10 Questions With…Garbage Pail Kids Artist Jeff Zapata

File Aug 09, 12 15 58 AMJef Zapata has done it all when it comes to Garbage Pail Kids. He’s done final art for the cards, card concepts, sketch cards, was Art Director and Editor at Topps during the ANS days, but perhaps his biggest mark left on the hobby will be his involvement with the 30 Years of Garbage documentary. Together with Joe Simko, they wrote and directed the movie which recently saw its premier in New York City. I sat down with Jeff at the GPK-Con in Las Vegas recently. We discussed making the movie and some of his favorite memories during the filming. We discuss his time spent as Art Director at Topps, his favorite and least favorite projects. Jeff also talks about what is next for him and his artwork.

GPKNews – First off, congratulations on the 30 Years of Garbage Doc. I got my backer package in the mail and watched it, it was great, I really enjoyed it. What has struck you about the reaction the movie is getting?

Jeff Zapata – I’m really excited that people like the history of Garbage Pail Kids. That was one of my main concerns with the movie was showing stuff I always heard in the Topps offices and wanted to let the public know about it. The people like Woody Gelman, which you’ll hear his name out in the movie, in the early years of Topps who I considered invented the Non-Sport card genre. You’ll hear it from the masters themselves like Art Spiegelman, James Warhola, and Len Brown who was my mentor. What I’m excited about is people get to meet these guys who were never really up front in the cards or you would hear about on the boards, but they had a lot to do with the history of Topps and why we collect cards.

GPKNews – You got to work on this project closely with your good friend and fellow GPK artist Joe Simko and his wife June, how was that experience?

JZ – It was really great because Joe and I knew each other through work. We also lived close to each other at the time, and when you’re on the road you really get to know each other. Each of us sometimes had weak moments, but we had the other one help lift the other up. Whether it was physically or emotionally or whatever, but because of that we are really tight. We had a really great experience, it was an adventure, an odyssey if you will. An odyssey to meet all these artists. It was two generations, Joe is a lot younger than I am and he is the new generation of artist, and I was sort of still with the old but in between, I was the in between guy. June, I can’t say enough about her, I really can’t. She did so much grunt work that’s not seen on the film. We had another partner on the film who left which I wish I could mention more often, but due to legality I can’t, but he did a lot of work. June was a great, great asset. She helped finish with the kickstarter stuff, help fulfill orders, and edit things that our regular editor didn’t finish doing. Without her a lot of the work wasn’t done.

GPKNews – Do you have a highlight or story that stands out with you about the filming of the doc?

30yearsJZ – John Pound was really interesting because John Pound and Mark Newgarden were one of our last interviews to do that we thought we might not get. One was too shy, which was John Pound. He’s a very personable nice guy, but he’s just a shy guy. Most good artists are. Seeing him in his home and watching him be relaxed and talk about himself for the first time, he knew this was for a historic thing. Me and his wife encouraged him to do the interview. When we did the interview I told him to pretend the cameras aren’t here and talk to me as if we were talking in the office, because we would just talk about things that had nothing to do with cards. I think that interview was really golden. You also see where Adam Bomb was created and see where all that history was done. I think behind every great man there’s a great woman so I got to see who backed up John Pound. You could see without her a lot of thing wouldn’t have got done.

GPKNews – Did you know what you were getting into when you started the project? It took a few years from inception to the premier. What were your emotions on the night of the premier, relieved? satisfaction?

JZ – Everything that transpired I got to think more about the family, about Joe and June and all the stuff we went through. I was just so proud to see everything we did was on screen. When I was watching it, it was almost like the journey was unfolding in my mind even though I’ve seen the movie a million times before the showing. I was trying to look at it through the audience as well. I tried to look at it with fresh eyes. All I could do was think about the trip and the friendships and the family structure that formed after between Joe, I and June. The artists that we interviewed we all became family. When I saw the film it just kept coming up in my mind over and over again, it was just, wow I can’t believe we did it. As far as tribulations, there was a lot of them. We each took turns electing each other the president to fix them. It would depend on which problem it was. I was usually the ambassador for a lot of things. Joe and I wrote the story, and June and him edited it. It was a lot involved but it was one big family.

