Toynk Offering GPK Adam Bomb Snow Globe

Thanksgiving dinner is over, so it’s time to get out the Christmas decorations! Garbage Pail Kids collectors have a new item to put out on their mantle this Christmas. Surreal Entertainment has launched an officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb Collectible Snow Globe. The snow globe is being sold by Toynk, and can be purchased on their website or on The globe is priced at $34.99. The globe features an Adam Bomb character surrounded by snow, with a pink and red base with nameplate and GPK banner. The globe measures 4 inches x 3.75 inches, and weighs 1.9 pounds. According to Target’s website, orders will be received by 12/8/21. Get into the Christmas spirt now!

More Details on GPK x Beyond the Streets Set

The organizers behind the Beyond the Streets street fair have shared some additional details with GPKNews on their upcoming card set. The set will be 81 total cards, done by 20 different artists. The artists lineup includes street and graffiti artists as well as longtime GPK artist Joe Simko. The artists are creating self portraits paired with a classic GPK character. While Joe Simko is painting many of the artists as GPKs. They will be once again selling 20 pack boxes, each pack will contain 8 cards. No other details were released by the organizers, including pricing information. The launch time has already changed from earlier, now according to the NTWRK app the boxes will launch 12/1/21 at 2:00 PM EST. Collectors will want to continue to check the app for additional details and any launch time changes. See below for the information from Beyond the Streets including the artist lineup.

Once again BEYOND THE STREETS and NTWRK partner with the legendary Topps Company to release an exclusive limited-edition line of Garbage Pail Kids cards, 81-sticker set featuring 20 contemporary artists plus GPK illustrator Joe Simko.

Honoring the tradition of two-card sets, each artist has drawn a GPK-style self-portrait, paired with one of the classic characters, adding their own twisted takes on the iconic brand.

The cards come in a sealed full-color blind box of 20 packs, each holding 8 cards, guaranteeing a wild mix.

Artist roster includes: Alex Pardee, Andrew Thiele, Dakota Cates, Diego Bergia, DEFER, Mario DESA, Sophia Enriquez, Huskmitnavn, JK5, Crocodile Jackson, Cleon Peterson, Morning Breath, Noelle Lee, POSE, Eli Quinters, Gustavo Zermeño, RUNSYYY, Spacebrat, and Lauren YS.

PLUS BONUS ARTIST JOE SIMKO— longtime illustrator of the legacy Garbage Pail Kids brand created original never-seen-before Garbage Pail Kid characters of the following: TAKI183, KILROY WAS HERE, SABER, MISTER CARTOON, POSE, Estevan Oriol, the pervasive letter “S”, Maya Hayuk, Tal Cooperman and Cleon Peterson.

Beyond the Streets x Garbage Pail Kids Returning for Second Year

The 2021 virtual art show, Beyond the Streets is returning and once again will feature Garbage Pail Kids. The show, which is scheduled for 12/1-12/2, is a celebration of graffiti and street art. Not much is known about the set yet. According an article in Men’s Journal, the show will once again offer a Garbage Pail Kids set with artwork done by the featured street artists. The article says, “Some product highlights include a new series of Garbage Pail Kids designed and inspired by the likes of Cleon Peterson, Maya Hayuk and Mister Cartoon.” The included card example looks to be a GPK rendition of a street artist, instead of the artists doing classic GPKs like they did in 2020. Once again the show will be exclusively on the NTWRK mobile app. The app currently has a place holder for the GPK sale set for 12/1/21 at 12:00 PM EST. No other information is available about the set. Much more to come in the coming days for this event.

GetAGrip Launching Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3 this Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards begin teasing their upcoming launch of their Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Wheels Series 3. Series 3 you ask? What happened to series 2? Much like other companies in the US, they have had problems getting goods from overseas. According to the company, the series 2 wheels have been sitting on a ship in the ocean for months now. However, their series 3 wheels somehow made it through. Instead of waiting to release them in order, the company has decided to launch the series 3 wheels now. The launch is scheduled for this Friday, 11/26/21. There are no other details about the product available. The company’s MO is to release very little information on their products. Based on previous releases collectors can expect rare wheels, and unannounced special parallel wheels. Collectors will want to stay glued to their Facebook page for any updates prior to the launch.

