Topps Launches Exclusive eBay Garbage Pail Kids Set

Seems like a natural fit. For the first time, eBay is working with Topps to launch an officially licensed exclusive card set. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids eBay set. The set features 10 cards, 5 new paintings with a/b versions. All the gags are parodies of all things eBay and trading cards. All artwork for the set was created by artist Joe Simko. The set is available for $19.99. Shipping is free. The set can only be purchased on eBay’s website via the Topps Vault page. The set will be available for 7 days. There is no word if Topps will reveal the print run from the sales. Here is a checklist along with pictures of the cards.

1A eBay Ray
 1B Winning Bud
 2A Leaky Lindsay
 2B Messy Tessi
 3A Nat Nerd
 3B Clark Can’t
 4A Outbid Betty
 4B Loser Lisa
 5A Sniper Sam
 5B Trigger Finger

Topps Partners with Blockchain Heroes for Exclusive Digital Atomic Adam Card

Did you try out any of the digital WAX x Topps Garbage Pail Cards? If so you may have a couple of gifts waiting for you in your account. Topps partnered with Blockchain Heroes to pass out exclusive versions of a new card, Atomic Adam. The card was created to help promote a new upcoming digital NFT launch called Blockchain Heroes. All WAX wallets that contain a GPK or BCH card were gifted two cards Wednesday night. Everyone received the “common” version of the card. Everyone also received one parallel version. The different versions available, and chances accounts had to receive them are; Uncommon (59.35%), Rare (25%), Epic (12%), Legendary (3%), Mythic (.5%), and Golden Fury (.15%).  Blockchain Heroes is a set based on popular blockchain figures, turned into superheroes. This version of Adam Bomb was drawn to match the superhero theme of the set. The back of the card features Atomic Adam’s back story. This marks the first time new Garbage Pail Kids artwork has debuted on the WAX Blockchain. Collectors wishing to check out what card they received must log into their Wax Cloud Wallet at the Atomic Assets website. BCH is based on the new Atomic Assets standard, therefore the Atomic Adam is only visible on sites that support Atomic Assets. Collectors can view their Atomic Adam and buy/sell versions of the card there. Be sure to check your account, you may have a valuable card waiting for you!

Gold Plated Garbage Pail Kids Coins to Launch Friday

After three hugely successful coin launches, collectors will get a chance to add a little gold to their collection. The first three coins from Adam Goldberg all sold out within minutes. This Friday, will offer all three of the officially Topps licensed coins in a 24 KT gold plated version. Coins will cost $99.99 each, with purchases limited to 1 of each coin. There will only be 35 of each coin available. Coins will go on sale this Friday, 8/7, at 1:00 EST. This is the last planned version of these coins. The company will begin offering a new series of coins and pins in the coming weeks.

Garbage Pail Kids x eBay Exclusive Set on Tap for August

According to a magazine article in Den of Geek there will be an exclusive Garbage Pail Kids x eBay online set coming in August. Thanks to GPK collector Avo Jeknavorian for the pictures from the magazine he received in the mail. The magazine appears to be a special edition between Den of Geek and eBay. According the the magazine, the set celebrates buying and selling on eBay. All the artwork in the set was created by artist Joe Simko. The 10 card set will sell for $19.99 on eBay. The set will be for sale for one week starting the week of Aug. 10.

Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #3 Coming Friday

Everything Garbage Pail Kids has been hot, and these new challenge coins have been no exception. Last week, the first two challenge coins sold out in just a few mins. Collectors will get another chance as today Adam Goldberg announced Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #3. Produced by Louis Gregory, this officially Topps licensed coin features Bony Joanie, Fryin Ryan, and Hot Scott on the front. The 35th GPK anniversary logo in on the back of the coin. This is the third coin in what was a planned three coin series. Just like the previous coins this one is limited to 100 copies. However, for this coin, purchases will be limited to one per person. Like with the first two coins, each purchase comes with an autographed Adam Goldberg GPK card. The coin is set to go on sale this Friday, 7/31, at 1:00 EST. Coins can be purchased on the website. Goldberg is planning to continuing producing new coins in an ongoing partnership with Topps. Collectors will need to be on time as these should once again go fast!


Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin #2 Announced for Friday

Yesterday the first Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin sold out in just 4 mins. Today Adam Goldberg announced coin #2 will be officially launching this Friday at 1:00 PM EST. The second coin, produced by Louis Gregory, features Nasty Nick, Weird Wendy, and Wrappin Ruth. The GPK 35th anniversary logo is on the back of the coin. The coins are officially licensed by Topps. This is the second coin in a planned three coin series. Just as the first coin, this one will be limited to 100 copies. Coins can be purchased at Adam has mentioned there is an additional series of coins and pins planned in the future. As part of his announcement, Adam said proceeds will go towards a GPK TV series he co wrote with Joe Simko.

