Topps Shares Images of Upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs

Topps today begin sharing images of the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Funko POPs vinyl figures. With toy expos and cons still cancelled due to COVID-19, companies are finding new ways to promote and launch new products. Topps shared photos of the Spilt Kit figure with GPKNews this morning. Photos of Leaky Lindsay were shared on Topps Facebook page. Photos for the other two, Ali Gator and Jay Decay, can be expected to be shared on GPK World and GeePeeKay today.

The figures can be preordered from Hot Topic now at this link. Preorders can also be made at, Bigapple Collectibles, GameStop and Clarktoys. According to the Hot Topic listing figures are set to ship between 3/16-3/27.

GPK Nation Planning for 12 Week Pin Party

GPK Nation is set to launch the first pin of a 12 pin series beginning today. Over the weekend GPK Nation showed pictures of the 12 pins, and actually had a surprise launch of 12 pins sets, that sold out quickly. Each full color pin is numbered and limited to /50 copies. The first pin, Peepin’ Tom will launch today, Jan. 19 at 1:00 PM EST. The schedule for the rest of the pins is; Janet Planet (1/26), Live Mike (2/2), Patty Putty (2/9), Cracked Jack (2/16), Buggy Betty (2/23), Ali Gator (3/2), Smelly Sally (3/9), Spilt Kit (3/16), Dead Ted (3/23), Beth Death (3/30, and Greaser Greg (4/6).

Coming this Friday, 1/22 at 1:00 Pm EST, will be the next Rose Gold plated playing card coin. Luke Warm is the next one to launch in Rose Gold, and like the others will be limited to 20 copies.

Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs Teaming Up for Massive Crossover Collaboration

Topps and Cloudco Entertainment announced a massive crossover collaboration today for the company’s iconic brands. 2021 will see a Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs gross out battle that will result in a number of new collectible products. According to the press release, collectors can expect to see cards, toys, clothing, pins, figures, and much more. New artwork will be done by original Madballs artist Jim Gorman, and longtime GPK artist Joe Simko. Characters for both brands will be featured in both group and individual one on one tongue in cheek battles. A number of companies were announced that will be releasing products as part of the crossover. Collectors can expect to see:

  • Topps (Trading Cards)
  • Megalopolis (2 pack action figures)
  • Mad Engine (apparel and accessories)
  • Chalk Line (jackets)
  • MishkaNYC (street wear, apparel, accessories, and vinyl figures)
  • Pinfinity (augmented reality pins)
  • Super Impulse (collectible toys)

There will be other partners announced shortly for mobile app, retail, and publishing. As part of the announcement Topps VP of Global Licensing Ira Friedman said, “Shared nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness make this collab a no-brainer. Our respective fan bases as well as pop-culture aficionados everywhere are going to have fun with this outrageous mash-up.” See below for the full press release from the companies.



LOS ANGELES. January 14, 2020. CloudcoEntertainment, owner of the venerable-but-irreverent Madballs brand, and The Topps Company, owner of the renowned-yet-subversive Garbage Pail Kids® brand(GPK), have teamed up for a collaboration that playfully pits classic 1980s icons andco-heavyweights of gross”against one another. The collaboration will feature all-new1980s inspired artwork from veteran Madballs and GPK illustrators and kick-off with a number of consumer goods partners, including trading cards, collector toys, soft lines, collectible augmented reality pins, and more.

As an original “gross out” brand of the 1980s, Topps released its Garbage Pail Kids series of trading cards in 1985, featuring hilariously revolting characters with appropriately irreverent names. Fifteen different card series were produced over the next three years in addition to a Garbage Pail Kids animated series and a full slate of globally-licensed consumer products, with ongoing product lines that continue to the present day. For its part, Madballs launched its irregularly-shaped toy foam balls in 1986, featuring its own proprietary and often-socially-inappropriate characters with ghastly faces, grotesque names, and disruptively funny attitudes to match. Madballswent on to sell tens of millions of toys, inspire a series of animated specials, and launch an extensive consumer products program that included comic books, softlines, video games, collectibles, seasons, and back-to-school products.

