Work Begins on 2022S1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms Sketches

While Topps has still yet to release two GPK sets from 2021, work continues on the 2022 sets. Sketch artists began receiving sketch blanks this week from Topps for 2022S1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms. The number of sketches each artist is being asked to complete varies from artist to artist. Total number of sketches seem to be in line with previous releases, with an increase on shaped sketches and a decrease on panos and tryptych. Topps has given artists a very aggressive deadline of 5/2/22 to complete sketches, giving artists just over two weeks to finish. With the takeover of Topps by Fanatics, there are a couple of new rules artists have to follow. Artists can no longer sketch cards that have pee, poop, or blood on them. Any cards featuring racial stereotypes are also no longer allowed. While the racial stereotypes make sense, it’s a mystery why Fanatics would remove body fluids, a staple of GPK’s past.

As for the sketch cards themselves, the fronts feature blue banners on the panos, tryptych, and regular sketches, and Orange banners on the shaped sketches. The nameplate on the regular sketch is white this time. Topps is using classic original series characters on the sketch backs. Regular sketches have Brainy Janie, Panos have Nad Nerd, while Tryptych have Cranky Franky and 3-Dee. Once again, shaped sketches will comes in two varieties, trash can and the new open book shapes.

The total number of sketch artists for this set will be a slightly higher than what is confirmed for 2021S2 Vacation. Topps has a mix of current artists, returning artists, and even one new artist to GPK sketches.  So far 55 of the 57 artists confirmed form the 2021S2 Vacation set have confirmed they are doing sketches for the Book Worms set. Set to return are; David Acevedo, Simone Arena, Andrew Artz, Rö García Astorga, Robert Ball, Bobby Blakey, Emma Burges, John Brewer, Neil Camera, Nik Castaneda, Slippa Chervascus, Daniel Contois, Jasmine Contois, Sobot Cortez, Jeff Cox, Jason Crosby, Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Dave Dabila, Adam Dobrzeniecki, Joey Fitchett, Dave Gacey, Shane Garvey, Patrick Giles, Kelly Greider, Jason Heil, Lowell Isaac, Robert Jimenez, Karl Jones, Rickey Kipfer, Mike McHugh, Rory McQueen, Chris Meeks, Lily Mercado, Rich Molinelli, Victor Moreno, Nik Muggli, Erik Muller, Barry Nygma, Jay O’leary, Justin Olson, Mark Parisi, Darrin Pepe, Todd Rayner, Cathy Razim, Chad Scheres, Brent Scotchmer, Bekki Jane Sharp, Brandhen Snyder, Mike Stephens, Floydman Sumner, Gregory Tilson, Greg Treize, Magnus Von Robotsson, Gavin Williams, and Clinton Yeager. After taking a break, Topps is bringing back artists Quinton Baker, Daniel Goodroad, and Matt Steffens for this set. Finally, Barry Nibert will be making his GPK debut. For different reasons, Pat Chaimuang and Pat Dobbins will not be working on the Book Worms set. This brings the current confirmed sketch artist total to 59 so far. This article will be updated as any additional artists come forward.

2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms is currently scheduled to hit stores on 7/27/22.

2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms Retail Sell Sheet

It took a while, but we finally have the Retail Sell Sheet for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms. Topps is continuing the same retail product strategy as they have with the last couple of sets, with a new twist. Once again, Retail Display and Value Boxes (Blasters) will be offered. However, it appears Topps is adding a new Mega Box that might be a big box retailer exclusive. Each retail pack will continue to contain 1 Booger Green parallel. The brand new parallel Moby Dick Gray /199, Fool’s Gold /50, Artist Autos, Printing Plates, and regular sketch cards will continue to be found randomly inserted into all pack types.

Retail Display boxes are once again being sold as both “Retail” and “Hobby” display boxes. Don’t let the names fool you as it’s the same box type. Once again the Sleep Drool Blue parallels /99, can only be found in Retail Display boxes. The insert set, Authors of Their Own Misfortune can also be found 1:3 retail display packs. The insert features Tom Bunk’s take on famous literary authors.

The popular Value Boxes (Blasters) will be back. Each Blaster is scheduled to come with 12 packs. The Glue Yellow parallel can only be found in Blaster boxes at the rate of 1:5 packs. Each box will also contain 3 GPK Gets Graphic insert cards. These will feature new gags based on comic books and graphic novels. Loaded Puzzle and Panoramic sketch cards can also only be found in Blaster boxes.

