GetAGrip Launches Adam Bomb Nuclear Neon Sign

What does every GPK collector’s display need? An Adam Bomb neon sign! Today GetAGrip launched the Adam Bomb Nuclear Neon Sign.  The sign measures 24” x 22” and is made of acrylic. They are limiting the production to /85 units. There is a 3-4 week lead time for shipping as the signs are made to order. The sign will set collector’s back $299.00, but you’ll surely be the envy of your neighbors!

GetAGrip Launches Chrome GPK Skateboard Decks & Neon Sign

GetAGrip Slateboards is back with new shiny toys for the holiday season. Today the company launched two new Chrome Garbage Pail Kids  Skateboard Decks, silver and gold. For $120 collectors will receive either a silver deck /90 or a gold deck /30. This time around there are no extras or cards with this sale, collectors only receive a deck.

The company also launched a neon Garbage Pail Kids sign. The sign measures 110cm x 21cm and is a replica of the sign used at this year’s NYCC by Topps. The sign is limited to /50 copies and comes with a hefty price tag of $499.99. You can bling out your GPK cave is style.

Viva GPK! Gross Card Con Returns to Las Vegas

It’s been a couple of years, but the largest gathering of Garbage Pail Kids collectors is set to return with a bang. Gross Card Con is back, and will once again be in Las Vegas. The show is set to take place Nov. 4-6 at the the World Market Center. The show is now part of the Unicon Las Vegas Collectibles Convention. While it’s not hosting the event, the show hotel is the Downtown Grand. What can collectors expect at this year’s show?

GCC Show Guests

GCC is officially advertising six artists that all have a long history with GPKs. Current retail final card artist Smokin’ Joe McWilliams will once again be at GCC. He will be joined by former GPK Art Director and the artist of the new GPK Origins comic series, Jeff Zapata. The artist on the Madballs vs. GPK comic, Jason Crosby, will be attending his first GCC show. Also attending his first show, all the way from the UK, is longtime GPK artist and the artist behind GetAGrip’s products, Rory McQueen. Former GPK artist and owner of Magic Marker Ink, Mark Pingitore, along with current GPK sketch and Wacky Packages artists Chad Scheres will also once again be attending GCC.

It’s not just artists at the show. Collectors can meet and take pictures with Adam Bomb himself! Sam Gras will be making an appearance throughout the show in his popular Adam Bomb cosplay outfit. In addition the masterminds behind the popular GPK Boys YouTube show will be making an appearance at the show.

While not officially part of the event, there will also be a number of current and former GPK sketch artists with tables at the show. Collectors can meet and shop from Barry Nygma, Jeff Cox, Shane Garvey, Michael Barnard, and Victor Moreno.

Vendors & Show Exclusives

GPK & Wacky Warehouse is once again sponsoring the GCC show. Clint Coleman and family will be setup selling everything GPK. His booth will also be selling the show exclusive merchandise.

There will be the usual GCC card set. McWilliams, Zapata, Pingitore, Scheres, McQueen, and Crosby have created an 11 card set for the show. A set can be purchased for $25 at the GPK & Wacky booth. Collectors will have the chance of pulling a B&W sketch card and merchandise coupons from the sets.

There is also a show exclusive skateboard produced by GetAGrip and sold at the GPK & Wacky booth. The board features the GCC cards on one side with the GCC logo on the other. Boards are $100, and are limited to 50.

There will also be two special Topps licensed promo cards at the show. Adam Bomb and Sam Kablam celebrate the cosplay of Sam Gras with artwork from Rory McQueen. The cards are available for free with each purchase of the GCC card set, or GCC skateboard.

GetAGrip Skateboards will also be in attendance at the show. They will be offering Mystery Boxes full of official Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise. Each box will cost $125 and are limited to 100 boxes.

Show Hours and Tickets

The show is open on Friday 11/4 from 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Saturday 11/5 from 10:00 AM – 7:00  PM, and Sunday 11/6 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased from Unicon’s website. Friday’s ticket is $15, while Saturday and Sunday is $25. A 3-day pass is also available for $45. Collectors should do everything thing they can to get to the largest gathering of GPK artists and collectors this year!

GetAGrip Launches Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 4

The next set of skateboard wheels are here, and they are positively glowing. Today GetAGrip launched their Series 4 Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels. Once again there are 8 base and 1 chase wheel to collect based off of original series 4 characters. The base wheels also glow in the dark. Base wheels are also available in a black ink variant. Wheels can be purchased from GetAGrip’s website in single, 10 pack, or 50 pack cases. For the first time a 50 pack case guarantees a full master set with chase wheel.

