R.L. Stine to Write Series on Garbage Pail Kids

Entertainment Weekly reports this morning that author R.L. Stine has signed a 3 book deal to write a series of books based on the Garbage Pail Kids. Aimed at Middle Schoolers, the series will debut this fall with the first book, Welcome to Smellville and bile published by Amulet Books. R.L. Stine is known for his hugely popular Goosebumps series of books. GPK artist Joe Simko has drawn the cover art, while former GPK artist and editor Jeff Zapata will illustrate the inside. The first book is available for pre-order on Amazon now for 14.99. The description for the book reads:

Goosebumps creator R. L. Stine teams up with the pop-culture phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids for a first-ever GPK illustrated middle-grade series
Welcome to the town of Smellville, where nine kids all live in a big tumbledown house and have as much fun as they possibly can. People may think that they’re gross and weird and strange, but they’re not bad kids—they just don’t know any better. In this hilarious new series from bestselling author R. L. Stine, the Garbage Pail Kids—from Adam Bomb to Brainy Janie—get into mischief at their middle school, all while battling bullies and their archenemies, Penny and Parker Perfect. These all-new illustrated stories are sure to amuse, entertain, and blow away readers of all ages. Bonus: includes four exclusive Garbage Pail Kids stickers!

Each book will also come with 4 exclusive GPK cards. This is a huge deal for the Garbage Pail Kids brand and Topps. This is how the brand can hit the mainstream big. According to Amazon the book will be available Oct. 6, 2020.

Box Art for Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly Surfaces

Yesterday toy distributor ACD posted their pre-order for USAoploy’s upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly board game. Along with the pre-order comes a picture of the box art for the game. Artwork for the game was completed by GPK artist Joe Simko. The box features a GPK version of Monopoly mascot Uncle Pennybags, along with classic GPK characters. The description for the game says it will come with 6 game tokens:

Relive the totally awesome 80’s with the MONOPOLY®: Garbage Pail Kids game! This game has the classic sticker artwork and new custom illustrations for a new generation of fans. Comes with 6 custom tokens.

USAopoly still hasn’t officially announced their partnership with Topps, however the game was first revealed in an article last year discussing plans for GPK licensing in 2020. No other information about the game was revealed, including a release date. The game is not yet available to pre-order to collectors. GPKNews has reached out to USAopoly for additional information. They are planning on sharing more info sometime in February on the game.

Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK 2019 Was the Worst #6

Topps is a little quicker with the results this week. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids 2019 Was the Worst #6 Kat Fight. The card celebrating the meme of 2019 sold 639 copies. That’s in line with recent cards and is the 3rd highest selling card to date. More to come as the week advances.

GreenLight Shares Images of Series 2 GPK Die-Cast Cars

Yesterday via their Facebook page, GreenLight Collectibles shared the deco sample images for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 die-cast cars. Once again the upcoming cars will come with cards. The first 5 are all reprints, but the 6th is a brand new character, with artwork completed by GPK artist Joe Simko. The cars are available for pre-order now via many online dis-cast car websites. They will be in stores in March 2020.

WWE Launches Garbage Pail Kids Socks

WWE continues to get their money’s worth from the license with Topps for Garbage Pail Kids. Today they launched a new line of socks. The artwork, done by Joe Simko and Brent Engstrom was preciously used on cards and other apparel. There are eight pairs of adult socks, and 6 youth socks available. The characters featured are; Steve Austin (Adult only), Rhonda Rousey (Adult Only), John Cena, Seth Rollins, Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Randy Savage, and the Rock. Each pair of socks costs $19.99. These might be the perfect stocking stuffers for the GPK collector in your life.

FYE Announces Garbage Pail Kids Hot Sauce

Yesterday was National Hot Sauce day. FYE is taking that to heart with their announcement that Garbage Pail Kids hot sauces will be coming soon. The sauces were first announced on their blog, but now are also showing up on their online store as coming soon. For $5.99 a bottle, collectors can get their hands on Hot Scott’s Infernal Fire or Adam Bomb’s Nuclear Meltdown sauces. There will also be Nasty Nick’s Mouth-Impaler Garlic and Fryin Ryan’s Tongue-Destroyer flavors available as well. While there is no release date announced these should be available shortly giving they are already listed in the online store.