GPKNews – In the movie you talk a little bit about your time as Art Director at Topps during the ANS/Flashback GPK days. What GPK set during your Art Director days were you the most proud of?

JZ – I guess two of them, Series 4 I liked a lot. I don’t know why, I don’t remember why, but I think maybe it was the first time I did sketch cards. It was the first time Topps said, you know what, maybe you know how to do this better than us. That was then when I got to focus more on the artists I thought were doing well. It was the beginning of me trying to get a little more control of it. I never did get that control. It was only when I left when things were changing and a lot of bosses were leaving who used to really control that stuff. I said nobody is looking, let me go back to the original design and don’t have busy backgrounds. That was the magnet set. So the magnet set and series 4 was one of my favorites that stick out in my mind. Also which one has Orange Julius in it? (Ed. note: ANS 6 card 1a.) I don’t know, but that one sticks out for me because John Pound and I had such a beautiful conservation while drawing that. When he was making the painting that for some reason really sticks in my mind to this day about the orchard that I was describing to him, when I used to go to this orange orchard, and he drew it. He drew everything I described right on there. For some reason when I see it, it’s the epitome of everything GPK during those years.

GPKNews – I know you also worked on many other Topps properties during your time there, what other project besides GPK were you the most satisfied with?

JZ – Believe it or not, and people ask, what was one of your favorite card sets to do? I say it was Hannah Montana. I kind of felt it was at Topps you would go to the archives and you would see Beatles or Monkeys, I’m not saying they did that, but it was that sort of nostalgic card sets they used to do. So when I used to go to playgrounds and walk my dog, I would see Hannah Montana wrappers all over the place. When you’re an editor and you do these wrappers and you see an inch of it, you know its yours. You see it, and yeah that is my wrapper. That was great because there were no sketch cards in it, no autographs, and kids were buying them for the cards. I had to know everything about the show and Miley. Miley became a Wacky Pack fan, and I became a fan of Miley. For some reason I thought, this is bubble gum cards. This is what I was here for. To make bubblegum cards for kids to buy. So out of the weird ones, Hannah Montana was one of my favorites. Then I did WWE. I got to say I wanted to have fun doing that, but I didn’t. I loved doing Spiderman the movie. I thought that was great because I was a big superhero fan. Doing Marvel Legends was fun. But ones I didn’t like….In Sync. I did In Sync, that was horrible. The Toy Stories I wanted to love, but Disney was so hard to work with about getting information. It was always getting mixed up. I did a lot of Disney products. That Club Penguin I hated doing. Let me see which others ones I hated, there was a bunch. I got to say those stick out as the ones I didn’t like doing. Enduring Freedom they had me start doing. I just bowed out because I didn’t like making money out of tragedy, and they respected that.

GPKNews – How’s the work coming on the sketches for the upcoming GPK Trashy TV set? You have shown some of the sketches you are working on via Facebook, they look fantastic!

JZ – I’ve done all the puzzles and all the shaped sketch cards. What I’m trying to do with this one, is trying to be more powerful and cosmic. The characters I really want them to have more dynamic poses, and the backgrounds are going to be very Jack Kirby cosmic looking backgrounds. It might be my farewell set. I don’t know if I’m going to do sketch cards for a while. I wanted to do something different. I’m going to do color and inks on them when I usually do just colors or inks. I’m going to do both, it’s a first for me doing all the sets that way. Each character I’m going to draw from head to toe. So even though there are characters that don’t have toes or legs, you’re going to see them for the first time in this set I’m doing.

GPKNews – During the artist seminar you broke the news that you are possibly going to be returning to doing some final paintings for upcoming sets, is that going to be for the Adam-Gedden set?

JZ – I’m not sure. They sent me a contract a while ago and said, hey why don’t you get back. I told them I was interested. I was always a gag guy at Topps. I did a lot of gags, hundreds of them. I did some for the BNS series I think. I just want to get back into doing some gags. If the gags then might lead to me doing some new paintings. Let’s see we will take it step by step. Topps is changing all the time. The management and the products change. I wanted to wait to when things died down, but I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into them again.

