Topps Taking Company Public In Merger With Mudrick Capital

Topps announced today they will be merging with Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation and taking taking the company public. The deal is expected to close late 2nd quarter or early 3rd quarter, and values the company at $1.3 billion. Once the deal closes the company will trade on the NASDAQ market under the TOPP symbol. Current Chairman, Michael Eisner, and current CEO, Michael Brandstaedter, will remain in their current rolls with the company. Previous owners, Madison Dearborn Partners will be exiting the company, while Eisner will convert his equity and become the company’s largest shareholder. The company was previously a public company prior to Eisner and Dearborn purchasing it in 2007. To read the fulls details of the deal, visit the release on Topps Investor website.

How does this involve Garbage Pail Kids you wonder? Well besides being made by Topps, today’s release by the company gives some insight to the business, and how the company perceives the brand. As part of an investor slideshow the Garbage Pail Kids brand is listed as one of the company’s key brands, along with MLB, Star Wars, WWE, Formula 1, and UEFA. The is high praise for a brand that was in mothballs just 11 years ago, and was seen as a niche brand.

Additionally, throughout the presentation and in media interviews today, the company and Eisner pushed hard their move to digital and NFTs. Topps clearly sees NFTs as the future of the company. While physical cards aren’t going anywhere, there will be a huge push in 2021 and 2022 into the NFT space. The Garbage Pail Kids brand was called out throughout the presentation for being the guinea pig for NFTs during 2020. It’s also interesting to note the company did $567 million in revenues in 2020, which was a 23% increase over 2019. The company expects to do $692 million in 2021. Currently Topps reports 55% of revenues come from physical trading cards, 6% from digital, and the remaining from their candy and gift card businesses.

Contact your stock broker today, soon you too can own a piece of Topps!

GPK Boys YouTube Show Gives Voice to the Collector

What do you get when you mix a Canadian Nasty Nik collector with a crazed Frying Ryan collector from New York? The GPK Boys of course! Hosts Nick Atef and Ryan Kozyra, in addition to producer Mike Paunovich, make up the group bringing Garbage Pail Kids collectors the brand new YouTube show. The show got off the ground with episode 1, when it launched on March 19th. In the first show they review 2021S1 Food Fight, discuss the art of Barry Nibert, and interview popular GPK Breaker Stevie Coachella.

The GPK Boys YouTube show is the first of its kind within the GPK community. Ryan explains how the idea for the show came about, “It was the lack of anything like this in the community, especially with the popularity of YouTube and podcasts. And with the increased popularity of GPK, especially over the last year, we wanted the fans to have some kind of platform. And the last and most important part, was the chemistry I have with my co-host, Nick. I mean, you could get lost in those eyes.” While their online chemistry was great, the show needed something else to really get off the ground as Nick explains, “Ryan and I once hopped on facebook live and had a chat with everyone in the community. From there we always fantasized about doing a talk show of some sort. What really made it happen was Mike Paunovich joining the team. With his guidance the show was born!” Producer Mike was able to bring his media production experience into the fold, and the show was off and running, “I saw Nick and Ryan posting in the groups about the show and I contacted them to selfishly insert myself into their idea. From their videos on the breaks group I could tell they had good camera presence. I saw the potential from the get go and figured I could help them with my background in media production.”

With all three being long time GPK collectors, it’s no surprise they are all focused on the show giving a voice to the collector. Nick said, “I’d love for us to be THE source for GPK culture and happenings in the collector community. I’m a collector that is equally as passionate about the cards as I am the community members behind the cards. Sure the cards are cool as hell, but some of the people attached to them are equally so.” GPK Boys is a show about all things Garbage Pail Kids. They plan to dig into the latest news and collector culture, and highlight the amazing things that make being a part of the GPK community so much fun. Each episode features an interview with a collector or an artist, plus a whole segment of GPK Talk where the boys throw down their OG knowledge and opinions about these epically gross and awesome trading cards.

The second episode launched today! Mike describes the episode as, “The GPK Boys drop their second episode on Easter Sunday, packed with an in-depth review of the bootleg OS16 box, a discussion about the controversial BTS Shammy Awards card, and an exclusive interview with Topps artist Adam Dobrzeniecki.” Collectors can view all episodes and subscribe to the GPK Boys show on their YouTube Page.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 3

Better late than never. After ending over a week ago, Topps finally revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 3. The set sold 511 copies. That number is down slightly from the first two sets in March, but falls right in line with the majority of sets. So how about the March Week 4 set? After 51 weeks, the forth set from March was scheduled to be the final set in the Bizarre Holidays year long series. However, Topps has not launched the set. Artwork for the set was completed by the original planned release date of 3/23, but now two weeks have come and gone with no GPK releases. No one is willing to talk about why the set hasn’t been released. Topps has not responded to a request from GPKNews on a reason why the set wasn’t launched. Collectors are left to speculate on why the set hasn’t launch, and when/if it will.

