Mishka Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs T-shirt Coming Soon

The Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs partnership continues on. The next item launching is a t-shirt from Mishka. The company is planning on launching a shirt through the NTWRK app on Thursday, May 6 at 8:00 PM EST. The shirt features all new artwork designed by Mishka’s Greg Rivera, and painted by Joe Simko. The company also had promo cards printed by Topps with the same artwork. The cards will be given to the first 300 t-shirt purchasers.

GetAGripSkateboards Launches Garbage Pail Kids Wheels

GetAGripSkateboards today launched their initial series of officially licensed Garbage Paul Kids themed skateboard blind bag wheels. Today’s launch was announced to collectors who were signed up to their VIP email list. The officially launch day is tomorrow, 5/1. There are eight base wheels, and one limited chase wheel to collect. The characters on the wheels are comprised of all OS 1 characters, except for one OS 2 wheel. Individual wheels are available for $11.99, or in a 10 pack for $100, or a 50 pack for $450. Wheels can be purchased on the company’s website. Wheels went on sale early morning and the website reports the 50 packs are already sold out. The website state the wheels will ship in mid-May. The company will also be selling a limited edition skateboard deck in the middle of May.

USAopoly Set to Release Two New Garbage Pail Kids Puzzles

Collectors who like to put puzzles together will be set later this year. As first reported by GPKWorld, USAopoly is set to release two new Garbage Pail Kids puzzles based on the books by RL Stine. First up is the Thrills & Chills puzzle, based on the book releasing in May. The puzzle uses the same Joe Simko artwork that’s featured on the book’s cover. The puzzle is set to release 6/17/21, and will retail for $14.99. You can preorder the puzzle at this link. The next puzzle is the Home Gross Home puzzle. This one is based off the cover artwork from the previously released Welcome to Smellville book. There is no release date or preorder available yet for this puzzle. More info can be found at the company’s website.

GetaGripSkateboards to Release Garbage Pail Kids Wheels and Decks

GetaGripSkateboards announced in a press release today a new license agreement with Topps to produce Garbage Pail Kids themed skateboard wheels and decks. This will be the first release from the brand new company. The company will first offer a blind bagged individually themed GPK skateboard wheels on 5/1/21. There will be 8 wheels to collect with an Adam Bomb chase wheel as a limited edition. There will also be a 1/1 wheel inserted into the release. Then coming two weeks later on 5/14/21 will be the first deck release. This first deck will be limited to 300 copies only. The company says shortly after that will be five more decks, with other releases planned including more wheels, decks, and clothing in the coming months. The skateboard theme was hugely popular with collectors back in 2017 when Santa Cruz released themed blind bagged decks. No other details have been release including pricing. The products will be available to purchase from GetaGripSkateboards website. Here is the press release from today.


NEW YORK. April 21, 2020. Newly established Skate Brand GetaGripSkateboards and The Topps Company, creator of the renowned-yet-subversive Garbage Pail Kids® brand (“GPK”), have teamed up for a collaboration of epic and ground-breaking proportions.

The collaboration, licensed by Topps, will feature both classic retro artwork and photography, as well as all-new 1980s skateboard inspired artwork from renowned GPK illustrators. 

To kick-flip it all off, May 1st will see the release of a world first – a blind bagged, GPK collectible skateboard wheel set. Foil wrapped and blind packaged, each packet will contain one wheel featuring one of eight fan favorite GPK characters. Word on the street is that there will be a chase wheel to collect, as well as a “Super” rare, one-off wheel, hidden away in just one of these bags, ready to be busted out and released to the world.

Designed to be displayed as collectibles, these are 100% authentic, high performance skateboarding wheels, and so if the mood takes you, you can slap these 53mmx33mm street wheels to your deck and get riding.

As if that were not intriguing enough, just two weeks later, May 14th will see the first actual skateboard release from GetaGripSkateboards (“GAGS”). A Limited-Edition deck of just 300 quantity – USA printed and made. Expect a first glimpse of this deck design a week after the wheels drop – but wait, there’s more! We caught up with the two mysterious founders of GAGS, Ray Decay and Dead Ted (possibly not their real names!), and they let the cat out of the bag that there would be a further 5 deck release (with a twist!) very soon after that – and even more decks, more wheels and clothing too, in the pipeline!