For over three decades, Madballs and GPK have both been known as the “grossest of the gross”, co-ruling counterculture with their pun-heavy names and subversive humor, and this collaboration features all-new artwork that pits entire groups of Garbage Pail Kids and Madballscharacters against one another, as well as individualcharacters from each brand in fun and tongue-and-cheek one-on-one face-offs. Artwork will remain “authentically 80s” via all-new imagery from long-time veterans of each brand like Jim Groman, who worked on the original Madballs brand launch in the 1980s, and Joe Simko, a fan favorite and master illustrator of Garbage Pail Kids whose GPK artwork has been prominently featured in the brand’s trading cards and packaging.  

Consumer product launch partners include: Topps (trading cards), Megalopolis (two-pack action figures), Mad Engine (apparel and accessories), Chalk Line (jackets), MishkaNYC (streetwear, apparel, accessories, and vinyl Medicomfigures), Pinfinity (augmented reality pins), and Super Impulse (collectible toys), with specific mobile app, retail, publishing, and other partnerships to be announced shortly.

Madballs and GPK are of the same era and share tons of irreverent attributes so we love the idea of a fun ‘confrontational collaboration’ that plays off the two brands as competitors,said Robert Prinzo, CloudcoEntertainment’s Head of Global Licensing.  “Whether its Hollywood monsters, horror icons or comic book superheroes, fans always want to see ‘impossible’ match-ups from different universes, so we’re grateful to partner with Topps and deliver the ‘grossest’ possible version of that here.”

“Shared nostalgic roots and over-the-top zaniness make this collab a no-brainer,” said Ira Friedman, Topps VP of Global Licensing. “Our respective fan bases as well as pop-culture aficionados everywhere are going to have fun with this outrageous mash-up.”

“This is one of those crossovers that many of us have imagined since we were kids collecting both lines. I’ve had these match ups in my imagination since the 80s,” said Ben Westover, MegalopolisCreative Director. “Garbage Pail Kids is a timeless treasure, and one of my absolute favorite properties from childhood. I’m thrilled that we have the chance to introduce the GPK and Madballs universes to one another. It’s a perfect, monstrous synergy!” added Matt Westover, Megalopolis’ CEO.

“Here at Mad Engine we are thrilled to be part of this very fun and unique collaboration of Mad Balls vs. Garbage Pail Kids brands. We can’t wait to present this kitschy collection of tees, hoodies, joggers, headwear, and other accessories to our retailers. The celebration of these two iconic pop culture brands from the 80s is just what we all need right now!”Cindy Levitt, SVP of Licensing, Mad Engine Global LLC

We are humbled to be a part of The Madballs x Garbage Pail Kids brand collaboration, it represents the ultimate nostalgic marriage as two powerful properties of our youth collide. Having worked with the Garbage Pail Kids brandalready, we are thrilled to pick up from where we left off while adding an incredible partner like Madballs into the mix!” Ilan Friedman, Co-Owner, Chalk Line

Mishkais excited to be part of the Madballs x GPK collaboration project! We grew up collecting and obsessing over both the Madballs & Garbage Pails Kids brands. They have heavily inspired us as a brand as well as artists and creatives. We can’t wait to mix our world with the GPK x Madballs world incorporating our characters and design sensibility for graphics that will excite fans as well as opening an entire new crowd to these classic properties.” Greg Rivera, President, Mishka NYC

“We are excited to be a part of theMadballsx Garbage Pail Kids brand collaboration and helping fans relive the 80s and 90s through disgustingly awesome augmented reality pin badges.” Caleb Paullus, Founder, Pinfinity

“We at Super Impulse are absolutely appalled at the pairing of these despicable creatures, and cannot wait to bring our collectible toys to the grimy little hands of kids and kids-at-heart everywhere.” Alan Dorfman, CEO, Super Impulse

XL Nasty Nick GPK Coin Releasing Friday at GPK Nation

GPKNation is going big this week! They will be launching their largest coin ever this Friday. The Nasty Nick coin is 4.75 inches in diameter. The front of the coin features a full color Nasty Nick image. The back of the coin has an actual Nasty Nick card, specially produced for this launch by Topps, permanently attached to the coin. The coin will be limited to 100 copies. Collectors will be able to purchase the coin this Friday, 1/15 at 1:00 PM EST.