Here is the announcement as made by Adam Goldberg on various GPK Facebook groups:

Aside from being an obsessive GPK fan, I’m also a long time challenge coin collector. I am thrilled that Topps was open to the idea of merging my two favorite hobbies!

I was not expecting the 1st coin to sell out so fast. Moving forward, new coins will be released on Fridays at 1pm EST. I am also trying to put a limit on the number of coins bought (TBD).

So spread the word! GPK Coin #2 drops THIS FRIDAY 7/24 at 1PM EST. Officially licensed by Topps, produced by Louis Gregory, limited edition, only 100 made. If these are well received, I’m open to doing future runs of 200 to 500 with the OS characters. Although some of you insist it should be 1000!?!?

Coins will ship within 24 hours. I’ve been a frustrated fan waiting weeks to get cards so I insanely paid for extra help so everyone could get an instant turnaround.

All profits go towards producing a bad-ass GPK film series I wrote with artist Joe Simko – which I dream can become a new TV show! Stay safe and GPK 4 LIFE!

Garbage Pail Kids SDCC Virtual Event Planned

So you thought since this year’s San Diego Comic Com was cancelled that there wouldn’t by any exclusive Garbage Pail Kids merchandise? Not the case! Some of Topps’ licensees will be part of the virtual SDCC @Home Event. The event is scheduled to start at 12:00 PM EST on July 22, 2020. Collectors will have a chance to purchase some of the merchandise that was originally scheduled for the Con. There are 4 different companies planning on offering exclusive licensed Garbage Pail Kids merchandise. Check below to see what will be offered. (So far info is only available for two of the items, this article will be updated as more information is released.) will be offering an exclusive Garbage Pail Kids 35th anniversary pin. The pin, licensed by Topps, was designed by noted designer Hydro 74. The pin measures 1.75″ x 1.25″. The company has not released info yet on purchasing, pricing or print run.

Atomic Toybox once again will be home to a couple of exclusive enamel pins. This time the pins are a mashup of Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks. Both pins feature the same art, with separate color variations. Alien Ian and Outerspace Chase will be available separately and limited to 150. Each pin comes with an exclusive GPK x Mars Attacks promo card. Artwork for the card was done by artist Jason Crosby. The card helps to promote the upcoming Sidekick Lab’s Mars Attacks set. Part of their kickstarter campaign includes a special GPK x MA 6 card set. The set can still be preordered, collectors can find more information on the set’s Kickstarter Page. Each pin will be available for $12.95. The pins can be purchased from the Atomic Toybox online store. The pins will go on sale on 7/22/20.

As part of the SDCC @Home festivities, Abrams Books is announcing a special pre-order prize pack for anyone who pre-orders the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Welcome to Smellville book by R.L. Stine. The prize pack includes exclusive GPK characters illustrated by Jeff Zapata, a collectible bookmark signed by Joe Simko, and a custom pencil pouch. Customers who preorder, can fill out the form at their website, attach proof of pre-order, and the prize pack will be sent their way. The fine print does read “while supplies last”. In addition packs are limited to one per person per household. The offer is only available to residents of the US, and people who had already pre-ordered the book are still eligible. The offer ends the day before the book is released on 9/28/20.

FYE debuted a new Garbage Pail Kids Sunshade as part of their SDCC @Home promotions. The Sunshade features a number of GPK characters that will help keep the sun off your dash. The shade is up for pre-order on FYE’s website for $19.99. The Garbage Pail Kids Sunshade is scheduled to launch on 9/2/20.

While not offering exclusive merchandise, some of Topps’ other licensees will have prior released products and information about GPK related products during the event.

The OP/USAopoly launched a new store on their website. If you haven’t picked up the GPK Monopoly game or the GPK puzzle now is you chance. Free shipping available for orders over $24.

More info to come from other companies over the next few days as Virtual SDCC 2020 gets closer.

Adam Goldberg Launches Licensed GPK 35th Anniversary Coin

Adam Goldberg, in partnership with coin designer Louis Gregory, have launched a 35th anniversary Garbage Pail Kids Challenge Coin. The officially licensed coin features Beth Death, Eerie Eric, and Dead Ted on the front with the 35th GPK anniversary logo on the back. According to the description on the site the coin, “features striking artwork with metal plating and white cloisonné. It’s a 2 inch coin with artwork embedded beneath a lustrous coat of clear epoxy.” The coin is limited to only 100 copies. The coin can be purchased from the website. Each coin is $34.99, plus shipping. (Update: The coin sold out in just 4 minutes.) As a bonus each order comes with an autographed Adam Goldberg card. Adam is perhaps the hobby’s biggest celebrity collector. He is the executive producer and creator of the popular sitcom The Goldbergs. This is the first coin in a planned three coin series. The other two coins in the series will be launched soon.

