10 Questions With…Tobin Lent Video Interview

We are just a few days away from the release of Topps Garbage Pail Kids x WAX OS 2 digital set. I sat down with Tobin Lent, VP of Topps Digital, for the first GPKNews 10 Questions With… video interview. We discussed a number of topics including how Topps can overcome objections of current GPK collectors and get them on the blockchain, how Topps is working with Wax to release digital sets, the future of Topps and GPK on the Blockchain, and much more! We also went into detail on the upcoming OS 2 digital set. You can watch the video on GPKNews YouTube channel here. Or check it out below!

In the interview we cover:

• Tobin talks about overcoming the objections to longtime GPK collectors to try digital…
• The biggest issue in onboarding new users…
• Redemptions in physical packs in the future…
• Past issues around initial pack distribution…
• How OS 2 will be distributed…
• Thoughts on secondary market and how Topps tries to balance…
• Using GPKs in 3rd party games…
• Details on OS 2 pack types…
• Parallels and special inserts in OS 2…
• Launch time, standard used, purchase method for OS 2
• Is Schizo Fran in the set???
• Future of GPK on WAX for 2020/2021…
• Debuting new GPKs on WAX…
• Physical cards inserted into OS 2??? What?!?!
• Long term future for Topps and WAX, other partners…
• The future of displaying assets…
• My pitch for an album NFT…
• Status of Gone Exotic base card burn…


Greenlight Collectibles Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 Diecast Cars Announced

3000Toys.com is at it again with more GPK listings. A few weeks ago first word of a GPK Mack Truck launching next year was listed. Today comes a new listing for Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 Diecast Cars. Thanks to collector Paul Lewis for the heads up. Like with the first two series, the third series will contain 6 new vehicles. The highlights of the new series include an ambulance with Mauled Paul and a Snow Plow for Ig Lou. Each car will come packaged with a trading card. Once again there will be rare Green Machine versions randomly inserted into cases. The new series is currently set to be released in Jan./Feb. 2021. Below is the checklist for the series.

Bruce Moose – 1955 Chevrolet Nomad
Amped Andrea – 1964 Volkswagen Samba Bus with Surfboards
Mauled Paul – 1965 Volkswagen Panel Van Ambulance
Shattered Shelby – 1966 Shelby GT350
Ig Lou – 2015 Ram 1500 with Snow Plow and Salt Spreader
Traffic Lady Katie – 1962 Austin Mini Cooper MkI

Initial Details on GPK x WAX OS 2 Digital Release

The following of digital GPK collectors and WAX NFT enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next release from Topps and WAX. We are only seven days away from the release of Garbage Pail Kids x WAX OS 2. This will be the fourth GPK release between the companies on the WAX blockchain.

Topps was able to share a few initial details with GPKNews about the makeup of the upcoming set. Topps is advertising the set will include original artwork animations and special effects. The different variations of cards being offered will make this the largest digital release to date. In addition to the regular a/b base cards, Topps is adding some cards that were released in the physical GPK Chrome OS 2 release from 2014. Special “C” name variations will be available randomly in packs. There were 20 C name cards in the Chrome set. Topps will also include the 26 card Returning Card subset that was in the Chrome release. There will be five different parallel card types offered in various scarcities in the set; Raw, Slime, Gum, VHS, and Sketch card. There will also be new Animation and Relic cards inserted. See list at the end of the article for a description of the card types.

Topps has shared there will be three different pack types available for sale for this release with varying card amounts and odds per pack. However, specific details around the pack types, including number available, has not been released. No other details around the release are available yet, including initial sales process or pack distribution. While not set in stone the set is expected to launch next Wed., Sept. 30th, at 12:00 PM EST.

Collectibles to expect:

  • Static A/B Cards: digitized versions of physical GPK Series 2 release
  • Static C Cards: released in GPK Chrome Series 2 (debuted in 2014)
  • Returning: reimagined character art based on 2014 GPK Chrome Series 2 release
  • RAW: Original GPK Series 2 cards with no nameplates or logo
  • Slime: Original GPK Series 2 Card with “slime” motion effect
  • Gum: Original GPK Series 2 Card with “gum” motion effect
  • VHS: Original GPK Series 2 Card with “VHS” motion effect
  • Sketch: Original GPK Series 2 Card with sketch motion effect
  • Animation: Exclusive animation card created for this release
  • Relic: Exclusive animation card created for this release

GPKNation to Offer Adam Bomb GPK Patches

GPKNation is still going strong with the releases this week. Tonight will see a limited release of four officially licensed Adam Bomb GPK Patches. There will be red, blue, yellow, and pink patches available. Each patch is limited to /50 for sale. Don’t go to sleep early on this one. The patches will launch at 10:00 PM Eastern time tonight!