File Aug 09, 12 17 40 AMGPKNews – At the show you are selling your own card set and some prints. Any other projects you have in the pipeline?

JZ – I wasn’t expecting this set until the last minute. I just found stuff on the computer and gave it to Clint Coleman, who’s been a great supporter of this Con and me. I told him lets make some more when I’m concentrating on this. I might do some more alternate universe GPK cards. I think people know my version of Garbage Pail Kids. They almost look like a adults. They are in dramatic situations, and they have realistic humans around interacting with them. I think I want to do a set like that, and do a real one that gives it justice.

GPKNews – Finally what’s your favorite Garbage Pail Kid?

JZ – I’ve been asked that all weekend and I think I settled on Dead Ted. I think a lot of us said, besides dead ted, besides Adam bomb, and besides alien Ian, because I think those are the most popular ones. Which other one? I have my favorites from the All New Series, but those top 3 have always been my favorites. I would say Joe Blow is another one I love, and New Wave Dave. Those guys stick to mind I don’t mind drawing them. I love drawing Dead Ted and Adam Bomb. Those have always been one of my favorites, and Evil Eddie. I always considered Evil Eddie and Adam Bomb to be the Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny of the universe. If you ever see me do the comic books or covers I always try to put them together and have an Abbot and Costello type of thing going. I even did a cover of Adam bomb and Evil Eddie meet Frankenstein and it was based on Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein, I’m proud of that one.


10 Questions With…Garbage Pail Kids Sketch Artist Jon Gregory

File Aug 09, 12 02 25 AMGarbage Pail Kids sketch artist Jon Gregory started with Topps working on Wacky Packages sets. He began on GPK with the 30th anniversary set, and is quickly becoming a favorite of sketch card collectors. I sat down with Jon at the GPK-Con in Las Vegas and we talked about how he got started with Topps, collecting as a kid, and what he has in store with his sketch cards.

GPKNews – You started doing pack inserted GPK sketches with last year’s 30th anniversary set. How did you get involved with Topps and doing GPK sketches? Have you done any work for other card sets?

Jon Gregory – Topps is the only card company I’ve worked with. How I got into it is a funny story. I was selling some old Wacky Package material on eBay. I got a correspondence asking if I had certain things in my collection and I didn’t. I happen to see that it was signed, “Smokin’ Joe”, and I thought the guy was being funny using the Smokin’ Joe name. I started thinking about it and starting wondering if that was the actual artist asking about that, but why wouldn’t he have these cards if he was the artist. So, I asked and it turned out it was him. We started talking and I told him I had a bunch of ideas. I’ve been trying to get into this for 20 years and never knew who to contact. I sent him some sketches. He liked them and said the jokes were good so he passed them along to Neil Camera. Then, I started doing the Artist on Demand stuff with Neil. After that I got contacted by Topps do to the Wacky series first. I did 2 Wacky series, then they asked me if I wanted to do Garbage Pail Kids. I said sure I’ll do those too. So I’ve been doing those consistently ever since. If I didn’t sell that stuff on eBay I wouldn’t be sitting here talking with everybody.

GPKNews – What do you remember about GPK from when you were a kid?

JG – The first thing I had GPK was an OS 1 uncut sheet, my mother bought me an uncut sheet. They were selling them at a Ben Franklin, they had them up on a wall. She brought it home and said look what I got. I was like what it this? I unrolled it and was, wow they were cards that were not cut. I didn’t understand the whole concept of it. From there I started buying the packs and everything else and kept the sheet, I have a Wacky uncut sheet too I got the same way. You don’t see those sold in stores ever, so it was pretty cool. I still have them.

GPKNews – Your sketch work is great, you are becoming a favorite of GPK collectors. How is the work coming on the sketches for the next GPK set, Trashy TV?

JG – I just finished the sketches for the new set, I finished all my returns too. When I first started on the 30th I did a lot of pencil work. I think I did almost the entire series in pencil. As I got to do more sets and got faster, at this point there is no pencil whatsoever, its either black and while or full color everything. For the new set I did all my loadeds in full color, all my garbage can die cuts are in full color, all my panos are in full color, some of the standard ones are in black and while, but that’s it. Most everything is in full color. So I was happy about that.

