2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s Explained

It seems just like yesterday we were busting into packs of Oh the Horror-ible. It’s been 4 months since the last retail release. Topps is back with 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s. The newest set from Topps is a sequel of sorts from their popular set from last year on the 80’s. This time all the cards are based off of popular culture items from the 1990’s. Collectors really enjoyed both sets last year in 2018. Will collectors enjoy the first set of 2019 as much? Topps is again sticking to the same formula they have for the last few years. The base set is broken down into 9 themes this time, and has been increased to 220 cards. This matches some of the sets from a few years ago for highest number of base cards. I will have articles coming in the next few days looking at production numbers. However, one important thing to take note of, odds for the parallels appear to be inflated by double or more. To see the official Topps checklist click here. For now here is what you can find, and where you can find it in 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s.

(Note: I will continue to update this post as new information comes to light and any new parallels/inserts are found.)

  • Base Set – 220 total cards made up of 9 different subsets.
    • 90’s Cartoon & Comics Sticker (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • 90’s Fads Sticker (10a/b – 20 cards)
    • 90’s Fashion Sticker (9a/b – 18 cards)
    • 90’s Films Sticker (20a/b – 40 cards)
    • 90’s Music & Celebrities Sticker (8a/b – 16 cards)
    • 90’s Politics & News Sticker (9a/b – 18 cards)
    • 90’s Toys Sticker (18a/b – 36 cards)
    • 90’s TV Sticker (20a/b – 40 cards)
    • 90’s Video Games Sticker (6a/b – 12 cards)
  • Parallel Sets – Same exact cards from the Base set, except with a different speckled color border.
    • Bruised Border (Dark Blue/Black) – 1:1 – Collector (220 Cards)
    • Spit Border (Light Blue) /99 – 1:5 – Collector (220 Cards)
    • Bloody Nose Border (Red) /75 – 1:6 – Collector (220 Cards)
    • Fool’s Gold Border (Gold) /50 – 1:87 – Retail/Hobby/Collector, 1:76 Retail Fat Packs (220 Cards)
    • Puke Border (Green) – 1:1 – Retail/Hobby (220 Cards)
    • Jelly Border (Purple) – 1:1 – Retail Fat Packs (220 Cards)
    • Phlegm Border (Yellow) – 1:8 – Retail/Hobby Packs (220 Cards)
    • Printing Plates – 1:559 Collector, 1:1208 Blaster, 1:1221 Hobby/Retail, 1:402 Retail Fat Packs (440 Total Plates – 4 per card artwork)
  • Insert Sets – All the various insert subsets that can be found in packs.
    • 90’s Wax Pack Parodies – 1:24 – Collector (10 Cards)
    • Classic 90’s Stickers – 1:3 – Retail/Hobby (10a/b – 20 Cards)
    • Wacky Pails – 2 Per Retail Fat Pack (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Bathroom Buddies – 3 Per Blaster Box (19-22a/b – 8 Total Cards)
    • Patch Card /50 – 1:50 – Collector (10a/b – 20 Total Cards)
    • Artist Autograph /25 – 1:89 Collector, 1:190 Hobby/Retail/Blaster, 1:64 Retail Fat Packs (110 Total Cards – 1 per card artwork)
    • Sketch Card – 1:279 Hobby/Retail/Fat Packs, 1:256 Blaster, (56 Artists)
    • Shaped Sketch – 1:160 – Collector (56 Artists)
    • Triptych Sketch – 1:480 – Collector (56 Artists)
    • Loaded Sketch – 1:114 – Blaster Box (56 Artists)
    • Panoramic Sketch Cards – 1:656 – Retail Fat Packs (56 Artists)

Collector Pack Odds for 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s

Happy Release Day! Today is the official release day for 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s. Target jumped the gun on putting retail packs on the shelves last week. Today many hobby shops and online dealers will have Collector boxes available for sale. Thanks to GPK collector Ke We and ebay seller cardgarys for sending along the odds on the packs. When looking at these take note of some errors. 1) Topps has odds listed Dual Artist Panoramic Sketches on the packs. There are no dual artist panos in this set. They did however leave off the Tryptych sketches. I’m guessing the listed odds should be for those. 2) It also appears the odds for the parallels are overstated at least by double. More information is needed to confirm, but much like the listed odds on the retail packs, parallels are falling at a higher rate than stated. I’ll have much more on that and production numbers in upcoming articles. Here are the Collector pack odds.

