All the GPK to Find at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is back in person for the first time since 2019. This year’s show takes place with this Wednesday’s preview night and goes through Sunday. Garbage Pail Kids collectors going to the show will certainly not have a shortage of exclusives to look for. Here’s the list of everything announced so far.


Topps won’t be at the show in person, but they have partnered with nine of their licensees in a Trading Card Scavenger Hunt. Each licensee will be passing out one of 9 puzzle cards. The completed puzzle reveals new GPK artwork from Chris Meeks. The piece features numerous GPKs invading SDCC. Each card is limited to 500 copies, and Topps has supplied suggested daily limits to the booths, so collectors will want to get to the booths early.

Joe Simko

While Topps won’t be in attendance at the show, one of the main GPK artists, Joe Simko will be. Simko will make numerous appearances Friday and Saturday signing autographs. Simko will be at the Atomic Toybox booth (#3921) on both Fri. and Sat. from 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM. He will be at The Loyal Subjects booth (#2544) on Friday from 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM. Finally, Simko will be at the Unknown Comics booth (#4505) on Fri. 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM and Sat. 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM.

Atomic Toybox (Booth 3921)

Aromic Toybox will once again have a number of GPK items for sale during the show. There will be two glow in the dark posters with artwork done by Joe Simko. The 24 x 18 posters are available in Bubblegum Pink and Snot Green. The company will also be selling four exclusive enamel pins; Adam Bomb, Adam Boom, Brony Tony, and Horse Pie Paul. Each pin can be purchased for $14.99 and is limited to 200 copies. Each purchase also comes with their show exclusive Packrat Pete GPK promo card. They will also have previously released GPK merchandise at their booth for purchase.

ToyNK (Booth 3749)

ToyNK will be selling the previously released GPK playing card deck done by artist Hydro74. Collectors purchasing the deck ($15) will get either an Adam Bomb or Hot Scott bonus sticker. Each of the bonus stickers is limited to 1000 copies.

The Loyal Subjects (Booth 2544)

The Loyal Subjects will be offering new versions of two previously released figures. Their GPK x Stranger Things figures Demo Gordon and Waff Elle will be for sale in exclusive glow in the dark versions. Based on promotional pictures it also looks like the figures will come with updated GPK cards as well. The company will also have other previously released GPK figures available for sale at the show.

Han Cholo (Booth 1720)

Han Cholo will have their entire new line of GPK jewelry and pins at the show for sale. There will be a Nasty Nick ring ($300), pendants of Adam Bomb ($50) and Luke Warm ($50), and enamel pins ($12); Dead Ted, Tee-Vee Stevie, Roy Bot and Nasty Nick. The ring and pendants both come with a GPK themed jewelry box.

Monogram (Booth 3645)

Monogram International will be offering an exclusive GPK 3D Foam Bag Clip pack. The pack contains the previously released Adam Bomb and Bony Tony figures, along with a glow in the dark version of Dead Ted. The set can be purchased for $25 and is limited to 500.

Abrams (Booth 1216)

Abrams Books will be on hand giving away free copies of the RL Stine GPK book, Welcome to Smellville. The book giveaway will be Wednesday night at 6:00 PM, while supplies last.


Monogram Offering SDCC Exclusive Garbage Pail Kids Bag Clip Set

Monogram International announced today their San Diego Comic Con exclusive 3 piece Garbage Pail Kids 3D Foam Bag Clip set. The set comes with Adam Bomb, Bony Tony, and a new glow in the dark Dead Ted figure. It comes packaged in a see through box with exclusive SDCC label. The set will be limited to 500 pieces. The set will cost $25 and can be be purchased at the Monogram booth (#3645).

Topps Reveals Image for 9 Card GPK Puzzle Giveaway at SDCC

Topps shared with GPKNews the image of the 9 card Garbage Pail Kids puzzle giveaway at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The artwork, done by artist Chris Meeks, features a number of GPKs all invading SDCC, both above and underground! Collectors attending the show can collect the completed image in a 9 card puzzle available at 9 different GPK partner licensee booths. Each booth has 500 cards to pass out over the five day show. Topps did give each partner suggested daily handout limits, so collectors will want to visits the booths early! Checkout the checklist below for the list of participating booths.

Glow in the Dark GPK x Stranger Things Figures from The Loyal Subjects at SDCC

Joe Simko recently revealed two exclusive figures from The Loyal Subjects that will be available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Two previously released Garbage Pail Kids x Stranger Things figures are being redone in a Glow in the Dark theme. Both Demo Gordon and Waff Elle will be available exclusively at The Loyal Subjects booth, (#2544). No pricing info or availability post show is known yet.

Atomic Toybox Offering Exclusive GPK Pins at SDCC

With this year’s San Diego Comic Con right around the corner, companies are quickly announcing all their show exclusives. Atomic Toybox will once again continue their tradition of offering exclusive Garbage Pail Kids enamel  pins. The company will be offering four new glow in the dark pins; Adam Bomb, Adam Boom, Brony Tony, and Horse Pie Paul. Each pin comes on their own backing card and will be limited to /200 each. Each purchase also will include an officially licensed GPK promo card, Packrat Pete. Pins can be purchased at the Atomic Toybox booth (#3921) for $14.99 each. They will also have previously released GPK merchandise at their booth for sale during the show. Any leftovers after the show will be available for purchased on their website.

