Creepy Co. Teases New Series 3 Merchandise

Update: More info from Creepy Co. on the morning of their next GPK launch. The picture posted today sheds some more light into what’s in that OS 3 box, literally. It appears the desk light they showed yesterday is part of the box. The light will come with 4 interchangeable character covers. In addition to Adam Bomb, today’s picture shows Joe Blow, Mad Mike, and Hot Scott. They also said the box will contain a poster. No word yet on pricing. Be sure to checkout Creepy’s website tonight at 7:00 PM Central to light up your world.

Update: Creepy posted another image on their social media channels for what appears to be an Adam Bomb desk lamp. The lamp along with the Series 3 collectors box will be available tomorrow via their website.

After just releasing three new GPK shirts earlier this month, Creepy Co. is keeping the new GPK merchandise flowing. This morning via their social media channels they shared an image of a new OS 3 box collection. Previous boxes of OS 1 & 2 contained enemal pins. This time however the company says there will be different items in the box. No other details were released. It appears the launch will be this Thursday, most likely at 7:00 PM Central time. I’ll update this post as more info is released.


New Creepy Co. GPK Merchandise Coming This Week

Update: Creepy revealed the 3rd new shirt they will have available later today. Richie Retch gets added to the roster. The shirts should go live this evening at 7:00 PM Central time.

Update: This morning Creepy Co. posted they will have three new shirts available this Wednesday, including a blue OS 2 wrapper shirt.

Creepy Co. is at it again. On Friday they announced via their various social media channels there is a mini-GPK launch coming this week. The picture associated with the posts features Alien Ian. The only other hints are hashtags for #GPKminirelease, #alienian, and #marsattacks. Their GPK-mini releases usually feature only 1-2 products, usually a t-shirt with some restocks. There is no release date mentioned. Typically Creepy releases merchandise on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Central time. I will update this post throughout the week as more info becomes available.


Officially Licensed Adam Bomb Statue Coming Soon?

There is a new high end licensed Adam Bomb statue in the works, and it’s huge! The figure is still in the planning stages, and the developers are looking for feedback from the Garbage Pail Kids community on a number of topics. The figure is being developed by Hobby DB with assistance from Hobby DB is newer in the GPK scene. Their website is focused on chronicling all types of collectibles. Matt Oldweiler, owner of, is part of Hobby DB’s Advisory Council for GPKs. (Full disclosure, has a working relationship with, but has not been involved with this project.) Together they have been working for months with manufacture Power Up Factory on this first of its kind entry in the GPK marketplace.

The figure is officially licensed by Topps, and Topps has already approved the design. The developers are aiming for a high end extremely detailed figure. Their goal is to remain true to the original art on the Adam Bomb card. The figure stands a mighty 14″ tall, and is on a weighted base with an embossed nameplate. The figure also has LED lights inside the mushroom cloud to make it shine bright. The figure is made from hard molded resin. Both a blue jacket Adam Bomb, and red jacket Blasted Billy are being considered for production. The figure will also come with an exclusive Adam Bomb card featuring the original rough art from John Pound.

So how do you get one? Not so fast….This is where you the GPK collector can have some actual input on the product. With this being a very high end detailed collectible, the developers are looking for feedback from collectors on a number of topics. In the survey there are questions on what’s important to you in a high end statue, a number of questions on pricing, and finally questions gaging your interest. Final production in part will be based on results of this survey, so let your voice be heard. Head over to’s Facebook page now to take the survey.


Jago Studios Reveals Extended Trailer for GPK The Game

Jago Studios didn’t waste any time is meeting their Halloween promise to release a new trailer for their upcoming mobile game, GPK The Game. Early Wed. morning people who applied to be a game tester received an e-mail announcing the winners of the contest. Additionally, a new 30 second expanded trailer appears on as well as their Youtube channel.

The trailer is broken down into three main sections that explain the main facets of the game, all while keeping a Garbage Pail Kids theme. The trailer starts off much like the previous shorter 5 second version. First they promise you can “Collect your favorite cards”. What is shown next is many of the character screens. Adam Bomb, Tee Tee Stevie, Half Nelson, and Brainy Janie are all shown with various abilities and their junk. Next up we get what appears to be where you can see your card collection. Many more characters can be seen here.

From there the trailer moves into the section where you can, “Battle till you barf”. Screens are shown with some of the battle scenes and the cards attacking, untimely resulting in victory. Finally, the game shows you can, “Earn tons of junk”. In true GPK form it appears items and power-ups are labeled as junk. What else would a good GPK battler need?

