Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #3

Another day, another new card in Topps’ latest GPK online set. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #3 Pop Ira. Artwork for today’s card was done by artist Brent Engstrom. As with the previous two cards, each card can be purchased for $7.99, or in lots of 5 for $27.99, 10 for $44.99, or 20 for $74.99. Shipping is free when selecting the SmartPost option. The card will be on sale for 24 hours on Topps will reveal the print run after the end of the sale.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #2

It’s day two in the brand new online daily GPK cards set from Topps. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #2 Eccentric Elon. Artwork for the card was done by artist Smokin Joe McWilliams. Pricing for the card is the same as yesterday’s card. One copy of the card can be purchased for $7.99, or in lots of 5 for $27.99, 10 for $44.99, or 20 for $74.99. Shipping is free with the SmartPost option. The card will be available for sale on for 24 hours. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays

Collectors were stuffing themselves with GPK before the holidays begin! It took just three days for the latest On Demand GPK release to sell out. Today Topps officially revealed the print run for On Demand #22 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays. The set sold 1304 copies. This sets a new record for online set sales. This set breaks the record just set with the GPK x NYC Takeover set. Based on sketches completed by artists there should have been a few more sets sold. However, Topps is probably holding back a handful of sketches for replacements. With a print run of 1304 base sets it puts the parallel print runs at; 195 green, 130 red, 65 snowflake, and 130 of each 5×7 poster. Collectors can expect the On Demand formula to return in 2020.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #1

Just when you thought Topps was done with daily online GPK cards, Topps surprises everyone. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst Walking Joaquin #1. After abandoning daily GPK cards in the summer of 2017, Topps is trying them again. Topps is planning on releasing daily cards for the next four weeks. The set celebrates all the wackiest moments in 2019. Artwork for the set is being completed by Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, David Gross, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. Today’s first card was completed by artist Joe Simko. Back in 2017 collectors had tired of the numerous daily offerings and subpar rushed art by former Topps artists, and some of the last cards only sold in the double digits. Topps has done very well selling GPKs with the On Demand formula launched in 2018, and have set records for online sales throughout 2019. So it’s surprising Topps is going back to trying the daily sales method. Each of the new cards can be purchased for $7.99 each or in lots of 5 for $27.99, 10 for $44.99 or 20 for $74.99. Shipping is free with the SmartPost option. Each card is available for 24 hours on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of each sale.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays

Update 11/24/19 – Sometime in the last few hours the set has sold out at Topps.

As promised, today Topps launched On Demand #22 Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the Holidays online set. The 20 card base set features 10 new paintings available in a/b name versions. Artists Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, David Gross, and Joe McWilliams each completed cards for the set. Each set purchased from Topps also comes with three green parallels, two red parallels, and 1 new snowflake parallel. There doesn’t appear to be any C names this time. For the first time each set also includes a foldable 5×7 poster. There will be 10 different posters in the set, 1 for each ‘a’ name. There is also a 1:2 chance to pull a sketch card. The set is available for $40 on for the next 7 days or until sold out. Shipping is free with the SmartPost option. The max number of sets per order is 50. Topps will post the print run of the set at the end of the sale.

According to the checklist there were 17 artists that completed sketch cards for the set. These artists completed sketches for the set, Shane Garvey (50), David gross (30), Joey Fitchett (50), GPKNic (30), Joe Grotesque (30), Jasmine Contois (50), Dan Contois (50), Antony Skubis (50), and Robert Jimenez (30), Gavin Williams (50), Brent Engstrom (20), Chenduz (50), Jason Crosby (50), Joe McWilliams (30), Rich Molinelli (50), Darrin Pepe (16), and Neil Camera (50). Once I hear back from all artists, I can figure out print run info. There are 686 total sketches completed by artists for the set. This means there are 1372 possible base card sets if it sells out. Based on the math there are 205 of each green parallel, 137 of each red parallel, 68 of each snowflake parallel, and 137 of each 5×7 poster.

Here is a checklist along with pictures of some of the cards.