Ray and Ted also explained how this unique partnership came about: “Get a Grip Skateboards was EXPLICITLY formed out of an incomprehensible addiction and passion for GPK. We liked what Santa Cruz did with their decks back in 2017, but we felt that the story was left unfinished. We approached Topps and asked them if we could write the next chapter in the GPK Skateboard history book, and luckily for us, they said, heck yeah!”

The GAGS founders went on to say: “We are collector’s first and foremost. We had a dream; we are living it right now, and it is time for you to get a grip, get on board, buckle up and join us for one helluva joy ride!”

Ira Friedman, Topps VP of Global Licensing, goes on to say: “The GetaGrip Team oozes tenacity and creativity, which is why we chose to work with them in the first place. Now that we’ve seen what they have planned over the next 12 months, we’re just super stoked to be on this journey with them.” 

Series 1 GPK Collector Wheels go on sale from May 1st – exclusively from www.GetaGripSkateboards.com

FYE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Soda

FYE is at it again with the GPK consumables. Collector Nick Cornelison was first to spot a brand new GPK branded soda inside his local FYE store. Adam Bomb’s Nuclear Sunrise Orange Soda is being sold in individual bottles within the GPK section for $3.99 each. No word yet if the bottle will be sold on the FYE website. Be sure to check your local FYE to quench your thirst!

Pre-order Available for GPK x WWE The Loyal Subjects Figures

The Loyal Subjects Garbage Paul Kids x WWE figures that have been teased for a few weeks now, are available to preorder on Walmart’s website. There are four figures in the collection. Savage Randy, Gigantic Andre, Seething Steve, and Unraveled Warrior are each available for $16.99. The company used previous artwork from Joe Simko and Brent Engstrom and turned that into full figures. The figures will only be available in Walmart stores and online. Walmart’s website lists 7/1/21 as the live date for the figures.

Pinfinity Set to Launch GPK x Madballs Pin Sets

Earlier this year, Topps and Cloudco announced a partnership that would see the launch of cards and products related to a Garbage Paul Kids x Madballs crossover. Collectors will soon get the chance to add those products to their collections. First to market looks to be Pinfinity, who is set to launch three pin sets for the mashup. Last week Pinfinity added an early access notification page for the pins to their website, where collectors can be notified when the pins will be available. The pins are titled Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids. Each of the pin sets will come with one GPK pin and one Madballs pin. The pins are Oculus Orbus vs. Starrin Darren, Sy Clops vs. Horn Head, and Lock Lips vs. Adam Bomb. Just like the rest of their pins, the Madballs vs GPK collection will come to life with Augmented Reality experiences when scanned with their free-to-download Pinfinity app. The pins will only be available to purchase on Pinfinity’s website. Each pin set will sell for $19.99. The pins will be available starting April 15, 2021. This is just the first of what will be many products throughout spring and summer for GPK and Madballs fans.

GPK Nation Debuts New Merchandise Logo as Pin Set

GPK Nation is back with with new officially licensed products for collectors. After a few weeks with the weekly pin launches, the company is ready with some new products. Set to arrive this Tuesday, 3/30 at 1:00 PM EST will be a 3 pin set featuring a new Garbage Paul Kids merchandise logo. This will be the debut of a logo that Topps plans to use on future licenses merchandise products. Additionally, the next weekly pin, Beth Death, will also launch at the same time.

Collectors can also still purchased the latest coin. In a surprise launch this past Saturday the company launched a large 3 inch Adam Bomb coin. The gray coin is limited to /50 copies. There will eventually be 6 different color versions of the coin offered. This first version is still available for $29.99 on GPK Nation. Get it now before it disappears.

The Loyal Subjects Shares Images of Upcoming GPK x WWE Figures

The Loyal Subjects shared images of their upcoming figures for their GPK x WWE mashup on their Instagram account. The figures are shows in their packaging, and include a display within the box. The company is releasing four figures, Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Andre the Giant. The figures will be sold at Wal-Mart only. While a release date hasn’t been announced, the company’s Instagram say they would be released very soon.