Swag Golf Launching Third Garbage Pail Kids Head Cover

Nasty Nick will be the next Garbage Pail Kids character to get the gold head cover treatment. According to the officials GPK Facebook page, Swag Golf will be launching their third GPK character head cover next week. In keeping with the October theme, Nasty Nick will be offered as both a head cover and mallet cover. If the launch is anything like the first two, Adam Bomb and Bony Tony, collectors can expect random limited Evil Eddie variations to appear. These will sell out within mins, so collectors interested will want to keep checking the Swag Golf Instagram account and website for launch information.

GPK The Game Adds Nasty Nick, Launches Halloween Event

Over the last few months, Garbage Pail Kids The Game has made a comeback. After a slow start and a year of inactivity, Jago Studio has been releasing regular updates and launching events on a monthly basis. The company sent over the press release below to announce the addition of Nasty Nick to the character lineup. Players can finally add this most requested character to their party. Nick is just part of the Trick or Trash event running in the game throughout October. The free to play game is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.


80’s nostalgia meets mobile gaming – collect, train, and battle original GPK characters

LOS ANGELES — Friday, October 15, 2021— Jago Studios, creator of interactive social entertainment, in partnership with Topps is pleased to announce the addition of the first-ever GPK “Nasty Nick” to Garbage Pail Kids: The Game℠, now available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Boasting the dubious honor of card #1A in the beloved and proudly immature series, the baby-faced vampire joins classic Original Series GPKs such as Adam Bomb, Dead Ted and TeeVee Stevie in the wildly popular mobile game.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game℠ is a card collecting and strategy role playing game for mobile devices, developed by Jago Studios under license from The Topps Company, Inc., the originator of the Garbage Pail Kids property. Since the launch of the game in 2019, avid players who grew up loving the iconic – and iconoclastic – trading card series have been clamoring to see the “OGPK” added to the game. “1A is a truly significant number to GPK fans – Nasty Nick was the monster who started this whole mess!” said Stuart Drexler, Jago Studios’ CEO. Game developers were even able to include Nick’s fashion doll “victim” as part of his mobile game attack, which for Drexler – who began his own career creating ads for Barbie™ dolls – felt fiendishly felicitous.
“We couldn’t be more excited to bring our favorite undead GPK to life,” expresses Ira Friedman, Vice President of Global Licensing at Topps. “Nearly 37 years on from its original launch, affection for the Garbage Pail Kids continues to grow among original fans, as well as with a whole new generation who are discovering the appealing and appalling fun that is GPK.”

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game is free-to-play and available for download at get.gpkthegame.com. For more information and to receive updates on the game, visit gpkthegame.com or follow @gpkgame on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Garbage Pail Kids™, the mischievous and over-the-top 80’s icons, are back and ready to battle! Build a team of your favorite cards with original characters released by Topps in the 1980s and beyond. Fully animated like never before, these wacky kids will fight with everything they’ve got— lasers, spray paint, dance moves, nuclear weapons, and anything they can spit, spew, or hurl. Collect Your Favorite Cards Adam Bomb, Tee Vee Stevie, and (now the #1 requested character) Nasty Nick are just a few of the characters you remember, however, now they are ready to fight. Pick your favorites to build your strongest crew while balancing the chase of unlocking rare cards as you progress. Learn quirky skills, find bizarre gear, and level up your outrageous team…to VICTORY. Conquer The Arena, Worm Wars, Daily Events and Campaign Stages
Challenge other players and prove your skill in the PVP Arena – Chunderdome: Two players enter, one player heaves! Earn bonus daily rewards and climb the leaderboard to GPK glory. Dive in the dumpster, take out the trash, and come play in the wild and crazy Garbage Pail Kids universe!

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Mad Mike Fury Load Volume 3

After making its debut over the weekend at NYCC, Topps has released Garbage Pail Kids Mad Mike Fury Load Volume 3 on its Yourube channel. This is the third and final installment in the stop motion animated short. The series was created by Adam F Goldberg and Jam Roll Studios. Check out the video below or at the link below!

