GPK Guide to New York Comic Con

This week’s New York Comic Con is set to have a big Garbage Pail Kids presence. The show is set to take place Oct. 5-8 at the Javits Center. Topps, Santa Cruz, 30 Years of Garbage, and Wish Factory will all have heavy GPK presence. Read on for what you can expect and where to find it!

As usual Topps will have a booth at NYCC this year. Topps skipped GPK at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con, but GPK is back for NYCC in a big way. Topps has big plans on Saturday for GPK. For the first time since 2014, Topps will be handing out a promo card for 2017S2 GPK Battle of the Bands. Topps will hand out the Katy Perry parody on Saturday to show goers, while supplies last. GPK artist Joe Simko will also be signing the promo cards on Saturday from 1:30 – 2:30 at the booth. Topps will also announced they will be busting GPK boxes on Saturday at the show. You can find Topps at booth #454.

Santa Cruz skateboard company will be selling their blind bag GPK themed skateboard decks at the show. Set to officially launch on 10/9, collectors can get their hands on these boards at Topps’ booth (#454). Santa Cruz artist Pitchgrim posted on Facebook that Santa Cruz will have 400 boards on hand to sell. As a special bonus only for the show, each board purchased will come with an exclusive Heaving Hand enamel pin.

The excellent GPK documentary 30 Years of Garbage will also be featured at the show. Directors Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata will be interviewed on the NYCC Livestage, booth #174, Sunday at 12:00.

Wish Factory will also be at this year’s New York Comic Con in booth #243 selling their Kawaii Cubes plushes. They will have both the small (2 inch) for $5 and medium (4 inch) for $10 GPK plushes available for sale at their booth.

Creepy Co., another Topps GPK licensee, will be sharing a booth at NYCC with Toy Tokyo (#588/688). They will not have any GPK merchandise at the show, instead focusing on their My Pet Monster line. But the company is offering discount cards to show goers. They also would love to hear from GPK collectors at the show, be sure to stop by and say hi.

If you are going to the show, keep your eyes open for all the GPK goodness!


Topps to Offer GPK Promo Card at New York Comic Con

Topps today announced their plans for this weekend’s New York Comic Con. Held right in Topps’ backyard, they usually have a large presence at the show. This year will be no exception. This will be a change after GPK was left out of San Diego Comic Con this year. Topps announced that there will be a 2017 Series 2 GPL Battle of the Bands promo card given out Saturday, while supplies last. This is the first time Topps is offering a GPK Promo card since 2014. The card, painted by Joe Simko, features a parody of Katy Perry. In addition to passing out the card, artist Joe Simko will be at the Topps booth on Saturday from 1:30-2:30 signing copies of the card. Topps also said they will be busting boxes of products throughout the show, including GPK on Saturday. GPK collectors will want to hit up the show on Saturday.


Creepy Co. Teases GPK Pin for Halloween

Creepy Co. today announced they will be adding another Garbage Pail Kids enamel pin to their collection just in time for Halloween. The pin appears to be based on Duncan Pumpkin from OS4. The company says release details will be revealed next week.


Wish Factory Launches Kawaii Cubes GPK Plushes

Wish Factory, the company behind the Kawaii Cube brand is back in the GPK market. Earlier this year the company launched its GPK Poser line of bendable figures. The company has now launched Kawaii Cubes Garbage Pail Kids plushes. The plushes are available in both small (2″ x 2″ x 2″) and medium (4″ x 4″ x 4″) sizes. The company says the plushes are now available at Target stores nationwide. They are offering 6 different characters; Adam Bomb, Mad Mike, Hot Scott, Clark Can’t, Tee Tee Stevie, and New Wave Dave. These are the same characters offered as part of the poser’s line, with the addition of Clark Can’t.

The company shared with GPK News that Series 1 of the Poser line will be the only one launched. Plans for Series 2 Posers have been scraped. In addition to finding the plushes at Target, the company will be at this year’s New York Comic Con in booth #243. They will have the small ($5) and medium ($10) plushes available at the show. The company hopes to have these for sale on their website in about a month. Here are pictures of the plushes.