GetAGrip Launches GPK Mike Air Skateboard Deck

GetAGrip Skateboards surprised collectors today with a new skateboard deck launch. The Garbage Pail Kids Mike Air deck features basketball legend Michael Jordon as a GPK. The deck package comes with a lot of extras. A Blue Boil size 7 basketball, featuring Adam Bomb, comes with each order. There are two licensed collector cards, one mystery grip tape, 1 special series 4 wheel preview, and a wall hanger as well. The boards and basketball are both limited to 150 copies. The package can be purchased for $150 from GetAGrip’s website. This one is sure to sell out soon.

GetAGrip Launching Series 2 Skateboard Wheels

Their ship has finally come in! After months lost at sea, GetAGrip Skateboards is set to launch their Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels. The company had to skip this launch, and launched Series 3 wheels first, due to shipments delays with the series 2 wheels. There are 8 base wheels in this officially licensed set. Collectors have a 1:2 chance to pull a Pink Pimple Pus parallel wheel, and a 1:50 chance for the rare Black chase wheel. The wheels will go on sale tomorrow at GetAGrips’s website. Pricing and exact launch time haven’t been announced, but usually GetAGrip’s launches are at 1:00 PM EST. The company says wheels will ship this month!

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching Joe Blow Deck Today

GetAGrip Skateboards is back with another deck launch today. The company announced their Joe Blow character deck will be launching at 1:00 PM EST today at their website. Based on the advertisement photo the deck appears to come in three different colors; yellow, pink, and blue, with a simple Joe Blow in the middle. Each deck comes with two grip tapes, one of two different banner tapes, and one of two different character tapes. There is also a Joe Blow card, and two bubble gum air fresheners. No pricing is available yet for the deck. The week of GPK releases continue.

GetAGrip Skateboards Set to Launch GPK Character Deck 4: Barf-A-Rama

GetAGrip Skateboards is back with all the body fluids you can handle. They are set to launch their newest Garbage Pail Kids skateboard deck, Character Deck 4: Barf-A-Rama. The new deck features the artwork of Rory McQueen. Each deck will come with a triptych card featuring the same deck artwork, one random character grip tape, and an exclusive barf bag. The decks will be hand numbered and limited to 200 copies. The decks can be purchased starting tomorrow, 5/13/22, at 1:00 PM EST at GetAGrip’s website. Here is the information from the company on the new deck.

Featuring the disgustingly brilliant art of Rory McQueen, we are thrilled to bring you our fourth installment from the Character Deck Collection. Our grossest drop yet and before we get cancelled – yes it’s: Character Deck 4: BARF-A-RAMA!

Rory couldn’t squeeze any more filth and puke into this Officially Licensed GPK Deck release. To say we’re excited about this one would be the understatement of the year. This bundle features only the second ever Trippy Triptych. A printed tri-fold Collector Card (each one hand numbered and signed by the man himself).

* EVERY bundle includes official color Ltd/200 artist signed Trippy Triptych
* Bundle includes 1x Character Deck, 1x exclusive random design grip tape PLUS BARF-A-RAMA exclusive Barf bag
* Limited Edition of 200 decks
* Hand-numbered sticker of authenticity – number matches Triptych
* Shape: Popsicle 8.25”
* Deck Construction: Traditional, Canadian 7-ply Maple
* Random stain color on the top of the decks
* Comes with Exclusive Adam Bomb Printed Poly Bag
* Exclusive chase deck (Ltd/8) PLUS ONE GOLD CARD!

GetAGrip Launching Dead Ted Skateboard Deck This Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards has been busy teasing collectors all this week for their next release coming this Friday. In an interview on the new GPK Boys Podcast, GetAGrip artist Rory McQueen showed off examples of the newest skateboard deck. As collectors had already guessed, Dead Ted will be the character in the company’s latest Heritage Deck series. Rory also showed off three different parallel decks that will be randomly sent out to collectors. The company hasn’t released any other info yet. They generally don’t release pricing, print runs, or release time until the day of release. Collectors will want to stick to GetAGrip’s Facebook page for the latest information.

In the excellent GPK Boys interview, Rory also gives collectors a sneak peak at some of the Series 2 skateboard wheels. There is still no word when the wheels will launch from the company. Rory also mentions, Topps will be launching series 2 of Rory’s GPK Skateboard Sticker cards later this year. Be sure to check out the entire interview at their YouTube page.