GPKNews – Do you know who your partner is on the Duel Artist sketches? Are there artists you would like to work with?

JG – Eventually I would want to work with all these guys. A lot of these guys are the reason I’m here. I’ve admired them for years, and to be grouped in with them is a little surreal. As far as the duel cards, I got paired with Jason Heil. I just got them before I came out here so I haven’t had a chance to start them yet, but we are paired up on this set together. He seems like a nice guy we talked a little bit.

GPKNews – Have you seen the 30 Years of Garbage documentary that Jeff Zapata and Joe Simko directed?

JG – I’m a bad fan, I have not seen it yet. My copy is in my bag. I got my copy and I’m popping it in as soon as I get home. I was away for the premier or else I would have been at that because it was in New York. I just wasn’t available that weekend. I was kind of bummed about it, but I knew I would see them here and get my copy. I am looking forward to seeing it.

GPKNews – How many of these comic/toy/art conventions do you do a year?

JG – This is my first show. I’ll probably be doing more. I’ve been talking with Jeff Zapata about doing some in our area. I’m sure I’ll be appearing at others in the future. As more and more people get to know me, and get to know my style I’m starting to branch out so its exciting.

GPKNews – This is the first GPK-Con what are your thoughts of the show so far? How has the GPK fan turnout been for the show?

JG – When I first saw the show was advertised I didn’t realize there was never one before. I couldn’t believe they never did one before. When I saw it I wondered if I could get in on it. Then when I found out it was the first one I knew I had to get in on. It’s perfect for me. I’m a newer artist getting a good response, so it would be good exposure for me in the community to go to this. I contacted everyone I needed to just to make sure I could attend.

File Aug 09, 12 02 49 AMGPKNews – At the show you are selling your GPK inspired prints and some of your own artwork. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline either with your own work or for another company?

JG – I’m working on my portrait stuff, that’s big. A lot of it is commission work. A lot of people want their kids done and their grandmothers. I started doing the series of the famous portraits so everyone could see the style. The requests come from those. I’ve gotten a few requests to do the garbage pail kids returns done in that portrait style, which I thought was fun because no one has even done that before. I’m trying to find a little niche for myself to separate myself from other artists. Hopefully it’s a style that will catch on because its one of my favorite mediums.

GPKNews – Finally do you have an all time favorite Garbage Pail Kid?

JG – I just got asked this this morning. My favorite garbage pail kid, I guess it would be the most requested I get. I’ve done two the most of any so far and that’s Melton Elton, which I love doing, and Live Mike. I think Live Mike is my favorite and he’s on the back of my sketch cards. I’ve done those two the most and people seem to love the way they’ve came out.


10 Questions with…Garbage Pail Kids Artist Brent Engstrom

File Aug 09, 12 03 50 AMVeteren Garbage Pail Kids artist Brent Engstrom lends his art to not only the main GPK sets, but also to online and special sets Topps produces throughout the year. As one of the mainstays for Topps, Brent’s art is everywhere. I sat down with Brent at GPK-Con in Las Vegas. We talked about collecting GPKs as a kid, how many pieces he completes for Topps, and the part he plays in GPK history.

GPKNews – You are a veteran GPK artist now, you started back with the ANS 5 series I believe. What memories do you have of GPK from when you were a kid?

Brent Engstrom – I just collected them like everyone else did. When they first came out I had some friends that had them. I would see the cards and start buying them at gas stations. I do remember when I got a little bit older I took them all off and stuck them places. I don’t have any of my original ones anymore.

GPKNews – What got your foot in the door to Topps and working on GPK, how were you brought in the fold?

BE – During the All New Series series I noticed they came back and I was submitting my portfolio around to different companies. I just did it on a whim not thinking much would happen, but I got a response right away. I had a practice painting I had to do to get in. They liked it enough to let me paint another one and then it led from there. It was pretty quick once I got the initial response from Jeff Zapata. It moved pretty quick and I started painting right away.

GPKNews – I assume you finished with the art for the next GPK set, Trashy TV? Have you done any paintings for the first 2017 set, Adam-Geddon?

BE – I have yes, I’ve painted one so far for Adam-Geddon, and when I get back from GPK-Con I will jump into that full time.