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Collector Pack Odds

  • Spit 1:5
  • Bloody Nose 1:6
  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:559
  • Artist Autograph 1:89
  • 90’s Wax Pack Parodies 1:24
  • Patch Card 1:50
  • Shaped Sketch 1:160
  • Dual Artist Panoramic Sketch (Tryptych) 1:480


GPK the Game Mobile Game Update, Development Continues

In late December the team behind the upcoming mobile game, GPK the Game, sent out a newsletter to their mailing list to update fans on their progress. In the newsletter the company mentioned the successful community game testing that was a result of a contest they ran last October. They pointed out the feedback they received was fantastic and helped them learn more what fans want. In fact when reached for comment from GPKNews, they responded that, “The community testers offered helpful feedback and we are grateful for the time and energy they put into the game. Because it was so successful, we are hoping to open up another community testing session in the near future.” Keep your eyes open for a possible future announcement on community testing.

One bit of disappointing news for GPK fans coming from that newsletter was the announcement that the release window for the game has slipped to Q2 2019. When first announced, Jago was shooting for a late 2018 release. After a few months they starting mentioning a Q1 2019 release, and now after testing, are shooting for Q2 2019. This is common in the video game industry. Many times you’ll notice release dates slip on games. The good news is it appears Jago is using this time to improve the game. They told GPKNews, “As we stated in our monthly GPK newsletter, our focus is on creating the best experience possible for fans of the GPK brand, even if that takes a bit more time. We are currently testing the game in smaller territories before worldwide launch and, with each game update, our development team is learning more about what players want from the game. And, as any game developer will tell you, release dates are never guaranteed until the day the game is actually released.  We want to make sure it delivers on the promise. We are glad people are eager for the game and we look forward to launching it.”

The studio will also be asking fans their preference in various game dynamic such as characters, graphics, features, and effects. In their first monthly question the studio wants to know which pack of these three people like the most. You can head over to GPK the Game’s Facebook page now to vote.


Retail Pack Odds for 2019S1 GPK We hate the 90’s

Updated 1/12: Added below are also the odds for Retail Display boxes. These 24 pack boxes are also marketed by Topps as Hobby boxes. Two important updates based in early observations:

  1. Yellow Phlegm borders are in the product. After being in the Blasters in Oh the Horror-ible, this time around they are in the Retail Display packs.
  2. The odds, especially for parallels, and perhaps other hits, appear to be overstated by double. For example the Yellow Phlegm borders are listed as 1:8 packs. However, in my first box, I pulled 6 yellows. Meaning the real odds would be 1:4. This makes the hugely overstated odds for Gold borders make a lot more sense. If you cut them in half it puts the odds in line with the previous release.

I’ll have a lot of observations on odds and production numbers in future articles. In the meantime scroll dow not see the odds for the Retail Display/Hobby boxes.

Original article:

It might still be five days before official release date, but collectors have started finding retail packs of 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s in stores. Multiple collectors have reported that Target stores in their area have stocked and sold them both Jumbo Fat packs and Blaster boxes. Thanks to GPK collector Ken Reese and ebay seller dbn077 for sending along pictures of the pack odds.

Once again there are no Target Gravity Feed boxes of the new series available. It appears the odds are a little all over the place on the new series. Usually the odds for Jumbo Fat packs are about 1/2 of a blaster back since they contains double the base cards. That is not the case this time. In addition the odds for most of the hits are considerably harder than previous releases. For example compared to Oh the Horror-ible, gold border odds are double for blasters and almost 4x higher on fat packs. Sketch odds are 3x higher on fat packs, but fairly close on blaster packs. Artist autos are also double on blasters, but only slighter higher on fat packs. This would usually indicate that production would be way up. However, there is one key thing to look at. Blasters are the only packs to come with Loaded Sketches, and fat packs are the only pack to come with Panoramic sketches. The odds for those compared to the last series are not that far off. In fact odds for pano sketches are actually easier, while loaded sketches have slightly harder odds. Does this mean Topps put all the hits into Collector and Hobby/Retail display boxes? Or are the listed odds not correct? We will have to wait to find out until those other pack types hit the streets.

One other important note. There are no Yellow Phlegm border odds listed on blaster packs. Also, based on feedback from collectors that have opened packs, they are not pulling them. Did Topps remove the yellow parallel from the set?

I’ll have my usual rundown of the production numbers in the coming days once all pack odds are in. In the meantime here are the odds for Blaster and Jumbo Fat packs.