Pre-order Available for GPK x WWE The Loyal Subjects Figures

The Loyal Subjects Garbage Paul Kids x WWE figures that have been teased for a few weeks now, are available to preorder on Walmart’s website. There are four figures in the collection. Savage Randy, Gigantic Andre, Seething Steve, and Unraveled Warrior are each available for $16.99. The company used previous artwork from Joe Simko and Brent Engstrom and turned that into full figures. The figures will only be available in Walmart stores and online. Walmart’s website lists 7/1/21 as the live date for the figures.

Pinfinity Set to Launch GPK x Madballs Pin Sets

Earlier this year, Topps and Cloudco announced a partnership that would see the launch of cards and products related to a Garbage Paul Kids x Madballs crossover. Collectors will soon get the chance to add those products to their collections. First to market looks to be Pinfinity, who is set to launch three pin sets for the mashup. Last week Pinfinity added an early access notification page for the pins to their website, where collectors can be notified when the pins will be available. The pins are titled Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids. Each of the pin sets will come with one GPK pin and one Madballs pin. The pins are Oculus Orbus vs. Starrin Darren, Sy Clops vs. Horn Head, and Lock Lips vs. Adam Bomb. Just like the rest of their pins, the Madballs vs GPK collection will come to life with Augmented Reality experiences when scanned with their free-to-download Pinfinity app. The pins will only be available to purchase on Pinfinity’s website. Each pin set will sell for $19.99. The pins will be available starting April 15, 2021. This is just the first of what will be many products throughout spring and summer for GPK and Madballs fans.

GPK Nation Debuts New Merchandise Logo as Pin Set

GPK Nation is back with with new officially licensed products for collectors. After a few weeks with the weekly pin launches, the company is ready with some new products. Set to arrive this Tuesday, 3/30 at 1:00 PM EST will be a 3 pin set featuring a new Garbage Paul Kids merchandise logo. This will be the debut of a logo that Topps plans to use on future licenses merchandise products. Additionally, the next weekly pin, Beth Death, will also launch at the same time.

Collectors can also still purchased the latest coin. In a surprise launch this past Saturday the company launched a large 3 inch Adam Bomb coin. The gray coin is limited to /50 copies. There will eventually be 6 different color versions of the coin offered. This first version is still available for $29.99 on GPK Nation. Get it now before it disappears.

Topps Reveals Print Run For 2021 Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards

Controversy sells. After ending yesterday, Topps revealed the print run of 2021 Garbage Pail Kids The Shammy Awards. The set sold a total of 1426 copies. The sales is nearly 1000 more than last year’s Shammy set. Despite Topps pulling the BTS cards from the set, and offering refunds to anyone wanted it, the set still pulled in great sales. Wether it was the controversy around the set, or just the recent surge in demand for GPK, Topps has to be happy with the sales results of this yearly set.

Details on Garbage Pail Kids Collector Club Set 1 Trash Can-Didates

Members of Topps’ Garbage Paul Kids Collector’s Club have begun receiving shipping notices for the first set of the club. Topps has posted some information on their website. The GPK Collector Club now has its own page under the clubs section of the website. Within that section are details on the first set, Trash Can-Didates. The set appears to be cards of the characters that ran for election of the club. The checklist shows 20 cards and 1 header card. The description of the set reads:

Nat Nerd for a “Kinder, Gentler GPK Nation.” This was not an easy election for Nat to win, by any means. Even after they misspelled his name on the web he continued to show who should be club president.  Many classic characters came out to be a part of the election process but couldn’t overtake the biggest Nerd of all. Congratulations to Nat Nerd for winning the first ever GPK Collectors Club election. Here is a list of the losers who couldn’t cut it.

Sets should be arriving in members mailboxes any day. Here is a copy of the checklist in PDF form.


The Loyal Subjects Shares Images of Upcoming GPK x WWE Figures

The Loyal Subjects shared images of their upcoming figures for their GPK x WWE mashup on their Instagram account. The figures are shows in their packaging, and include a display within the box. The company is releasing four figures, Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Andre the Giant. The figures will be sold at Wal-Mart only. While a release date hasn’t been announced, the company’s Instagram say they would be released very soon.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 2

The weekly holidays sets are almost complete, and collectors continue to make sure their sets are complete. After ending Tuesday, Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays Mar. Week 2. The set sold a total of 547 copies. This is up slightly from the previous week, and right in line with what recent sets have been doing. We are almost finished! Only two sets remain!