be available to be shipped to the US as of yet. This is one of the largest GPK clothing lines to date. Collectors are sure to find something for them.

GetAGrip Launches GPK Mike Air Skateboard Deck

GetAGrip Skateboards surprised collectors today with a new skateboard deck launch. The Garbage Pail Kids Mike Air deck features basketball legend Michael Jordon as a GPK. The deck package comes with a lot of extras. A Blue Boil size 7 basketball, featuring Adam Bomb, comes with each order. There are two licensed collector cards, one mystery grip tape, 1 special series 4 wheel preview, and a wall hanger as well. The boards and basketball are both limited to 150 copies. The package can be purchased for $150 from GetAGrip’s website. This one is sure to sell out soon.

Dynamite Comics Reveals Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #2

The comic story behind the Garbage Pail Kids continues with Dynamite Comics’ Garbage Pail Kids Origins Issue #2. The preview for the next issue is out now and once again features the origins for GPK characters that artist Jeff Zapata dreamed up years ago. The comic is written by Zapata, Adam F Goldberg, and Hans Rodionoff. Zapata and Chris Meeks did the artwork for the comic, while Dustin Graham worked on coloring in this issue. The preview for issue #2 reads, “In issue #2, it’s a battle of brother vs. brother – Garbage Pail Kids style! No worries though, there’s only the fate of the world at stake! What could go wrong….?! Only everything!” There will be covers done by Bekki Sharp, Tom Bunk, Jeff Zapata, and a trading card cover featuring Nasty Nick. There are sure to be many additional variants announced soon. Preorders will be available soon wherever comics are sold. Issue #2 is set to hit comic book store shelves on 11/9/22.

GetAGrip Launching Series 2 Skateboard Wheels

Their ship has finally come in! After months lost at sea, GetAGrip Skateboards is set to launch their Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels. The company had to skip this launch, and launched Series 3 wheels first, due to shipments delays with the series 2 wheels. There are 8 base wheels in this officially licensed set. Collectors have a 1:2 chance to pull a Pink Pimple Pus parallel wheel, and a 1:50 chance for the rare Black chase wheel. The wheels will go on sale tomorrow at GetAGrips’s website. Pricing and exact launch time haven’t been announced, but usually GetAGrip’s launches are at 1:00 PM EST. The company says wheels will ship this month!

Wax Packs Surface for GPK x Clash of Clans Set

Earlier today Topps launched a new online set working with Supercell on a license deal. Complete sets of Garbage Pail Kids x Clash of Clans is available now on Topps.com. However as pointed out by numerous people this afternoon, videos and websites started surfacing of 5-card wax packs for this set. Sadly, collectors won’t have easy access to those packs. GPKNews has confirmed with Topps the packs were created as a promotional giveaway for Supercell. It appears Supercell is mailing boxes of swag, including packs, to online influencers of Clash of Clans. The cards in the packs are different from the online sets. The base cards from the packs all have white borders, while the base cards in the online set are two toned. The parallels are also only found in the online sets. Unless you are a Clash influencer or best buddies with one, acquiring these packs will not be easy.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids x Clash of Clans Online Set

Clash of Clans has been one of the top mobile video games of the last 10 years. Now the game is getting the GPK treatment. As part of a licensing deal with Supercell, today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids x Clash of Clans online set. The set contains 20 cards. Artwork for the set was done by Brent Engstrom, Joe Simko, David Gross, and Neil Camera. Each set purchased also included one parallel card, either a Green parallel 1:3, or a Gold Coin parallel 2:3. The set can be purchased for $29.99 each, or in a lot of 10 for $269.98. Shipping is free when choosing the Economy/SmartPost option. The set is available on Topps.con for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here are pictures of some of the cards.