Keychain & Coin #3 Highlight GPKNation Garbage Pail Kids Releases

GPKNation has set their launch lineup for this week. Tomorrow, Tues. 10/20 @ 1:00 PM EST, will see the launch of the next keychain. The Blue Adam Bomb Ornament Keychain is the third different keychain so far after red and black. The keychain will be limited to 100 copies made, and collectors can purchase 2 per order.

This Friday, GPKNation will be retiring their initial coins with the launch of coin #3. There will be 100 copies of the coin available in Nickel Plated White, Sterling Silver, and Artist Proof. There will also be 5 each of the coins in red, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow. The coins will launch at 1:00 PM EST this Friday, 10/16. Collectors can enter their order number on the GPKNation Facebook page to win

GPKNation was one of the companies highlighted by Topps Licensing VP Ira Friedman on last week’s Philly Non-Sports Topps Virtual Chat. Now the Chief Operating Officer of GPK Nation, Louis Gregory; publicly known as “Uncle Louie” who also co-stars on ABC’s hit show The Goldbergs has shared with us that he has finished a new book and last year’s “Topps Sketch Artist of the Year” Jasmine Contois is hard at work illustrating it as we speak. Be sure to follow the GPKNation Facebook page for more updates.

GPKNation to Release Keychain & Coins This Week

GPKNation is set to continue to offer their limited GPK merchandise this week. First up will be a special Tuesday launch for a Black Adam Bomb Ornament Keychain. The keychains will be limited to only 50 made. Customers who order can also enter a door prize contest by entering their order number on the GPKNation Facebook group. The launch will be tomorrow, Tues. 10/13 at 1:00 PM EST.

That‘a not all they have planned this week. This Friday will be the launch of coin #2 in various colors. There will be 100 copies of the coin available in Nickel Plated White, Sterling Silver, and Artist Proof. There will also be 5 each of the coins in red, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow. The coins will launch at 1:00 PM EST this Friday, 10/16.

New Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pops Coming in 2021

According to the spreadsheet posted today on the Funko news twitter account @disfunko, there are new Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pops on the way in 2021. The list posted shows four Pop GPKs; Jay Decay, Ali Gator, Leaky Lindsay, and Split Kit. These will be the first GPK Funkos since 2018, and adds to the previous four GPK Pops released by the company. No other details such as release date has been announced yet.

Super7 Launches Garbage Pail Kids Reaction Figure Adam Bomb

Like all other comic cons this year, New York Comic Con was cancelled and moved to a virtual event. Super7 launches their special Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con today on their website. The highlight for GPK collectors is the Garbage Pail Kids Reaction Figure Adam Bomb. The figure measures 9x6x1. It can be purchased for $20 plus shipping, there is a 2 figure per customer limit. Super7 also debuted a new long sleeved Adam Bomb tshirt. The shirt features the GPK logo on front, with Adam Bomb going up both sleeves. The short is available for $40 in sizes S-3xl. Order now before these special Virtual NYCC items sell out.

Welcome to Smellville Makes New York Times Best Seller List

The first Garbage Pail Kids children’s novel from RL Stine looks to be a success. Illustrator of the book, Jeff Zapata, posted that the book will be debuting on the next New York Times Best Seller List. Welcome to Smellville is the 7th best selling book in the Middle Grade Hardcover Children’s Best Seller list. Certainly of the books sell well the series will continue. The second book, Thrills & Chills, is set to be released in March 2021. Congrats to all involved!


New Garbage Pail Kid Fleece Blanket Now Available

Just Funky has been just busy making the GPK merchandise. As first reported by GPK World, there is a new Garbage Pail Kids Fleece Blanket available through Amazon. The blanked is manufactured by Just Funky and is being sold by ToyNK on Amazon. The blanket measures 60 x 45 and features Adam Bomb. The blanket retails for $34.99. Get it now on time for winter!

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Playing Card Deck

The stream of GPK merchandise from FYE never stops. This morning FYE listed for sale a Garbage Pail Kids Playing Card Deck. The deck features the same artwork used for the GPKNation playing card coins, and is manufactured by Just Funky. The list price for the deck is $5.99. As of press time the listing shows unavailable, so keep checking to see if it goes back into stock.

GPKNation Set for Silver Garbage Pail Kids Coins on Friday

GPKNation never sleeps it seems. After offering the final playing card coin last week, the company is going back to what got them started. They announced that starting this Friday, 10/9 @ 1:00 PM EST, they will be offering Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #1 in a silver plated version. This will be the third version of the coin after the white and gold versions. GPKNation will be selling coin #2 on 10/16, and coin #3 on 10/23. Each coin is limited to 100 copies. The company promises there will be other surprises on sale throughout the month.