ToyNK Offering Exclusive GPK Sticker at SDCC

ToyNK’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives have been announced, and once again the company has a Garbage Pail Kids promotion. Collectors purchasing the GPK Playing Card Deck also get to choose either an Adam Bomb or Hot Scott sticker. The deck and sticker can be purchased for $15 at their booth, (#3921). Each exclusive sticker is limited to 1000 copies. The playing card deck was originally launched two years ago. The company is also one of the participating booths in the Topps GPK Trading Card Scavenger Hunt.

GPK Blacklight Silkscreen Posters to be Available at SDCC

GPK artist Joe Simko announced on his social channels today new Garbage Pail Kids Blacklight Silkscreen Posters that will be available to purchase at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Simko did the artwork for the posters that measure 24” x 18” and will be available in two colors, Bubblegum Pink and Snot Green. Each poster will be limited to 150 copies, and will be signed and numbered by Simko. The posters will be available at the Atomic Toybox booth (#3921). Pricing is not yet available. Simko will also be appearing at the Atomic Toybox booth Fri. & Sat. from 11:00-11:30. Simko also teased there will be more exclusive GPK items at the booth during the show.

Topps Announces SDCC Trading Card Scavenger Hunt

Are you going to this year’s San Diego Comic Con? If so Topps has a little game for you. Today, Topps announced a Trading Card Scavenger hunt. There will be nine partner booths, they will each have an exclusive card for collectors. The nine puzzle cards reveal the entire image once completed. Artwork for the puzzle was done by artist Chris Meeks. Topps said that each booth will have cards available each day of the show. Each puzzle piece will be limited to 500 copies of the card. The cards will be free at each booth. Here are the details as revealed by Topps:

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Coming to San Diego Comic Con! ☀️

Topps is pleased to be hosting a trading card ‘scavenger hunt’ produced exclusively in conjunction with the upcoming the San Diego Comic Con 2022. The promotion is centered around nine newly created GPK ‘puzzle’ cards. One specific card will be available at each of the nine GPK partner booths. Featuring artwork by GPK artist Chris Meeks, when combined, all nine cards reveal a complete scene — certain to delight convention goers and Garbage Pail Kids fans of all ages.

A limited number of ‘puzzle’ cards will be available each day of Comic Con, including Preview Night. A total of 500 cards per participating GPK partner will be distributed – at no cost — while supplies last.

All the GPK at 2021 San Diego Comic Con At Home

For the second year in a row, this year’s San Diego Comic Con will be an at home event as the country continues to deal with the pandemic. The show is scheduled to take place this weekend 7/23-7/25. Once again, collectors can find a few Garbage Pail Kids related items at this year’s show. Read on to find out when and where to get your GPK SDCC fix.


Abrams will be focusing on their GPK book series by RL Stine. On Friday, 7/23 at 1:00 PM PST, they will be holding a one hour panel called Garbage Pail Kids: Yuck-tastic Books and More. The discussion features author RL Stine, Topps VP of Licensing Ira Friedman, GPK book voice actor Tara Sands, and GPK book editor Charles Kochman. Collectors can view the panel live at SDCC’s website or after on their YouTube channel. Additionally, the official SDCC blog teased that Abrams will once again be offering a preorder bonus for the next GPK book, Camp Daze. Expect details to be available soon.


Super7 is back again this year with a new version of their Adam Bomb Reaction figure. The red coat wearing Adam can be preordered on 7/22 at 10:00 AM PST on Super7’s website. Once again the figure will cost collectors $20.

Atomic Toybox

Atomic Toybox is back once again with four new Garbage Pail Kids pins. There will be 200 glow in the dark pins of Adam Boom, Blasted Billy, Charred Chad, and Fryin Ryan available to collectors for $14.95 each. The pins go on sale on 7/23 at 9:00 AM PST on their Atomic-Nerd shop. The first 400 orders will receive an exclusive Fryin Ryan vs. Adam Boom trading card.

Atomic Toybox to Launch Four GPK Pins at SDCC At Home

Atomic Toybox will be launching four new glow in the dark pins at this years SDCC At Home event. With The 2021 San Diego Comic Con being held once again at home, companies are announcing their exclusive offers for the event later this month. This will be the second year in a row Atomic Toybox has offered pins for the event. This years pins will include; Adam Boom, Blasted Billy, Fryin Ryan, and Charred Chad. The glow in the dark effect will be slightly different for the characters. The Adam and Chad pins will glow greenish, while the Billy and Ryan will glow reddish. The pins will be limited to 200 of each character. Each pin will also include an exclusive Fryin Ryan vs.  Adam Boom trading card. The back of the card features a checklist for the pins. Atomic Toybox will also be selling their new bathroom coloring book, Alien Browns from Uranus. Each pin will cost $14.95 and will be available for purchase starting July 23rd at 9:00 AM PST on their Atomic-Nerd website.