Base Cards
1a/1b – Cranky Frankie/Bad Brad (Joe Simko)
2a/2b – Bony Jonie/Thin Lynn (Joe McWilliams)
3a/3b – Ailtin’ Al/ Mauled Paul (Brent Engstrom)
4a/4b – New Wave Dave/Graffiti Petey (Joe Simko)
5a/5b – Boozin Bruce/Drunk Ken (Brent Engstrom)
6a/6b – Nasty Nick/Evil Eddie (David Gross)
7a/7b – Wrappin’ Ruth/Tommy Tomb (David Gross)
8a/8b – Up Chuck/Heavin Steven (Joe McWilliams)
9a/9b – Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy (Brent Engstrom)
10a/10b – Fryin’ Brian/Electric Bill (Joe McWilliams)

Poster Checklist
1 – Cranky Frankie
2 – Bony Jonie
3 – Ailtin’ Al
4 – New Wave Dave
5 – Boozin Bruce
6 – Nasty Nick
7 – Wrappin’ Ruth
8 – Up Chuck
9 – Adam Bomb
10 – Fryin’ Brian


Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Lives, Set Planned for 2020

Topps has big things lined up for next year’s 35th anniversary of the GPK brand. According to a 2020 retail sales product release calendar, Garbage Pail Kids Chrome is being planned for a Sept. 2020 release. GPKNews has heard from multiple sources who have seen the calendar and confirmed it’s legitimate. GPKNews has reached out to Topps for comment, and will update this article if they respond. There are no other details on the set available. Collectors have been clamoring for Chrome to return after the last chrome set, Chrome OS2, was launched in 2014.

GPK Chrome OS 1 was launched in 2013 to excitement from collectors. Topps and their retail partners overshot on the demand for OS1 Chrome, and the set was vastly overprinted. This caused hits, like Gold Refractors and Pound Autos to be tough pulls. Chrome comes with a higher retail price point, and the lack of hits caused major frustration with collectors. When Topps launched GPK Chrome OS2 the following year, the set was severely under ordered. After being burned with a lot of leftover stock from Chrome OS1, retail and hobby partners didn’t order very much of Chrome OS2. This led to a much lower production run, and plentiful hits. Collectors were happy, but Topps lost money on the set. Chrome OS3 never saw the light of day, as any plans for future Chrome GPK sets were scrapped. Soon later, the extra stock of Chrome OS 1 begun hitting the clearance isles of various online and retail card dealers. GPK collectors enjoyed $30 Chrome OS 1 hobby boxes, and hugely discounted retail chrome product. This led to a renewed excitement among collectors for the GPK Chrome product. Since that time, collectors have been asking Topps repeatedly for another GPK Chrome set. Despite being told, “no”, over and over from Topps, collectors have continued their insistence for GPK Chrome, even hijacking various Topps social media posts through the years.

It appears GPK collectors will be getting their wish. There are still a lot of questions to be answered over the next few months. Will the set be Chrome OS3? Or will Topps move in a different direction for content? Will there be any new colored refractors? Will Pound autos return? Will Topps add sketches this time to the product? In the past Chrome has come as a 12 box Hobby case, with a premium price point. Will the demand be there at launch for a more expensive product than collectors are use to? How will the pre-order demand result in drop rates for hits? These are all things collectors will be thinking about as excitement grows for the upcoming set.

Of course things could change at Topps. Until a sell sheet is released, there is no promise a set is coming out. There are times where a planned product is cancelled and not released. If the set does release in Sept., it will affect the 2020 Series 2 retail set. The calendar also shows 2020 Series 2 GPK releasing in Nov. 2020. Buckle in GPK collectors, 2020 will be an exciting ride.

Topps Announces GPK: We Hate the Holidays Set To Release Tomorrow

Topps today via their Garbage Pail Kids Facebook page, announced GPK: We Hate the Holidays set scheduled to release online tomorrow. Pictured is one piece of artwork for the set completed by Joe Simko that features Cranky Franky in a Thanksgiving gag. The set will feature classic characters in various holiday themed gags. The set will feature gags from multiple holidays. Like many of the previous online sets, it is expected this will be launched as an On Demand set with parallels and inserts. There have also been sketch cards completed for this set. Artist lists are not yet available. This article will be update with launch details once posted from Topps.

WWE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Socks

WWE continues to get their money’s worth from the license with Topps for Garbage Pail Kids. Today they launched a new line of socks. The artwork, done by Joe Simko and Brent Engstrom was preciously used on cards and other apparel. There are eight pairs of adult socks, and 6 youth socks available. The characters featured are; Steve Austin (Adult only), Rhonda Rousey (Adult Only), John Cena, Seth Rollins, Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Randy Savage, and the Rock. Each pair of socks costs $19.99. These might be the perfect stocking stuffers for the GPK collector in your life.