While this is the third version of the original coin being offered, that’s not all that exists. As Adam Goldberg and Louis Gregory were launching their endeavor they had six different color proofs made; red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and green. After receiving the proofs, they couldn’t decide on a color and ended up offering the white version. There are /5 proof sets of each color that exist. Eventually the colors would spark the idea for the colors on the emblems and patches that GPKNation have sold.


FYE Offering Exclusive Garbage Pail Kids Promo Card With Mini Cereal

Update 10/4: There appears to be two different FYE cereal promo cards. GPK collector Matt Rocco pulled what appears to be the rarer Barf Bits cars. According to signage in the store the Barf Bits card is limited to 300 copies. Thanks to Matt for the picture!

FYE begin selling the previously advertised mini-cereal 3 pack in stores and online yesterday. If you purchase the cereals in store, they are passing out an exclusive Bony Tony’s Skull Crunch promo card. Artwork for the card and cereal boxes was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. The card comes wrapped in a silver wrapper. So far no other cards have surfaced. If additional cards surface this post will be updated. No idea how many cards will be available or if all stores received them. Thanks to GPK collector Kelly Eve for the pictures of the card and cereal! Get down to your local FYE now, to check availability!

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids x WAX OS 2 Digital Set

Topps contained their digital partnership with WAX today by launching their 4th set on the Wax Blockchain. Garbage Pail Kids x WAX OS 2 packs went on sale at 12:00 PM EST. Initial demand for packs was strong, but once again the launch produced errors that frustrated collectors. For the first 10 mins of the launch, collectors were not able to purchase any packs due to receiving a network error. According to initial reports the error once again was due to an issue with the credit card processor. After that things began working smoother, although many users reported problems with opening packs.

For the first time since OS 1, packs did not sell out right away. There were three different pack types sold, Standard $9.99 (8 cards), Mega $24.99 (25 cards, and Ultimate $49.99 (55 cards). Topps offered 5000 of each pack at launch. Standard packs sold quickly and were gone within the first 5 mins. By 9:27 the large Ultimate packs also sold out. The hold out turned out to be the mid sized Mega pack. As of press time, almost two hours after launch, there are still over 1500 Mega packs left for sale.

Topps decided not to reveal pack numbers, card inventory, or odds prior to launch. With 5000 of each pack available there is a possibility of 440,000 cards in the series. Not every card type is available in each pack. Each pack has its exclusive parallel card, Standard (Slime), Mega (Gum), and Ultimate (VHS). Odds for each pack, along with average card counts for each one are below.

There were some unannounced surprises in the set from Topps. Topps inserter some “error” cards into the set, including a badly miscut Spilt Kit, and a Censored “Schizo Fran” card. Topps has hinted Schizo might be in the set, but it appears the black bar version will have to do.

(Note: Card counts are based on possible percentages, but will vary slightly due to how cards are minted on the Blockchain.)


  • Slime 4 per pack (20,000)
  • Raw 1 per pack (5,000)
  • Returning 50% (2,500)
  • Sketch 30% (1,500)
  • Collector 1% (50)
  • Base A, B, C – (10,950)


  • Gum 4 per pack (20,000)
  • Raw 3 per pack (15,000)
  • Returning 2 per pack (10,000)
  • Returning “A” 1 per pack (5,000)
  • Sketch 1 per pack (5,000)
  • Collector 4% (200)
  • Base A, B, C (69,800)


  • Raw 8 per pack (40,000)
  • Returning 7 per pack  (35,000)
  • Sketch 3 per pack (15,000)
  • VHS 2 per pack (10,000)
  • Collector 10% (500)
  • Base A, B, C (174,500)


  • Base A, B, C 104 in set (2454 each)
  • Returning 26 in set -28,750 “A”/23,750 “B (“A” 2211 each/“B” 1826 each)
  • Raw 42 in set (1428 each)
  • Slime 84 in set (238 each)
  • Gum 84 in set (238 each)
  • VHS 84 in set (119 each)
  • Sketch 84 in set (255 each)
  • Original Art 9 in set (Odds unknown)
  • Relics Unknown in set (Odds unknown)
  • Collector’s Edition 24 in set (31 each)
  • Errors Unknown in set (Odds unknown)