Also launching this Friday, at 1:00 PM EST, will be the next Rose Gold plated playing card coin, Sy Clops. There will be 20 copies of the coin available. GPK Nation hasn’t announced anything yet for a Tuesday launch.

The Loyal Subjects Teases Topps x WWE Figures

Today on their Instagram Stories feed, The Loyal Subjects posted packaging for what appears to be an upcoming product. Thanks to GPK collector Ray Demarco for first finding the story. The Loyal Subjects is a company that makes vinyl action figures for many different brands. There were no details around the product posted by the company. The picture showed what appears to be packaging for a Topps x WWE figure line. With a “Coming Soon” banner. The packaging does display a small parts warning on the front, further leading to the assumption it’s for figures. The figures are based on previously used art for an online WWE x Topps set. GPKNews reached out to Topps for comment on the set, if they share an info this post will be updated.

GPK Nation to Launch Dead Ted Patch/Joanie Rose Gold Coin

GPK Nation is gearing up for more launches this week. A brand new Dead Ted patch is set to get things started. The patch will launch on Tuesday, 1/5 at 1:00 PM EST on their website. Then coming on Friday, 1/8 at 1:00 PM EST will be the Bony Joanie Rose Gold plated playing card coin. The coin will be limited to only 20 copies. GPK Nation is sure to have other surprises this week as well.

Rare Gold Plated Playing Card Coin Set Auctioned for Charity by GPK Nation

GPK Nation co-founder Louis Gregory is running a special auction to support charity. Up for auction is a rare 24k gold plated playing card coin set. According to the auction, there were only 4 gold plated sets made, and all were given as gifts. Gregory is auctioning his personal set with a starting bid of $1000. 100% of the proceeds of the auction will go to SIDES, a charity focused on helping families with a child that has Ewing’s Sarcoma. Collectors can place their bid on the auction post on the GPK Nation Facebook page.

Greenlight Shares Images of Series 3 Garbage Pail Kids Diecast Cars

Today, Greenlight Collectibles shared the deco sample images for their upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 diecast cars. A snowplow, serf van, and ambulance highlight the next series of 6 cars featuring GPK inspired art. Each car comes with a GPK card. There are five existing characters, and one new one, Traffic Lady Katie. Once again, there will be random limited Green Machine chase figures to search for. The cars are set to be released in April 2021. Here is the list of cars and cards, along with pictures.

– 54050-A: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Bruce Moose – 1955 Chevrolet Nomad
– 54050-B: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Surf’s Up Chuck – 1964 Volkswagen Samba Bus with Surfboards
– 54050-C: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Mauled Paul – 1965 Volkswagen Panel Van Ambulance
– 54050-D: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Shattered Shelby – 1966 Shelby GT350
– 54050-E: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Ig Lou – 2015 Ram 1500 with Snow Plow and Salt Spreader
– 54050-F: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 3 – Traffic Lady Katie – 1962 Austin Mini Cooper MkI

New Coaster/Coin Planned for GPKNation This Week

After taking a small break for Christmas, GPK Nation will be back on its regular launch schedule this week. He company has many new projects in the pipeline for 2021, with the first launching this week. First up will be a new coaster. The Double Heather coaster is set to launch Tuesday, 12/29 at 1:00 PM EST. The coaster joins Nick and the 35th logo in their coaster set.

Now that the artist collaboration series is over, a new coin is set to launch. The coin, designed by Topps, features the artwork for Live Mike. The coin also glows in the dark. It will be limited to 100 copies. The coin will go up for sale this Friday, 1/1, at 1:00 PM EST. The coin will get 2021 going, in what is sure to be another year full of GPK Nation surprises.

GPK the Game Releases New Character Art

For the first time, the mobile game, GPK the Game released brand new character art. With today’s update 1.2.168, on both iPhone and Andriod, the character Christmas Carol was added to the game. The game developers also added new Christmas themed events, Jingle Junk Jamboree and Mean Gene’s Holiday Buffet.

The game has continued to be updated in recent week’s after nearly a year of inactivity by developers. The game also, launched on Android devices just a few weeks ago. Today’s update also promised some squashed bugs and changes to some existing characters.