Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Stickers Series 2 Coming Soon

GPK artist Rory McQueen started teasing his Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Stickers Series 2 set. Only a picture has been shared that shows a new version of Adam Bomb along with the set being part of Complexland 3.0. Topps was involved with the Complexland and ComplexCon shows in 2021. Complexland is a virtual shopping experience that is scheduled to take place 5/25-5/27. It looks like Rory’s Skateboard Stickers set will be offering during the show. There’s sure to be more information to come from Complexland and Topps.

Garbage Pail Kids ComplexCon Sets Feature Different Backs

Are you Team Red or Team Black? If you attended the in person ComplexCon show and was able to purchase the 12 card ComplexCon set you might have noticed the backs of the cards are Red with ComplexCon is black ink. Collectors who purchased the ComplexCon sets from will notice the backs of their cards are Black with the ComplexCon in white ink. The print run of the version is 1233, Topps did not release the number of sales for the in person event. Expect the in person Red Back version to be much smaller, as very few have shown up on secondary markets.

GPK x ComplexCon Merchandise Now Available Online

After this past weekend’s ComplexCon, the show has made available a number of Garbage Pail Kids x ComplexCon products to purchase online. GPKWorld first reported on the availability of the products online. Topps went all out for this show, with no advertising on what would be available for sale. At their booth, Topps sold complete 12 card GPK x ComplexCon sets. All the cards were also available to purchase as very limited gold foil versions. Each foil card was numbered to /21. In addition a number of merchandise items were available. Collectors are now able to purchase those on ComplexCon’s website. All items feature the artwork from the recent GPK x ComplexCon set. Collectors can purchase a sweatshirt ($120), tote bag ($36), mug ($25), or two different enamel pins ($15 ea.). The pins are limited to 300 each.