2018S1 GPK We Hate the 80’s to Include The Goldbergs Autos

Blowout Buzz was first to reveal earlier today that 2018S1 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 80’s will include autos from the cast of The Goldbergs TV show. Creator Adam Goldberg previously was featured in the 30th anniversary set. Now a large part of the cast will be included with autos. Here is the list of autos you can expect to find.

  • — Adam F. Goldberg, series creator, writer and executive producer
  • — Sean Giambrone as Adam F. Goldberg
  • — Patton Oswalt as the voice of adult Adam F. Goldberg
  • — Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg
  • — Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg
  • — Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg
  • — Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg
  • — George Segal as Albert “Pops” Solomon
  • — Bryan Callen as Coach Rick Mellor

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Classic Online Set

That mystery online set that Topps has been planning for a while now is finally out. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Classic online set. The 40 card set features 20 new cards with a/b variations. The set is being sold under the Topps On Demand banner which has had various sets from other non sport brands. Topps did not preview any additional cards as part of the set. (Update: Topps has now posted an image showing all cards.) All artwork for the set was completed by Brent Engstrom and Joe Simko. The set comes with one random sketch card. The set is available for purchase for $99.99. There is also a bundle version of 12 sets available for $1,149. Topps says the set will be on sale for 7 days or while supplies last. Shipping is free in the US, while international shipping is $10. Topps does not say they will release the print run numbers. The max numbers of sets available for purchase is 100 sets.

For the first time Topps released an official list of sketch card artists. The list is much larger than the 25 names first thought. A total of 32 artists completed sketches for the set. They are; K. GRiMM, Daniel Goodroad, Jamison King, Rickey Kipfer II, J. David Acevedo, Joey Fitchett, Matt Stewart, J. Hammond, Matt Maldonado, Neil Camera, Kecker, Wilson Ramos, Chad Scheres, Bobby Blakey, Magnus VonRobotsson, Michael Barnard, Matt Steffens, Pat Chaimuang, Kelly Greider, Lily Z. Mercado, Jasmine Contois, Cecilia Granata, John Monserrat, Jason Crosby, Patrick Giles, Chenduz, Rory McQueen, Simone Arena, Robert ‘el smetcho’ Garcia, Kevin Lea, Rich Molinelli, Brent Scotchmer.

Here is a checklist of the cards included in the set:

  • 5 a) KAY KEYS/5 b) GRANT PIANO
  • 9 a) JAKE EYES/9 b) SNAKE IRA
  • 10 a) RED JED/10 b) BABY’S GOT MACK
  • 12 a) VEGE T. ABEL/12 b) EATIN’ ETHAN
  • 16 a) DAM SAM/16 b) TOOTH RUTH
  • 17 a) GOOD & EVIN/17 b) BAD CHAD
  • 19 a) CRUST A. SEAN/19 b) CRACKED ZACK
  • 20 a) PEARL E. WHITES/20 b) DENNY- TURES

Topps Teases Garbage Pail Kids Classic Online Set

We’ve been talking about the soon to come online set GPK Classic for a few weeks now. Today Topps finally begin teasing the Garbage Pail Kids Classic online set. In a post on their GPK Facebook Page, Topps posted two images of cards and announced the set will be coming tomorrow! This is much sooner than anticipated, as sketch cards from artists were not due back to Topps until today. If the set does launch tomorrow, more than likely it will be a few days until it ships. While the number of base cards is unknown, the cards were painted by Brent Engstrom and Joe Simko. Both the cards in the teaser were done by Engstrom. Topps posted two examples as part of their tease. There is no word yet from Topps how the set will be distributed or pricing information. As soon as Topps posts the set online tomorrow, we will bring you all the details.