GPKNews – How many paintings did you do for the upcoming Trashy TV set?

BE – Right at 40 I think. It’s hard to know because sometimes they push them to other sets, but its right under 40.

GPKNews – Do you know how many total GPK paintings you are up to now?

BE – Having a folder on Facebook I’m able to see the number easily. It’s over 300, its like 335 or something finished paintings.

GPKNews – For the first time you aren’t doing any pack inserted sketches for the Trashy TV set. Was time the biggest issue? Too busy with the art for the upcoming GPK projects?

BE – Yeah as soon as you’re done with one set you start working on the next. I used to have a little bit of a break to do sketch cards but I don’t have a break anymore. I’m not able to squeeze them in anymore so they got pushed. Then there are a lot of new sketch artists than came in and they’ve kind of taken over that.

GPKNews – How many of these comic/toy/art conventions do you do a year?

File Aug 09, 12 04 13 AMBE – Not very many, I go to smaller conventions around my town. They are nothing like this. They are usually comic conventions so no one knows what Garbage Pail Kids are. This is a lot different.

GPKNews – This is the first GPK-Con, what are your thoughts on the show so far? How is it meeting the fans face to face?

BE – That part has been cool. I talk to a lot of them online and its kind of cool to get a face with the name. It’s cool to get to know them and see what cards they collect and which ones they like. Usually I don’t even know if someone likes a certain character until they hand me some cards to sign. Then I can see, oh people actually like that one.

GPKNews – You were interviewed for the 30 Years of Garbage doc. What did you think of the movie? What are your thoughts about being part of GPK history?

BE – I thought it was really cool. I really didn’t know a lot of the early stuff, once it was broken down it was really cool. Its neat knowing you are part of a small group. It’s pretty cool to see, Topps is a big corporation but the GPK scene is kind of a tight knit group. It’s a small group of people and it’s really cool to be part of it.

GPKNews – Finally do you have an all time favorite Garbage Pail Kid? How about the favorite one that you have drawn?

BE – Unzipped Zach, I like him. For one I’ve drawn I like the Bearded Brent. It’s kind of neat to have that. It’s kind of hard to choose a favorite because each set I like one more, but I’d say Bearded Brent.


10 Questions With….Garbage Pail Kids Artist Joe Simko

File Aug 09, 12 05 08 AMCurrent Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko is a busy man. Not only does he do final card paintings for GPK and Wacky Packages, he has his own trading company, Wax-eye, and he was Co-Director of the recently completed 30 Years of Garbage documentary. I sat down with Joe at the first ever GPK-Con in Las Vegas. We talked about the 30 of Years documentary, his current GPK work, and other projects he has worked on.

GPKNews – First off, congratulations on the 30 Years of Garbage Doc. I got my backer package in the mail and watched it, it was great, I really enjoyed it. What has struck you about the reaction the movie is getting?

Joe Simko – It’s been great, the energy and the actual reception we’ve been getting has been very enthusiastic. We’re really pleased how it turned out. When we had the premier in New York City in July, there was a really nice packed crowd that was just very welcoming. I think they were waiting for this to finally be done, and so was I. It was great to finally put that out there and get that excitement, get that feedback back.

GPKNews – You got to work on this project closely with not only another GPK artist, Jeff Zapata, but also your wife, June Gonzales. How was that experience?

30yearsJS – Actually, it was good to have a group of people that I could trust. They were just so laid back enough to let everyone do their parts, but have the energy enough to know what they do really well. Jeff was really important to getting the original creators who made Garbage Pail Kids; Art Spegelman, John Pound, John Pound doesn’t do interviews you know, but as a favor for Jeff you know, ok. Jeff had such an important role in that, it was such a mega deal. When I explored and got other people, not just June, but I got Chud behind me sitting here doing the music. June explored the whole area of knowing this film needed some graphics, some artwork behind it. It couldn’t just be a straight documentary with a bunch of talking heads, which it was, but it needed art in it because it was about art. So she incorporated ideas with graphics, and the notebook. Showing it’s a school atmosphere with the Trapper Keepers and so it really worked well. Working at home and living with my wife, June, is a great way to have a Director/Editor relationship too. If I get an idea I can say let’s do it!, oh no it doesn’t work, ok fine we can move on to something else. We could be very quick in testing things out.