Topps x WAX Launch GPK Goes Exotic Digital Set

Digital collectors finally are getting their second round of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Today Topps x WAX launched GPK Goes Exotic. This marks the second set from the two companies, who have partnered up to offer digital collectibles on the WAX Blockchain. Back in May the companies launched GPK OS 1. The packs sold out in just over a day. Secondary market prices have continued to rise in the two months since. This set is based off the Netflix documentary phenomenon, Tiger King, that has become one of the highest viewed shows in their history. The set contains the same 30 cards, (15 with a/b versions), that Topps offered earlier this year in 3 online physical sets. GPK artist David Gross did all the original art for the cards. In addition to base cards, collectors can expect to randomly find Prism, Tiger Stripe, and Tiger Claw parallels of all 30 cards. There are also 6 rare Collector Edition cards randomly inserted into packs.

Collectors who want to participate in the launch can purchase packs with credit/debit cards only at Accounts are simple to create if the collector doesn’t have one already. Once again there are two different types of packs to choose from. The Standard Pack contains 5 cards and costs $4.99. Mega Packs contain 25 cards and costs $19.99. There will be 13,000 Standard, and 7,000 Mega packs available to purchase for this set. This equates to a total of 240,000 cards. This is much higher than the 110,000 for the GPK OS 1 digital set. WAX has not put any purchase limitations on packs for this release. Collectors who joined the Telegram GPK Trading group were given early access to purchase packs.

Insert rates for each card type for both packs is below, along with estimated print run totals. The reason the print runs are estimates is due to the way cards are minted. Cards are not created on the Blockchain until a pack is opened. Percentages are followed for each insert type. This means that everyone, from the first pack opened to the last, still has a chance to pull any of the cards. So while the numbers say there should be an average of 80 for each collector card, it could really be a couple less, or a couple more of each one. This gives you a good idea roughly to expect for each card type.

  • Total Cards – 240,000
    • Standard: 13,000 Packs x 5 cards per pack = 65,000 cards
    • Mega: 7,000 packs x 25 cards per pack = 175,000 cards
  • Prism “B” Names – 35,800
    • Standard: 13,000 packs x .6 per pack = 7,800
    • Mega: 7,000 x 4 per pack = 28,000
    • 35,800 total prism / 15 different names = 2,386 each B name Prism
  • Prism “A” Names – 26,200
    • Standard: 13,000 packs x 0.4 per pack = 5,200
    • Mega: 7,000 x 3 per pack = 21,000
    • 26,200 total prism / 15 different names = 1,746 each A name Prism
  • Tiger Stripe – 4,800
    • Standard: 13,000 packs x 0.1 per pack = 1,300
    • Mega: 7,000 x .5 per pack = 3,500
    • 4,800 total Tiger Stripe / 30 different names = 160 each Tiger Stripe
  • Tiger Claw or Collector Edition – 480
    • Standard: 13,000 packs x 0.01 per pack = 130
    • Mega: 7,000 x 0.05 per pack = 350
    • 480 total Tiger Claw / 30 different names = 16 each Tiger Claw
    • 480 total Collector Edition / 6 different names = 80 each Collector Edition
  • Base Cards – 74,460
    • Standard: 65,000 – 13,000 Prisms – 1,300 TS – 130 TC – 130 Collector = 50,440 total base cards
    • Mega: 175,000 – 49,000 Prisms – 3,500 TS – 350 TC – 350 Collector = 121,800 total base cards
    • 172,240 total base cards / 30 cards = 5,741 per base card

With the print run having increased significantly it will be interesting to see how quickly packs sell. A smaller card set compared to the previous release will also have ripple effects on the secondary market. Another important thing to look at will be the number of new collectors that show up for this release. Many people missed out the first time since packs sold out quickly. WAX has also announced that initial buyers of Goes Exotic will be eligible to win rare Golden cards. No other details such as how many, which cards, or when they would be distributed was released. For collectors involved in the digital collectible space its certainly an exciting time indeed.

Topps x WAX GPK Goes Exotic Launch Rescheduled

WAX announced today the rescheduled launch date for their second digital set with Topps, GPK Goes Exotic. The set is now scheduled for July 14th at 12:00 PM EST. Originally scheduled for 7/8, WAX had to postpone the launch due to a technical issue with one of their third party providers and the shipping cart. It appears that issue has been resolved and the tigers are ready to be released!