They will also be launching the forth playing card medallion coin this Friday. The coin features the Mick Dagger character. The coin will be limited to /100 copies, and will go on sale this Friday, 9/25, at 1:00 PM EST.



FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Bowl/Spoon Set

The next round of officially licensed FYE merchandise looks to be hitting shelves. FYE has launched a Garbage Pail Kids bowl and spoon set. Thanks to GPK collector Wendy Miller for the picture who spotted these in her local FYE store going out of business. The bowl features green slime and a number of GPK characters on the outside. The store had these available for $14.99. Topps has already announced there would be a set of new mini cereals coming for FYE later this year. This bowl would make the perfect addition to your breakfast.

Bony Joanie Medallion Coin Launching Friday

The next medallion coin from Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory is set to launch this Friday. Bony Joanie is the next character to get her own officially licensed playing card coin. The coin will go on sale at 1:00 PM EST time on Friday. Coins can be purchased on GPKNation.com. The website recently underwent some construction, and now shows previously offered GPK merchandise. There will only be 100 copies of the coin available. Be prepared as previous coins have sold out in just mins.

Pre-order Available for Garbage Pail Kids Advent Calendar

As first reported by GPK World, Wal-Mart has a pre-order listing up for a Garbage Pail Kids Advent Calendar. There isn’t a lot of info on the listing. It appears the calendar comes with many different GPK characters that can be made to stand up. Pre-orders are set to be delivered by 10/15/20. The calendar can be ordered for $49.99. Never to early to think about how to celebrate the holidays!

GPKNation Set to Release Second Playing Card Coin Friday

The latest challenge coin series from Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory launched its first coin last Friday. The Sy Clops coin sold out in just mins. Now this Friday, 9/11, the second coin in the series is set to be released. The Luke Warm coin will be available to purchase starting at 1:00 PM EST. The coin will be limited to 100 copies. This is the second coin in the planned 5 coin series. They can be purchased on the GPKNation website. Be ready, they will go fast!

Topps Reveals Upcoming Licensed Merchandise

Topps today shared a Garbage Pail Kids September Newsletter that promotes both previously released and upcoming products. Everything GPK is included on the flyer. Both the upcoming 35th anniversary retail set, and WAX Blockchain set are advertised. There were some previously unannounced products revealed on the flyer. USAopoly will be launching a second 1000 piece puzzle in November. FYE is slated to launch mini-cereal boxes in stores and online on 9/17/20. Finally there are teasers for upcoming products in 2020 from Super 7, Geeki Tikis, and Mew Funkos! The 35th anniversary of GPK continues to be full of options for collectors!

Leo Challenge Coins Launching New Coin Friday

Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory are doing things very differently in the world of licensed GPK collectibles. A few weeks back Leo Challenge Coins begin offering weekly officially licensed GPK coins on their website GPKNation.com. They sold out quickly, within just a few mins. Gold plated versions soon followed, also selling out instantly.

They didn’t stop with just coins. Over the last couple of weeks collectors who are members of the GPN Nation Facebook group have been given exclusive access to pop up sales of officially licensed pins, keychains, and emblems. So far four pins; Sy Clops, Luke Warm, Mick Dagger, and Bony Jonie (/50), an Adam Bomb keychain (/25), and an Adam Bomb emblem set of 9 have been released. Collectors aren’t given very much notice of the sales. Sometimes just mins, other times a couple of hours. In all cases every item has sold out instantly.

The next item being offered has been given a few days notice. Louis begin teasing the newest coin to be offered this coming Friday. While no time has been announced, previous Friday sales have taken place at 1:00 PM EST. The large rectangular coin features Sy Clops on one side, with Adam Bomb on the other. The coin will be limited to /100. No other details, including pricing, have been revealed.

Collectors who want to add these limited coins, pins, and collectibles to their collections need to join the GPK Nation Facebook group, and keep your eyes peeled! You never know when the next item will pop up for sale.