GPKNews – Did you know what you were getting into when you started the project? It took a few years from inception to the premier. What were your emotions on the night of the premier, relieved? satisfaction?

JS -That’s a good analysis of it, yeah. It was relief, satisfaction, excitement, just total euphoria in a way. It’s very exciting, like you said, we’ve been working on it for almost 2 ½ years with people leaving and people joining the project throughout the whole behind the scenes making of it. The team that we put together really was the best team in the end. The results are shown in the film. We needed to have the premier in New York City. Jeff is from New York, I’m from New York, June is from New York, and Topps is in New York. We were able to bring in some of the original creators; Mark Newgarden came out, James Warhola one of the original artists, and we even had some Topps brand managers come out and approve of the film believe it or not, or just put their stamp on it saying they liked it.

GPKNews – In the movie you talk about collecting GPKs when you were a kid. What childhood memories do you have of GPK?

JS -Gosh I think this going to sound like a lot of similar stories from kids finding them at school or on the school bus. Not really getting it or understanding what they were, but I felt like I needed to know what they were, I needed to have it. Even if I didn’t understand what it was. I needed to have this for some reason. One thing that really forged my memory when I think back about it now is that I made friends with these things. There are ways kids can communicate today with other kids online socially that way, but back then without social media a kid walking up to another kid can be awkward. You have a kid have these Garbage Pail Kid cards, I got some too, I need what you have, so lets trade. I met kids at school, and kids at camp that I became life long friends with.

GPKNews – I imagine work is finished with the art for the next GPK set, Trashy TV? Is it full steam ahead on art for the first 2017 set, Adam-Geddon now?

JS -I’ve done about 6 or 7, maybe 8 paintings for the Adam-Geddon set so far. So its full speed into that one.

GPKNews – How many paintings did you do for the upcoming Trashy TV set?

JS -I painted 32 but got approved 41 or 42 so other artists will paint the others. That’s almost a full set for back in the day.

GPKNews – Do you know how many total GPK paintings you are up to now?

JS -I don’t know exactly, its over 200. That’s just published Topps GPK cards. I’ve done random GPK stuff for Topps that was never published in that format.

GPKNews – How many of these comic/toy/art conventions do you do a year?

JS -Probably two a year; the Allentown, PA trading card show, and the New York Comic Con. Once and a while I’ll do a horror convention. It’s a nice mix of different genres, although its all kind of the same in some ways.

GPKNews – This is the first GPK-Con, what are your thoughts of the show so far? How has the GPK fan turnout been for the show?

JS -I’m loving it, I think it’s successful. I’ve personally had success at my table. The first night was great. This is the place to be if you’re a Garbage Pail Kids fan. Where else are you going to get pretty much all the current artists, you got Tom Bunk here, you have vendors selling stuff at tables, and events happening throughout the whole weekend related to Garbage Pail Kids. Its going good.

File Aug 09, 12 06 38 AMGPKNews – At the show you are selling not only the 30 Years DVD but, you have your own trading card company, Wax-Eye. You’ve released two Cereal Killers sets and the Stupid Heroes set. You are very busy! Any other projects in the pipeline for Wax-eye or another company besides GPK?

JS -You know the documentary was like the big project that was taking up every hour, and now that it’s done my break is just doing Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages for Topps right now. There’s like one or two freelance jobs for a personal custom commission, but no big major projects, I might be doing a poster here and there for a band but nothing heavy duty.

GPKNews – Finally, do you have an all time favorite Garbage Pail Kid? How about the favorite one that you have drawn?

JS -I always say from the original series you go with the namesake, so I like Joe Blow. I feel like he’s a character that can be almost as iconic as Adam Bomb, because its representative of the Topps Bazooka Joe bubble gum they put out. For my own, I like the Nosferatu one I did. It only was released in the Bukimi Kun reprint set, it never made it to a formal GPK set. I have a skateboard I painted of the Nosferatu Dracula in a coffin in that same position. I just copied that directly into a Garbage Pail kid. I like making them really iconic. I want them to be very symmetrical, something that could be on a wrapper.

