2016 GPK Apple Pie Blaster Box Odds

Blaster boxes begin showing up in the wild today. Thanks to collectors GPK Joe and Matt Steffens for the picture and info on odds. Below are the odds on the side of the boxes. As usual it appears the odds are the same as retail packs. The notable exception are the odds for the Loaded Sketches, which for this set are exclusive to Blaster Boxes.

Blaster Box Odds per pack
Gold Dust 1:44
Printing Plate 1:1536
Artist Autograph 1:200
Sketch Card 1:266
Blaster Box Odds per box
Loaded Puzzle Sketch Card 1:68



2016 GPK Apple Pie Retail Sell Sheet

A few months ago we posted the sell sheet for Hobby/Collector boxes for the 2016 Garbage Pail Kids As American as Apple Pie In Your Face set. Here is the sell sheet for the Retail version of the product. (PDF version can be found here.) Most of the info is not new here, but good to see the sell sheet info from Topps. Two other cards types not mentioned on this sell sheet. 1) Pee Parallels that are found in gravity feed boxes from Target. 2) There will once again be 2 pack Blisters that come with one of two special Adam Bomb cards, similar to the Blisters from the 30th set that contained the special foil cards. 2016 GPK Apple Pie officially releases this coming Wednesday, 1/20/16.












2016 GPK Set to Feature Past Spinoffs in Blaster Boxes

As Topps is set to release 2016 Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie In Your Face set next week, new details are coming out on some surprises they have in store. As we mentioned in an article last week, Retail Blaster boxes will include 3 Gross Bears cards per box. GPKworld.com broke news on their Facebook page that those Gross Bears cards will be based off the 1985 Topps Gross Bears Button set. GPK World also mentioned those cards will be found in Walmart Blaster boxes. GPK World also reported that Target Blaster boxes will contain 3 Bathroom Buddies cards, based off a 90’s GPK spinoff set.

Finally GPK World offered up a sneak peak at the wrapper art for this set.


The next release is set for Jan. 20, however retail will often hit stores early. Keep your eyes open this weekend for these packs.


Loaded and Panoramic Sketch Cards to be in Retail

16gpk-aaapOnline retailer Steel City Collectibles has begun online pre-orders for Blaster boxes of the upcoming 2016 GPK American as Apple Pie In Your Face set. New information posted on their website gives some insight into what can be found in both Blaster boxes and Jumbo Retail packs.

Perhaps the biggest news is Loaded Sketch cards will move to Blaster boxes. In the previous GPK release those sketches were found in Collector boxes. Panoramic Sketch cards, which in the previous release were in Blasters, will now be in Jumbo retail packs.

“Bonus” cards also look to be a thing of the past, as in the previous release. Blaster boxes will contain 3 Gross Bears stickers while Jumbo packs will contain 1 Patriotic GPK reprint per pack. It also appears Green parallels will return to retail packs once again. No word yet on Target or Walmart exclusive parallels.

The next set is due to hit store shelves on Jan. 20th. See below for more info on retail offerings.


  • 16 boxes per case.
  • 4 packs and 3 Gross Bears Stickers per box.
  • 9 base cards and 1 Puke Parallel per pack.
Additional Information: 

GPK American as Apple Pie In Your Face Celebrates the history of the USA with 9 All-New Never Done Before Themes!

Featuring 8 More Additional Themes than a regular GPK Release!

  • As American as Apple Pie: Parodies of uniquely American things, such as cowboys, BBQ, surfing, muscle cars, rock ‘n’ roll and more!
  • Americana Swept Under the Rug: Aspects of America that we’d rather keep hidden!
  • Includes 2016 U.S. Summer Olym-Picks, America’s Pastimes and much more!


Loaded Puzzle Sketch Cards (250 total): 4 sketch cards packaged together that create a larger puzzle image! – VALUE BOX

Panoramic Sketch Cards (100 total): Sketch cards that fold out to the size of two cards! – JUMBO PACK

NEW Classic Patriot Stickers (2 per pack): Reprinting 18 of the most patriotic GPK characters from the 80s in a new red, white and blue design! – JUMBO PACK EXCLUSIVE! NEW Puke Splatter Parallel (1 per pack): Base splatter parallel in puke green! – RETAIL

Plus! 88 More Stickers to Collect!


Jumbo Pack Retail Odds for GPK 30th Set

Thanks to GPK collector Joey Robergelund who was the first to post a image of the Jumbo pack odds. You’ll find these packs in your local Target. Quite a bit of difference on the odds. You’ll notice the odds are 1/2 on everything compared to all the other packs. Since these Jumbo packs contain 21 cards, I believe Topps is considering them as 2 regular packs. Therefore, the odds are in half. You end up spending the same for the same odds basically. You will also see the Retail “bonus” cards are expanded this year. In each Jumbo pack comes a reprint from the 1986 Giant Series 2, a total of 15 cards. In the Blaster boxes the “bonus” card is a reprint from the 1986 Poster Set, a total of 18 cards.


Black 1:2
Gold 1:36
Printing Plate 1:758
Famous Movie Scene 1:2
Horror Movie 1:4
Super Fan Tattoo 1:6
Sketch Card 1:144
Autograph Card 1:122