There appears to be a new box type debuting with the Book Worms set. The sell sheet mentions the Gross Adaptations Insert set can only be found in “Mega Box SKUs”. These will feature gags based on books and graphic novels that were turned into movies and TV shows. It appears distributors who usually offer retail products on preorder are not able to order these. Speculation is the Mega box SKU will be a “big box” retail exclusive only. The Mega Box concept is not new to Topps products, as they have been available previously in different products. The Mega boxes generally contain more packs than a Blaster box. This post will be updated as GPKNews finds out more information on the Mega box.

2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms is scheduled to be released 7/27/22. You can check out the retail sell sheet below or in PDF form here.

Topps Announces 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms

It won’t be until summer is in full swing, but GPK collectors will be able to get in a good book this year! Today Topps announced 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms. Once again collectors will get a 200 card base set, featuring 100 new pieces available in a/b versions. The theme of the set will be all about reading; comics, books, poems, and literature. All the usual parallels are returning, collector boxes will exclusively have 1 Inkwell Black parallel per pack, and Red Herring /75. Retail Display boxes will have 1 Booger Green parallel per pack, and exclusively Sleep Drool Blue parallels /99. A new parallel, Moby Dick Grey /199, along with Fool’s Gold /50, printing plates, and artist autos can be found throughout all pack types.

There will of course be plenty of inserts to collect. Original Series artist, Tom Bunk will return once again with an insert set called Authors of Their Own Misfortune. These will be found on in Retail Display boxes, 1:3 packs. Wacky Package Prose inserts will be 1 per Collector box only. Finally, Book Marked! will also fall 1 per Collector box. Those are goofy and gross “Keep Reading” slogans. Patch cards are returning to Collector boxes, but this time there are parallels. Collectors can find a Base /199, Blue /99, Red /75, Gold /50, or FoilFactor 1/1 for each patch. Popular Shaped sketch cards along with Triptych sketches will once again be found only in Collector boxes, while regular sized sketches will be found in Retail Display boxes. Finally, each Collector box is advertised to come with one GPK iron-on patch.

2022S1 GPK Book Worms is scheduled to hit stores shelves July 27, 2022.  You can view the sell sheets below or they can be found in PDF form here, or in the pictures below.

GPK Chrome, Delayed Releases Highlight Topps GPK Plans for 2022

Collectors haven’t seen the remaining sets from 2021 yet, but that isn’t stopping Topps from planning their 2022 releases. According to the internal yearly sales calendar for 2022, Topps once again has a full slate of Garbage Pail Kids sets planned, just with some delayed dates. The calendar is the yearly production plan by Topps for 2022. Nothing on the calendar is guaranteed to happen, but it’s the plan Topps is using for the upcoming year. While the Covid pandemic saw huge increases in trading card collectors and sales for Topps, it’s also caused huge delays across all their brands. Covid slowdowns and increased demand for trading cards have caused printers to be backed up which is resulting in delays for 2021 releases. The delays will also cause the firsts sets of 2022 to be pushed back later in the year. Collectors who are use to seeing the first retail set of the year in January will have to wait. The calendar shows 2022 Series 1 GPK is being planned for early August (8/10). This is why collectors haven’t seen the set announced yet by Topps. Artists are finishing up the artwork for 2022S1 now, Topps is expected to announce the set soon.

Chrome enthusiasts can rejoice as GPK Chrome is on the calendar once again. Chrome 4 isn’t out yet, with the current release date set for 12/31/21, but with all the trading card successes in the last year, it’s a no brainer for Topps to continue the Chrome line in GPK. While “OS 5” doesn’t show on the calendar, collectors can expect Topps to continue the theme with the set. GPK Chrome is set for a 11/9/22 release date, which if it happens will get the calendar back on track by the end of the year. Surprisingly, 2022 Series 2 GPK is scheduled to release just two weeks prior on 10/26/22. The dates on the calendar are certainly not set in store, and if 2022 continues anything like 2021, Topps will have to continue to adjust dates as the year goes along. Thanks to Jeff Pellegrino of Garbage Pail Kids Superstore at Hilltop Auctions for passing along the calendar. Be sure to check out their Facebook page!