Santa Cruz Details GPK Themed Skateboard Deck Launch

Last May skateboard resellers begin taking pre-orders for Garbage Pail Kids themed decks made by Santa Cruz Skateboards. Santa Cruz’s license with Topps doesn’t stop at boards, they are also offering GPK themed t-shirts. This week on their website, Santa Cruz released some details on these blind bag decks.  In the video posted below, Santa Cruz Brand Manager, Andrew Cannon, opened up five of these blind bags and revealed what could be found inside. As released earlier collectors will be able to find 9 different types of skateboard decks all varying in rarity. The seven most common decks feature Adam Bomb, or variations like Hazardous Hand and Radioactive Rob.

As detailed in the video, the final two types of decks are both 1of1 varieties. There are 24 Artist Boards randomly inserted in the run. These 1of1 boards were hand painted by the following Santa Cruz artists; Jimbo Phillips, Tallboy, Pitchgrim, Horsebites, Suzanne Fiore, Keith Haupt, Aye Jay, Esayde, Pseudo5, Bart Saric, Tyler Emanuel, Lucas Musgrave, Ted Cocuzza, Ben Raney and Funeral French.

There are also 40 Background Boards. These are also 1of1’s that feature the classic Adam Bomb character but the backgrounds are all different.

In addition to the decks, collectors will also get an exclusive GPK card of Hazardous Hand, as well as a Heaving Hand sticker. The artwork for both the card and sticker was done by Santa Cruz artist “Pitchgrim” Cody Melick.

Santa Cruz has not revealed what the print run or odds of the various decks are. The GPK themed decks and t-shirts are set to be released from retailers on 10/9/17.


2017 Garbage Pail Kids Classic Sketch Card Preview

While there has been no official announcement around the Garbage Pail Kids Classic online set, the work still continues. So far 32 artists have been confirmed to be working on sketches for the set. The deadline for artists to return sketches to Topps is 9/27. Some artists have already completed their sketches and are starting to show them off. Look for more artists to show sketches in the next couple of weeks. I will keep a running post below as artists share sketches. (Note that all sketches must be approved by Topps before being inserted into packs. Also, Topps will hold sketches back for replacements.) All photos courtesy of the artist, their Facebook page and/or website.

Updated 9/27/17 (Showing sketch previews from 14 of 32 confirmed artists.)
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30 Years of Garbage Now Available Online

The 30 Years of Garbage GPK documentary has hit another milestone. Wednesday, 9/20, marked the movie’s official release date for streaming services online. You can now get all your GPK history from just about any device! All the services below have the movie available to rent or buy digitially. Prices vary by service, so make sure to shop around. Here are the current offerings:

  • Apple iTunes: Rent – $5.99(SD/HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • VUDU: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Fandango Now: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $11.99(SD/HD)
  • Amazon Video: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Steam: Rent – $4.99(HD) Purchase – $12.99(HD)
  • FIOS On Demand: Rent – $4.99(SD)/$5.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)
  • Google Play: Rent – $3.99(SD) Purchase – $9.99(HD)
  • YouTube: Rent – $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(HD)
  • Microsoft Store: $3.99(SD)/$4.99(HD) Purchase – $9.99(SD/HD)

The movie has been ranked as high as 35th in the documentary category on the iTunes Movie store. Indican says the movie should be available on all cable systems across the country. Right now Spectrum/TWC and FIOS TV seem to be the only major cable provider offering the movie. Be sure to check your local cable company for listings. The movie is not yet available yet on all-in-one services like Hulu and Netflix.

Indican says the physical DVD release of the movie is set for next week. Right now Indican’s online store, Target, and Amazon have links up when the listings go live. Expect the movie to be available at many more retailers when its released.

Meanwhile, 30 Years of Garbage continues its run on the big screen. The movie has been out now in theaters for six weeks. Tracking website shows the movie has continued to be tracked in only 2 theaters in each week of release. After the initial week the movie has continued to perform consistently averaging about $2,000 per week in ticket sales. So far to date the movie has grossed $16,333.