Artists Begin Work on 2020S1 Garbage Pail Kids Late for School Sketches

Updated 11/21 to add Sobot Cortez and GPK Nik

Topps sketch artists are hard at work once again. After staying busy with recent On Demand GPK sets, artists are now beginning work on 2020 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Late for School. Topps sent invites out late last week, and artists started getting sketch blanks in the mail this week. With a mid-January release date, Topps is really cutting things close this series. Artists were given a 12/13/19 due date for sketches. This gives artists just one month to complete sketches. This series each artist is being asked to complete 36 regular, 12 Shaped, 5 Loaded, 3 Panoramic, and 3 Tryptych sketches. Those numbers are very close to what was requested last series. With the number of artists falling this set, expect sketches to be an even tough pull than they were last series. In a bit of good news for artists, they do not have to mail in their artist returns this series. This should help to ensure a smoothly process between artists and clients for returns.

Topps is going with a dark green and red color theme for this series’ sketches. The fronts of most of the sketches feature a hunter green GPK banner,  the exception being the apple which has a red banner. Topps is going with a number of different mascots for the card backs. Stoned Sean is featured on the back of the regular sized sketch. The panoramic sketch has Cranky Franky, while the tryptych sketch has Brainy Janie and Glooey Gabe. Once again there will be two different shaped sketches. The regular garbage can version is joined by an apple with a bite out of it shaped sketch.

The total number of sketch artists is down again from the previous series. 2019S2 Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible had 51 artists. So far only 37 of the 51 have confirmed they will be returning for 2020S1 Late to School. The returning artists are; David Acevedo, Simone Arena, Rö García Astorga, Quinton Baker, Bobby Blakey, John Brewer, Neil Camera, Pat Chaimuang, Jasmine Contois, Sobot Cortez, Jason Crosby, Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Joseph Dobbins, Joey Fitchett, Shane Garvey, Patrick Giles, Daniel Goodroad, Dennis Gortakowski, Kelly Greider, Jason Heil, Robert Jimenez, Rickey Kipfer, Mike McHugh, Rory McQueen, Lily Mercado, Rich Molinelli, John Monserrat, Victor Moreno, Jay O’leary, Darrin Pepe, Chad Scheres, Brent Scotchmer, Anthony Skubis, Mike Stephens, Gregory Tilson, Gavin Williams, and Clinton Yeager. A total of 12 artists so far have declined the invite for various reasons. Some cited burnout, other projects, the tight deadline, and artist pay as reasons why they are sitting this set out. The 12 not returning are; Michael Barnard, Daniel Contois, Shawn Cruz, Jon Gregory, Simon Jacobsohn, Chris Meeks, Barry Nygma, Steve Potter, Todd Rayner, Matt Steffens, Floydman Sumner, and Dan Burn Webster. As of press time there are two artists I haven’t heard back from Dave Dabila and Ryan Moffett. There are however five artists who didn’t sketch the last set, that are coming back. They are; Emma Burges, David Gacey, Lowell Isaac, Cathy Razim, and Mangus Von Robotsson. For the first time in a long time Topps has added a new artist. GPK Nik will be making his retail sketch set debut. That brings the current total number of sketch artists to 43. If Topps doesn’t start to add new artists there will be far fewer sketches in the next set.

Artists haven’t been sharing as many previews as in the past. With the tight deadlines we might not see many previews ahead of time. 2020 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Late to School is set to release in stores on Jan. 15, 2020.

FYE Announces Garbage Pail Kids Hot Sauce

Yesterday was National Hot Sauce day. FYE is taking that to heart with their announcement that Garbage Pail Kids hot sauces will be coming soon. The sauces were first announced on their blog, but now are also showing up on their online store as coming soon. For $5.99 a bottle, collectors can get their hands on Hot Scott’s Infernal Fire or Adam Bomb’s Nuclear Meltdown sauces. There will also be Nasty Nick’s Mouth-Impaler Garlic and Fryin Ryan’s Tongue-Destroyer flavors available as well. While there is no release date announced these should be available shortly giving they are already listed in the online store.