Super7 Launches 2nd Printing of Universal Monsters X Garbage Pail Kids

Earlier this year at their San Diego Comic Con off-site store, Super7 launched their extremely popular Universal Monsters X Garbage Pail Kids set. The packs sold out quickly, leaving collectors to spend a lot of money to collect the set on the secondary market. Super7 decided to have a 2nd printing of the set done. Packs went on sale this evening at Super7’s online store.The set  has the same exact 24 cards as the first set. However, this time the 6 card packs are wrapped in a green wrapper, and have ** printed on the backs of the cards to denote the 2nd printing. Suoer7 is limiting sales to 6 packs per coustomer, and warns that duplicate orders will be cancelled. Suoer7 also does not guarantee a complete set when purchasing packs. Now’s the chance for collectors to put together one of the most popular sets of the year.


Topps Going All In in 2020 for Garbage Pail Kids 35th Anniversary

According to an article published yesterday in ICV2.com, Topps is planning a huge push next year for Garbage Pail Kids and their 35th anniversary. Topps has big plans with both licensees and promotions.

New licensees will include USAopoly, they will produce a GPK themed Monopoly board game. Abrams book publisher will be back, this time with middle-school themed books. Previously announced companies Chalkline and Just Funky will join a new name, Surreal Entertainment, in producing licensed merchandise. The previous licensees; Geeki Tikis, Super 7, Ripple Junction, Mondo, FYE Consumables, Creepy Co., Fright Rags, are also mentioned as coming out with new items in 2020.

For the first time in years, Topps will actually put some marketing power behind the brand. According to the article Topps will be sending GPK characters to trade shows and comic conventions next year. The article also mentioned they will be showcasing the art and the artists at those shows. Also Topps is planning on launching dedicated social media channels, and a new website.

Finally mentioned in the article, and confirmed by Jam Studios, Topps has agreed to partner with Jam Studios to being a “whole batch” of new animated GPK shorts. Strangely, there was no mention os plans for the actual card sets in 2020. Buckle in, next year is going to be busy…

Super7 Launches Universal Monsters X GPK Shirts at Hot Topic Online

Super7 is continuing to use their Topps Garbage Pail Kids license, this time with t-shirts. Four new shirts are being offered at the Hot Topic online store only using some of the same artwork used earlier in the year for the Universal Monsters x Garbage Pail Kids card set. All artwork was completed by GPK artist Joe Simko. Both Freaky Frank and Drag Zac are available with name plates on a black shirt. The Black Lagoon character is available on a light blue shirt, while the black and white ad card is featured on a black shirt. The shirts are available is sizes S-3x, a and retail for anywhere from $24.90-$28.90 depending on size. Of course Hot Topic has their usual buy one get one 50% off sale on t-shirts going on now as well. Get them now before they are gone!

Greenlight Reveals First Images of Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Diecast Cars

Greenlight Collectibles today revealed the flat artwork for their upcoming Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Diecast cars. While the images don’t show the final artwork, it gives collectors a good idea of the color schemes and what the cars will look like. Also included in the pictures are the cards that will come with each car. The Unaware Aaron card from the Taxi is brand new artwork completed by GPK artist Joe Simko. The cars are expected to hit retailers in Feb. 2020. Here’s the checklist along with artwork.

• 54030-A: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Greaser Greg – 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air with Flames
• 54030-B: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Hippie Skippy – 1964 Volkswagen Samba Bus
• 54030-C: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Hitchhike Mike – 1965 Nissan Patrol
• 54030-D: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Frye Day – 1970 Jeep CJ-5
• 54030-E: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Travellin’ Travis – 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
• 54030-F: 1:64 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 – Unaware Aaron – 1970 Checker Motors Marathon A11 GPK Taxi Co.