GPKNews – Thanks Joe for the interview!


Collectors Flock To First Ever GPK-Con

GPK_LOGO copyThe first ever GPK-Con is in the books! The largest gathering ever of Garbage Pail Kids artists and collectors took place this past weekend at the Super Toy Con event at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. GPK collectors from around the country gathered to meet artists and chat with fellow collectors they’ve only previously met online. Here are some highlights of the weekend,

Artist Seminar

File Aug 08, 11 55 17 PMThe show started Friday with the Artist Seminar. A total of 12 GPK/Wacky artists spoke and answered questions for just about an hour. The talk drew roughly 100 GPK collectors who got to hear stories from past and present artists. The highlight and loudest applause was for the attendance of Tom Bunk. The reverence the artists showed Mr. Bunk was evident throughout the talk. Jeff Zapata also told many stories from his days as Art Director at Topps. Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the panel was Jeff Zapata mentioning he would be returning to working on GPK final paintings in future sets. Collectors attending the panel were given 4 cards from the show exclusive set.

Artist’s Booths

File Aug 09, 12 06 38 AMThe artists at the show were all very approachable and happy to take time to talk to collectors. Many artists were doing sketch commissions during the show. They also sold a wide variety of sketch cards, prints, cards, and paintings. One highlight for collectors was David Gross’ Rejected Concepts Book. Collectors could purchase the book and get a sketch of their favorite character on the first page of the book. Another highlight was Mark Pingitore’s Disasters of the Universe card set. This debut set was a mashup of GPK style with Masters of the Universe characters.

Bowling Night

Saturday night saw upwards of 50 artists and collectors meet at the Orleans Bowling Center. Right around 20 people bowled with Jon Gregory the big winner of the night! Those who didn’t bowl still stayed and got to talk with artists and fellow collectors. Prizes were awarded and all collectors bowling were given 6 cards from the show exclusive set.

Sunday Breakfast

Matt Oldweiler from geepeekay.com hosted a breakfast that was attended by about 50 GPK collectors and artists. This gave one last chance for everyone to get together before the show wrapped up Sunday afternoon. Everyone attending the breakfast was given the remaining 5 cards from the show exclusive set.

GPK-Con Wrap Up

File Aug 09, 12 15 58 AMCollectors and artists alike all told me GPK-Con was a success. Artists were busy almost non-stop sketching throughout the show hours, while talking with collectors. More than one artist told me they were pleased with the show, and really had a great weekend. They hadn’t seen this many GPK fans at one show before. The artists were generally grateful for the fans that attended the show. Collectors stayed in the GPK area of the show trading, buying, and chatting with fellow collectors. Perhaps the most successful thing at GPK-Con was the overwhelming feeling among collectors and artists alike about how great it was to meet everyone face to face. Most of the artists hadn’t met each other.

I spoke with Super Toy Con Executive Producer Andy Goodman and asked him from his perspective was the first GPK-Con a success. Andy stated the show was success, “Yes, I feel the event was a great success. The artists had a great time. I know they were blown away themselves. Some artists even met each other for the first time ever.” On if there would be a follow-up GPK-CON next year Andy said, “I do feel a follow up event will happen for 2017, the location is still TBD.” Finally, I asked Andy if he would make any changes to future events, “We need to involve more non-sports trading cards. I would like to see year two bring in Wacky Packages and Mars Attacks, and maybe one or two more entertainment card properties.”

For those of you unable to attend the show, there are show exclusive sets still available for purchase. Regular sets are $35, while Prism sets are $50. If you are interested in purchasing one of the last remaining sets contact Andy Goodman via Facebook. Also, artists might still have some of their sets, prints, and art available for purchase. Check the Links page for information on contacting the various artists, or contact them via Facebook.


GPK Artists Share Sketches for Upcoming 2016 Set

Updated with additional sketches Jan. 19th @ 23:35.

The floodgates have opened. Numerous Garbage Pail Kids artists featured in the upcoming 2016 GPK American As Apple Pie In Your Face set have begun posting examples of their sketch card work. Artists have been hard at work these last few months. See below for these examples of sketches you’ll be able to pull starting Jan. 20th.