The Loyal Subject Launches Garbage Pail Kids Figures & Krashers

GPK collectors got another dose of toy figures for the second day in a row with the preorder release of the next batch from The Loyal Subjects. Wal-Mart is once again the exclusive seller for this round of TLS toys. There are a total of 16 new toys available for preorder today at Walmart’s website. (As of press time 4 Krasher cars are not yet listed). The toy line has 8 new figures and 8 new Krasher pull back cars. Each toy also comes with a collector card. Pricing and release dates vary slightly on the website, most figures ship in mid-December with prices ranging from $14.88-$19.96 . The figures available include, Roy Bot, Hot Head Harvey, Joe Blow, Rod Wad, Tee Vee Stevie, Geeky Gary, Weird Wendy, and Haggy Maggie. Meanwhile the Krashers available include, Adam Bomb, Blasted Billy, Nasty Nick, Evil Eddie, Messie Tessie, Leaky Lindsay, New Wave Dave, and Graffiti Petey. Here are pictures for the toys and packaging.

GPKNation Launching GPK Halloween Coins

GPKNation is getting into the holiday spirt this month with their release of a series of Halloween themed licensed Garbage Pail Kids challenge coins. The company released the first character yesterday, Beth Death. There are four coins planned in the series. The second, Frank N. Stein, is set to be released today at 4:00 PM EST. All artwork on the coins was done by artist Andrew Artz. Each character pack contains five different versions of the same coin, 24k gold plated, silver plated, Black, Antique Bronze, and Color. Each coin set is limited to only /15. The company has more festive products planned this month including a special three piece pin set, with artwork by Neil Camera. Beth Death sold out yesterday, just a couple of hours after going on sale. Collectors interested in getting Frank N Stein and the others will want to follow GPKNation’s Facebook page for launch updates.

Chalkline Launching Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs Collection

The year long collaboration between Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs continues with a new clothing line. Chalkline is set to launch their GPK x Madballs collection tomorrow via their website. The company will be launching two new jackets and two new shorts. All items feature characters from both brands doing battle. While the collaboration hasn’t brought collectors cards or figures yet, a number of associated items have been released this year. The clothing collection will release tomorrow, 9/23, at 12:00 EST.

Mishka NYC launches GPK x Madballs Clothing & Blanket

Today Mishka NYC launched a line of clothes and a blanket based on the Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs crossover. Mishka launched a number of new products after their initial t-shirt launch a few months ago. This time all the products are available on their website. First up in a 70 x 50 inch fleece blanket featuring the same Joe Simko monster box artwork that was on the t-shirt. The blanket is available for $40. The same monster box artwork is also available on a hoodie ($75) and a long sleeve shirt ($45). Two new print shirts, “Headlick” and “All Over” are also available for $49.99 each. All artwork for the shirts were also done by Joe Simko.

GPK Nation Set to Release New GPK Pins

GPK Nation is back again with a new officially licensed pin offering later today. They are calling this their Garbage Pail Kids Autographed Sketch Pin Set. This three pin set is based off of sketches done by GPK artist Neil Camera for the upcoming 2021S2 Vacation set. The set includes pins for Nasty Nick, Hot Scott, and Up Chuck. The pins are individually numbered /50, each order will receive the same serial number on each pin. The backing card for the pins is also numbered and signed by the artist. If these pins sell well, collectors could see pin sets by other artists in the future. The pins go on sale later today, 9/1/21 at 2:00 PM EST. GPK Nation also continues to release multiple GPK coins every week. Be sure to check out their website for the latest.

GPK Nation Set to Offer First Solid Silver Garbage Pail Kids Coin

GPK Nation has been busy in recent weeks with multiple new coin and pin launches. In a first, their next big launch will be for the first solid silver officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids coin. The coin features Adam Bomb artwork from Joe Simko. The coin has a 1.205 inch diameter and is 2mm thick. It contains 15g of 999 silver. Each coin will be numbered /36. The coin is set to launch this Saturday, 8/14 at 2:00 PM EST. No price has been announced for the coin. GPK Nation has also been busy launching multiple new series of GPK coins. A new regular sized Adam Bomb coin has just launched with more colors planned. They have also launched new micro-mini coins featuring previously used Adam Bomb art. There are multiple releases each week, many sell out within seconds. Collectors will need to be on their game to get these latest releases.

Chalkline Apparel Teases GPK x Madballs Clothing Line

Chalkline Apparel began teasing their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids vs. Madballs clothing line on their various social media channels today. This is the next product in a long line of products for the 80’s themed crossover. Chalkline only showed a pair of brightly colored shorts featuring both GPK and Madball characters as Madballs. No other details on other clothing items have been revealed. Pricing and launch dates also have not be revealed. However Chalkline did say the clothing line would launch early next month.