Topps Reveals Print Run for Project 70 Adam Bomb x Mike Trout Mashup

Last week, as part of their year long Project 70 set, Topps released a card that featured an iconic baseball player and an iconic Garbage Pail Kids character. Today they revealed the print run for Project 70 card 357 Mike Trout by Ermsy. The card sold a total of 10,687 copies. This marks the 6th highest selling Project 70 card to date. The combination of Mike Trout and Adam Bomb brought out collectors from both sides to push sales towards the top. There’s still a long way to go in the baseball season, could GPK’s make another appearance in the set?

Topps Launches Project 70 Adam Bomb Mike Trout Mashup

Adam Bomb gets to play with a major baseball star in Topps latest mashup of properties. Today Topps Launched Project 70 Card #357 Mike Trout by Ermsy. Project 70 is an online only project where numerous artists are creating original pieces depicting baseball players in various forms. The artist Ermsy created today’s Mike Trout card which includes Garbage Pail Kids character Adam Bomb on the card. There are various versions of the card for sale. Collectors can order the base version of the card for $19.99 each, in a lot of 5 for $82.49, or a lot of 10 for $144.99. When ordering collectors have the chance of receiving the Rainbow Foil version of the card which is numbered to /70 or a Gold 1/1 version. The listing also advertises Foil numbered /27 will be given away. There is also a silver bordered Artist Proof version handed numbered to /51 available for $199. There is a version autographed by Mike Trout /70 is available for $399. Finally someone was able to purchase the 1/1 autographed by Mike Trout for $2999. Free shipping is available when choosing the SmartPost option. The cards are available for 3 days on Topps will reveal the print run of the base card after sales end.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Trashy Treasures Series 3

Topps today dropped a surprise with the launch of Garbage Pail Kids Trashy Treasures Series 3. There are five new figures in the series; Nasty Nick, Bony Tony, Sewer Sue, Michael Mutant, and Guillo Tina. Each figure measures between 3 1/4” and 3 1/2” tall. In addition to the base figures, collectors who order can receive one of the colored parallels; red (most common), green (common), black (rare), silver (very rare), gold 1/1. Each figure also comes with a card. The figures are available for $19.99 on, while supplies last. Shipping is not free on these. Here are pictures of the figures and cards.

Topps Delivers Garbage Pail Kids Collector’s Club Set 2

It’s been three months since the first Garbage Pail Kids Collector’s Club set shipped, so it’s time for set two. Members of the Club started receiving shipping notices last week, and sets begin showing up in mail boxes today. Thanks to Chotckie Chuck from GPKNation for sending along pictures. The second set is titled The Brainy Bunch. Each card features Brainy Janie somewhere on the card interacting with her classmates. The set features 20 cards, 10 new pieces with a/b versions. Artwork was completed by artists Joe Simko, David Gross, Brent Engstrom, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. The quarterly gift included with the set are two GPK flower pots with seeds. Yes you read that right, club members get to grow their own flowers. The pot features the GPK Collector Club logo on them. See below for pictures of the cards and gifts. Members should expect the next release around September.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids x Complexland Online Set

After a nearly three break from selling GPKs online, collectors were ready to purchase the latest offering from Topps. Today Topps revealed the print run for 2021 Garbage Pail Kids x Complexland. The set sold a total of 1,071 copies. The set was created for last week’s Complexland Virtual Con. The sales results are solid for GPK and in line with online sales from earlier this year. Collectors now will wait to see if Topps finishes up the Bizarre Holidays series and what the next GPK offerings will be.

Topps Launches 2021 Garbage Pail Kids x Complexland

Update: Free shipping option is now available.
GPKs have returned to Topps’s online store. After months of “taking a break”, today Topps launched 2021 Garbage Pail Kids x Complexland. The set helps to commemorate the online virtual show going on this week. The set contains 10 cards, 5 new pieces available in a/b versions. Each set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a 10 set lot for $179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. This is according to the listing, however the free option isn’t available on checkout. The set will be for sale on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist and images of the cards.

1. Sold Out Sam
2. All Gone Alan
3. Complex Colin
4. Beast Boyd
5. New Kicks Kitt
6. Lace Face Grace
7. Connected Connor
8. Know Someone Nick
9. NFT Tim
10. Crypto Chris

Topps March Future Stars Club Featured Garbage Pail Kids

Topps threw another surprise into one of their monthly membership clubs. March’s Topps Future Stars Club was Garbage Paul Kids focused. The regular club comes with 1 monthly blaster box, 1 (5) card exclusive set, and 1 Topps branded item. Collectors who are pare of the monthly club begin receiving their cards recently. March’s set contains 5 reprints from the 2015 GPK Series 1 baseball card insert set. While the fronts are reprints, the backs are new. The Topps Future Stars logo appears along with an advertisement for the monthly club. Each card back also has a “fun fact” about Garbage Paul Kids. It’s too late for collectors now to buy the set from Topps, so collectors will want to look on the secondary market. Collectors also recorded a 2021S1 Food Fight Blaster Tin as part of the Club. The third item, Topps headphones, was not GPK related. Topps continues to throw in GPK in unexpected places.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 3

Better late than never. After ending over a week ago, Topps finally revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 3. The set sold 511 copies. That number is down slightly from the first two sets in March, but falls right in line with the majority of sets. So how about the March Week 4 set? After 51 weeks, the forth set from March was scheduled to be the final set in the Bizarre Holidays year long series. However, Topps has not launched the set. Artwork for the set was completed by the original planned release date of 3/23, but now two weeks have come and gone with no GPK releases. No one is willing to talk about why the set hasn’t been released. Topps has not responded to a request from GPKNews on a reason why the set wasn’t launched. Collectors are left to speculate on why the set hasn’t launch, and when/if it will.

Topps Reveals Print Run For 2021 Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards

Controversy sells. After ending yesterday, Topps revealed the print run of 2021 Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards. The set sold a total of 1426 copies. The sales is nearly 1000 more than last year’s Shammy set. Despite Topps pulling the BTS cards from the set, and offering refunds to anyone wanted it, the set still pulled in great sales. Wether it was the controversy around the set, or just the recent surge in demand for GPK, Topps has to be happy with the sales results of this yearly set.

Details on Garbage Pail Kids Collector Club Set 1 Trash Can-Didates

Members of Topps’ Garbage Paul Kids Collector’s Club have begun receiving shipping notices for the first set of the club. Topps has posted some information on their website. The GPK Collector Club now has its own page under the clubs section of the website. Within that section are details on the first set, Trash Can-Didates. The set appears to be cards of the characters that ran for election of the club. The checklist shows 20 cards and 1 header card. The description of the set reads:

Nat Nerd for a “Kinder, Gentler GPK Nation.” This was not an easy election for Nat to win, by any means. Even after they misspelled his name on the web he continued to show who should be club president.  Many classic characters came out to be a part of the election process but couldn’t overtake the biggest Nerd of all. Congratulations to Nat Nerd for winning the first ever GPK Collectors Club election. Here is a list of the losers who couldn’t cut it.

Sets should be arriving in members mailboxes any day. Here is a copy of the checklist in PDF form.