Lily Mercado posted these examples of some Loaded Sketches via her Facebook page.









New GPK Artist Michael Barnard posted a couple Loaded Sketches in the GPK Art School Facebook Page.















































































Veteran GPK artist Steve Potter also offered a sneak peak of his sketches.






































































































































Jon Gregory followed showing off his sketches.

File Jan 19, 11 33 56 PM








File Jan 19, 11 34 09 PM
































Another veteran GPK artist GPK Dave showed off a number of his colored shaped sketches.















GPK Artist Sean Norvet shared some of his sketches.








Another first time GPK artist Chad Scheres showed a little window into some regular sketches for the upcoming set.






































Yet another first time artist Robert Jimenez shared some regular and shaped colored sketches.














New artist Cecilia Granada posted some regular sketches.

































Another newcomer artist Chris Meeks showed off some of his colored sketches.









Dustin Graham shared his sketches via his artwork page. (See individual post for more of his sketches.









GPK Artist Simone Arena shared some Loaded and Shaped Sketches.























GPK Artist Chenduz shared a number of his sketches.

























































Finally Dan Burn Webster shared his sketches he completed for the new set.







































Whew! That’s 14 GPK artists who have come out this week to share examples of their work for the next set! Stay tuned for more posts as artists share their work.


Duel Artist Sketch Cards to Make Their Debut in 2016

Updated with additional sketches on Jan 15th @ 18:12.

A new concept to Garbage Pail Kids sketch cards is set to debut with the next set, 2016 GPK American as Apple Pie In Your Face, Duel Artist Sketch Cards. For the first time you will be able to pull from packs a duel panel sketch card featuring artwork done by two GPK artists! Veteran GPK artist Jeff Zapata shared examples of some of these duel artist sketch cards he created with fellow GPK artist Dan Burn Webster.

























Duel Artist sketch card done by Cecilia Granata and JM Monserrat.




























Here are some more Duel Artist Sketch cards posted by Robert Jimenez that he did with Michael Barnard.















Duel Artist Sketch cards created by Dustin Graham and Steve Potter.



























Duel Artist Sketch cards created by Chad Scheres and Chris Meeks.
















Duel Artist Sketch cards created by Jon Gregory and Simone Arena.






























Duel Artist Sketch cards created by Lily Mercado and Chenduz.















































Duel Artist Sketch cards created by Neil Camera and Mark Pingatore. Neil posted these without Mark’s work. Neil did request is anyone pulls these to send him a picture.























Duel Artist Sketch cards created by GPK Dave and Dennis St. John.




GPK Artist Dustin Graham Shares 2016 Sketches

Veteran Garbage Pail Kids Artist Dustin Graham shared examples of the sketches he drew for the upcoming 2016 GPK American as Apple Pie In Your Face set. Dustin shared the photos via his artist Facebook page, Wacky Graham’s Garbage. These are just some examples of the sketches you can pull in the next set due out Jan. 20th.


Here’s a sneak peek at some sketch cards I did for the upcoming 2016 Garbage Pail Kids set, in stores soon!

Posted by Wacky Graham’s Garbage on Monday, January 4, 2016


GPK Artist Jeff Zapata Sketches for 2016 Series 1 Set

Veteren Garbage Pail Kids artist Jeff Zapata shared the sketches he did for the upcoming 2016 Garbage Pail Kids American As Apple Pie In Your Face set, which is scheduled to be releases 1/20/16. Check out Jeff’s Facebook post here for additional photos: https://www.facebook.com/20531316728/posts/10154009990506729/




New Sketch Artists to Debut with 2016 GPK Series 1 Set

A handful of new artists for the next Garbage Pail Kids set, (2016 Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie In Your Face), have started showing some of their sketch cards for the set. All pictures below courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page.

First up Chad Scheres shows a peek at some color sketches.







Next is Sean Norvet showing off a fully loaded sketch.









Finally Cecilia Granata shows off one half of the duel artist sketch she worked on.









In addition new artist Robert Jimenez mentioned he would be able to share his work soon. The next GPK series is set to release Jan. 20, 2016.