Jago Studios announced there were over 1100 entries for their game tester contest. In a bit of a surprise, they announced that due to the overwhelming response they expanded the winners list to 10. The following people were announced as winners; Melanie R. in Lexington, IN; Michael M. in Colleyville, TX; Joseph T. in Johnson City, TN; Travis T. in Murrieta, CA; Jason H. in Mankato, MN; Randy M. in Aurora, CO; RJ H. in Nevada County, CA; David H. in Folsom, CA; Jennifer H. in Cincinnati, OH; and Jono S. in London. Jago also promises more contests to come in the months ahead.

GPK the Game is set to launch in early 2019 and will be available in both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.


Creepy Co. Launches GPK Monster Squad Shirt

The fine folks at Creepy Co. are back with new shirt to extend your Halloween wardrobe. Today at 7:00 PM (Central) the Monster Squad shirt will be launching. The black shirt features the characters Nasty Nick, Wrapping Ruth, Eerie Eric, and Frank N. Stein all taking a stroll through a graveyard. Creepy Co. is also restocking their GPK coach jacket and Adam Bomb socks. This is the only new item planned for October. Stay turned for some more goodies coming from Creepy Co. soon!


Funko Announces Exclusive NYCC Adam Bomb Figure

This year’s New York Comic Con is set to take place is just a few weeks from Oct. 4-7. Funko has begun revealing their exclusive figures for the show. Yesterday they revealed via their Facebook page an exclusive Metallic Adam Bomb POP! figure. The figure will be offered at the Toy Tokyo booth. It will also be limited to 3000 copies. Word from Funko collectors say figures from Toy Tokyo are nearly impossible to get, so many collectors will have to resort to ebay to get their Adam Bomb fix. Topps is scheduled to attend the show, but has not announced any exclusives yet.


Topps Reveals Print Run for 2018 GPK Summer Comic Convention Set

Topps yearly nod to San Diego Comic Con has ended and the sales results are in. Today Topps revealed the print run for 2018 Garbage Pail Kids Summer Comic Convention online set. Total sales ended at 131 for the seven day period. The high price point, disjointed nature of the set, many cards didn’t fit a comic con theme, and the final art were all common complaints from collectors for the latest release. It’s the lowest sold set since the Shammy awards set earlier this year.


Opening Ceremony Offering GPK Themed Shirts & Hoodies

Is the GPK world ready for designer shirts and hoodies? We are about to find out, as designer clothing company Opening Cerremony has begun offering Garbage Pail Kids merchandise. Thanks to GPK collector Michael White for first pointing these out. The company sells online and has stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Launched in 2002 they work with designer brands offering a wide variety of clothing.

They launched what they are calling a line of limited edition t-shirts and hoodies. There are four t-shirts; a blue shirt featuring New Wave Dave, an orchid shirt with Furry Fran, a yellow shirt with Creepy Carol, and a white shirt with a GPK and OC logo on the front and the same three characters along with Art Apart on the back. All the shirts feature different forms of both the Garbage Pail Kids banner and Opening Ceremony logos on either the front or back. The t-shirts are available in S-XL, and are priced at $60 each.

They also launched two hoodies. One black hoodie featuring Tee-Vee Stevie on the back, and an Opening Ceremony logo on the front. The second hoodie is pink and has Art Apart on the front with GPK and OC logos on the back. The hoodies are also available in S-XL, and are priced at $120 each.

All clothing is officially licensed by Topps. The company says as of now this is the only GPK merchandise planned.


Creepy Co. to Offer SDCC Exclusives Online

Did you miss out on last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con? Creepy Co. has you covered. They posted this evening on their social media channels that their previously exclusive to SDCC items will go on sale via their website tomorrow. Beginning tomorrow at 7:00 PM (Central), Creepy will be offering both the pin and the t-shirt. They warn that supplies will be limited. So if you want one of these items don’t delay.


Jago Studios Debuts Mini Teaser Trailer for Garbage Pail Kids The Game

As promised Jago Studios debuted a trailer for their upcoming mobile game, Garbage Pail Kids The Game. This mini trailer comes in at a quick 5 seconds, and gives collectors a brief glimpse into the art and game play.

After two seconds of card images, we are treated to what appears to be a battle during game play. This two second portion shows two sides made up of character cards. Classic OS characters are featured. The battle shows Adam Bomb attacking and destroying Grim Jim and Frying Brian. The characters on all the cards appeared to be animated during game play. For example Anna Banana is swinging from some vines, and Buggy Betty is flapping her wings.

The sequence ends with a brief screenshot of the character screen for Adam Bomb. Showed what would appear to be a level 14 Adam Bomb, some unlocked and locked powers, (I could use the “Power of Angry” myself), and some items in a “Junk” section.

While the trailer is short, the game does appear to be a “card collecting role playing game”, as the company stated in their initial release. The game is set to release in the App Store and Google Play later this year.