GPKNation Launching Holiday GPK Coins and Pins

GPKNation is getting into the holiday spirt! The company is ready this with with everything a collector needs to get ready for the holiday. First up is a matching officially licensed Garbage Pail Kids Christmas Coin set. The set comes with two coins, one Adam Bomb and the other is Adam Bomb dressed as Santa. The back of the coins say Happy Holidays. Artwork for the coins was done by GPK artist Neil Camera. The coins are limited to /25 sets. The sets go on sale today, 11/16, at 3:00 PM EST. Next up is an Adam Bomb Hanukkah tchotchke. The menorah exploding from Adam’s head piece is set to launch Thursday, 11/18 at 3:00 EST. Finally, a matching two pin Christmas set will launch Black Friday, 11/26 at 3:00 EST. The pins feature the same Neil Camera artwork as the coins and will be limited to /50. It’s time to get into the holiday mood with GPK Nation!

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching GPK Adam Bomb Deck This Friday

GetAGrip Skateboards announced this week they will be launching their last Garbage Pail Kids skateboard deck of 2021 this Friday. The officially licensed Adam Bomb deck will be for sale exclusively on their website this Friday, 11/12, (no specific time has been announced). This deck will be limited and numbed /300 copies. Each deck will come with one of three random grip tapes. Collectors might get Adam Bomb, Nasty Nick, or Dead Ted grip tape with their order. An official trading card, poster, and wall hanger will also come with the package. Collectors will want to be on top of this one, previous sales have sold out quickly and crashed their website, expect more of the same this Friday.

GPK x ComplexCon Merchandise Now Available Online

After this past weekend’s ComplexCon, the show has made available a number of Garbage Pail Kids x ComplexCon products to purchase online. GPKWorld first reported on the availability of the products online. Topps went all out for this show, with no advertising on what would be available for sale. At their booth, Topps sold complete 12 card GPK x ComplexCon sets. All the cards were also available to purchase as very limited gold foil versions. Each foil card was numbered to /21. In addition a number of merchandise items were available. Collectors are now able to purchase those on ComplexCon’s website. All items feature the artwork from the recent GPK x ComplexCon set. Collectors can purchase a sweatshirt ($120), tote bag ($36), mug ($25), or two different enamel pins ($15 ea.). The pins are limited to 300 each.

Topps Offering Gold Foil GPK x ComplexCon at Convention

The ComplexCon is going on this weekend in Long Beach, CA. Topps has a booth, and as they advertised on their Facebook this morning, they are offering a Gold Foil version of the 2021 Garbage Pail Kids x ComplexCon set at their booth. The company says cards 1a-6a will be available today, while con goers can purchase 1b-6b at their booth tomorrow. No pricing or print run was shared by the company. Additionally, according to an article on Forbes, Complex Con is offering a marketplace in connection with Snapchat. Within the article are a GPK hoodie and canvas bag both featuring GPK ComplexCon characters on them that will be on sale at the show.

GPK x Stranger Things TLS Figures Now Available for Pre-order

After an Italian toy website jumped the gun a week early, the Garbage Pail Kids x Stranger Things figures from The Loyal Subjects are now available for preorder. The figures are all available on Entertainment Earth’s website for $16.99 each. There are four new figures, Demo Gordon, WaffElle, Devoted Dustin, and Stylin’ Steve. The listings do not mention any cards that come with the figures. The figures are scheduled to be released in April, 2022.

Mishka NYC Launches Garbage Pail Kids x Halloween Collection

Just in time for Halloween, Mishka NYC today launched a new Garbage Pail Kids x Halloween clothing collection. There are three new designs being offered on t-shirts and hoodies in various colors. Ghouls Grave, Devil’s Rejects, and Witches Brew all feature Halloween themed GPK characters. Artwork for the shirts was done by woodcut master Brian Reedy. The shirts are available now at Mishka’s website.