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Blaster Pack/Box Odds

  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:1208
  • Artist Autograph 1:190
  • Regular Sketch 1:256
  • Loaded Puzzle Sketch 1:114 (Blaster Boxes)

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Fat Pack Retail Odds

  • Fools Gold 1:76
  • Printing Plate 1:402
  • Artist Autograph 1:64
  • Regular Sketch 1:279
  • Panoramic Sketch 1:656

2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Retail Display Odds

  • Phlegm 1:8
  • Fools Gold 1:87
  • Printing Plate 1:1221
  • Artist Autograph 1:190
  • Classic 90’s 1:3
  • Regular Sketch 1:279


Topps Reveals Print Run for 2018 GPK Stranger Kids Set

Remember back three months ago to the New York Comic Con? Seems like forever. That’s when Topps debuted their Garbage Pail Kids and Stranger Things crossover set, 2018 GPK Stranger Kids set. The set was sold first at NYCC as separate 20 card “A” & “B” sets. Customers purchasing both sets at NYCC received one of four show exclusive cards. After the show was over Topps listed both 20 card sets on topps.com, again priced at $20 each. In an uncharacteristic move, the sale lasted for 90 days! Well that sale finally ended this week. Topps revealed the print run of both sets. According to Topps, the “A” set sold 688 copies, while the “B” set sold 566. What is not known is if that total includes NYCC sales, or just online sales. GPKNews has reached out to Topps to clarify, if they respond this article will be updated. Topps has not revealed the print run information for the NYCC show exclusive cards. This puts the GPK Stranger Kids set as one of the highest produced GPK online sets to date. It will be interesting to see if we see a series 2 of this down the line.


Gross Card Con Will Be Biggest GPK Event Yet

This year’s Las Vegas Gross Card Con event is shaping up to be the biggest event yet for Garbage Pail Kids collectors. This will be the 4th GCC, and 3rd to be held in Vegas. As usual, this year’s event will be part of the larger Vegas ToyCon. The ToyCon is moving venues once again. This year’s event will be held at the WestGate Convention Center at the WestGate Hotel & Casino from March 1-3. The new venue should allow for less of an obstacle course experience compared to last year’s event. The event is considered by collectors the yearly “national” show for GPK collectors. There will be the largest group ever of GPK artists attending the show. If history is any indication there will be also be a few hundred GPK collectors from around the world attending the show. This is your chance to put names to faces of the artists and collectors you talk with on a daily basis online. If you’ve never been, here’s a little of what you can expect.


As of press time there are 17 former, current, and sketch artists set to attend the show. This will be the largest group of GPK artists in one place to date. These twelve artists that attended last year’s Vegas GCC are set to come back; Tom Bunk, Brent Engstrom, Joe Simko, David Gross, Laryon DeJarnette, Smokin’ Joe McWilliams, Mark Pingitore, Jeff Zapata, Michael Barnard, Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Chad Scheres, and Jon Gregory. In addition five sketch artists will also be in attendance including Shane Garvey, Barry Nygma, Shawn Cruz, David Acevedo, and Jay O’Leary. The artists will have final artwork, official and personal sketches, prints, personal card projects, and much more available for sale at the show. They are also all very approachable and willing to chat with GPK fans during the show.


Every GCC has a few special events for collectors. Once again there will be an open seminar with some of the artists doing a question and answer session during the show. Want to eat with your favorite artists? VIP ticket holders will be able to have breakfast with the artists Saturday morning. While Sunday’s breakfast with the artists is open to everyone. A Saturday evening social event will also be held at the International Bar inside the WestGate Casino. This is a great relaxed time to spend with artists and collectors.

Show Exclusive Card Sets

As always there will once again be some show exclusive cards available. Many of the artists attending are busy working on the artwork that will be featured in this sets. The sets are put together and sold by Clint Coleman of GPK & Wacky Warehouse. They will be available at his booth during the show. Expect some surprises for some collectors purchasing the sets. Some artists have already started showing off their cards for the sets!


Collectors have a few options when it comes to tickets. Those wanting an all in one pass to everything the show offers might be interested in the Super VIP pass. For $1000 you get 3 nights hotel at the Westgate, early admission to the show, and lots of show exclusive swag. Part of the package includes a GPK themed car, and an autographed copy of the 30 Years of Garbage documentary. Gold and Silver VIP passes are also available for a fraction of the cost. Those passes don’t include hotel or most of the swag, but you still get early admission to the show and other perks. There are also individual and weekend passes available. Go to the Vegas ToyCon website to check out and purchase various ticket options. Alternatively, you should consider checking out Groupon where there are already deals up on individual and weekend passes.


Topps Releases 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We hate the 90’s Checklist

With just one week to go before the release date of 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s, today Topps released the official checklist. There have been a few changes compared to the sell sheet. The base set contains 220 cards, (110 with a/b versions). This matches the previous high of some earlier sets like the 30th anniversary set.. The subset format is of course back. In total there are 9 subsets in the base set. The base subsets are:

  • 90’s Cartoons & Comics (20 cards/10 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Fads (20 cards/10 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Fashion (18 cards/9 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Films (40 cards/20 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Music & Celebrities (16 cards/8 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Politics & News (18 cards/9 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Toys  (36 cards/18 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s TV (40 cards/20 w/ a/b versions)
  • 90’s Video Games (12 cards/6 w/ a/b versions)

The rest of the checklist varies slightly from the sell sheet. The one per box Collector only “bonus” 90’s Wax Pack Parodies, will once again have 10 cards in the set. Blasters will once again feature Bathroom Buddies. However, unlike the last set there are 8 cards this time. The 20 card Classic 90’s insert set can be found in Hobby/Retail display boxes. The Classic set was originally advertised as 10 cards, and according to Topps will appear in Hobby/Retail Display boxes. Patch cards return to Collector boxes. The set will once again have the same 20 cards that are found in the Classic 90’s set. Finally, the Wacky Pails 20 card insert will be found in Jumbo Fat Retail packs.

Topps also has revealed the artists for the set. This time nine artists completed finals for the set; Brent Engstrom, David Gross, Joe Simko, JungHwa Im, Layron DeJarnette, Maran Kim, Neil Camera, Fred Wheaton, and Smokin Joe McWilliams. Topps also revealed the sketch artist list. A total of 56 artists completed sketches for the set. The complete checklist for 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s can be found here in PDF version.


Pack and Blaster Images Surface for 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s

Thanks to GPK sketch artist Quinton Baker for sending these over. They appear to be mockup images of the pack and Blaster box for 2019 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 90’s. He actually found the images on a mobile app called “verydice”. The cards are listed as possible prizes for the game. I’m not sure if these are the final images for the product, but they appear to be legit. You’ll never know where GPK will surface. 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s is set to release Jan. 16th.


2019 Series 1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Sketch Card Preview

We are less than two weeks away from the next GPK release, 2019 Series 1 GPK We Hate the 90’s. Sadly there have not been many sketch previews posted by artists. After the leadership change at Topps last year, sketch artists are discouraged from showing off sketches until release date of the set. I’ll continue my soapbox here, this is a shortsighted decision by Topps. This is free publicity they are missing out on. This also hurts the artist who can use these previews to attract future commission work. However, being the GPK artists that they are, a few have begun showing off some of their work. While we don’t have much currently, I expect more will start show up during this next week. Continue to follow this post up until release date, and I’ll add sketch previews as I find them. So far 57 artists are confirmed to have completed sketches for the upcoming set. Below is a few of the examples that have been shown so far. (Note that all sketches must be approved by Topps before being inserted into packs. Also, Topps will hold sketches back for replacements.) All photos courtesy of the artist, their Facebook page and/or website. 2019S1 GPK We Hate the 90’s will hit stores on 1/16/19.

Updated 1/8/19 (Showing sketch previews from 18 of 57 confirmed artists.) Continue reading 2019 Series 1 GPK We Hate the 90’s Sketch Card Preview


GreenLight Collectibles to Offer GPK Die-Cast Cars in 2019

GreenLight Collectibles, a company that specializes in both custom and licensed die-cast cars will be offering an officially licensed GPK themed line of cars coming later this year. The website ZA3collectibles.com has a mock-up image of the packaging. Two packages are shown. One is a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am themed after the Riot Festus GPK card. The second is a 1974 Ford F-250 Monster Truck based off the Buck Truck GPK card. The packaging states this is Series 1 of the “Limited Edition” cars. The packaging also comes with a peel-able sticker. GPKNews reached out to GreenLight for comment. The company confirmed the license deal with Topps, and said they would have more information at a later date. According to ZA3Collectibles the cars will be launching in the Fall of 2019.