Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover Set

For the first time in quite a while the clock ran out on an online GPK set without selling out. Today Topps revealed the print run for On Demand #18 Garbage Pail Kids X GPK Takeover. The set ended up selling 1211 copies. No word from Topps if that includes the sets sold at this years New York Comic Con. While the set sold just higher than the last On Demand set, it becomes the first On Demand GPK offer with sketches to not sell out since the first GPK Classic set. Why didn’t it sell out? There are a number if possible reasons. Did offering it a week prior at NYCC with little marketing and not letting customers know it would be listing online after hurt sales? Word of the set did not leak prior to NYCC, the lack of marketing ahead of time is sure to hurt sales. Or maybe 1200 is the limit of what Topps can expect from a GPK online set. Regardless of reason there are roughly 400 sets, along with 200 sketches that will be destined for the shredders. It will be interesting to see how Topps handles the next On Demand set, as well as the next convention offering.

Topps Now Offering On Demand #18 2019 Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover

Update 10/9/19: In trying to figure out a production run I asked around to the various sketch artists. Here’s how many sketches each completed for the set; Brewer (52), Jasmine Contois (52), Dan Contois (52), Crosby (52), Cortez (52), Grotesque (50), Fitchett (52), Garvey (52), Gortakowski (51), Jimenez (52), Molinelli (52), Scubas (50), Nygma (25), Sumner (50). and Williams (50). As of this writing only Neil Camera hasn’t responded. But it can be assumed he was asked to do between 50-52. Based on the ones we know about it comes to 744 sketches. If you add in 52 for Camera we get 796. Its right up there very close to 800 sketches for the set. If there were 800 sketches, that means 1600 base sets. This would be the highest produced of the On Demand online sets to date. For the C sets, 1600 sets / 10 cards in set = 160 “C” name sets. Green sets, 1600 sets * 3 greens per set = 4800 green cards / 20 in set = 240 green sets. Pink sets, 1600 set * 2 pinks per set = 3200 pink cards / 20 in set = 160 pinks sets. So to recap:

  • Base sets: 1600
  • Green Sets: 240
  • Pink Sets: 160
  • C Sets: 160
  • Sketches: 800

Fresh off this year’s New York Comic Con, Topps is now selling their On Demand #18 2019 Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover set online. The set is exactly like what was sold at NYCC, without the promo card. The 20 card set features 10 new pieces (with a/b versions) of artwork completed by Joe Simko. In addition to the base set, collectors also receive 3 green parallels, 2 pink parallels, 1 C name card, and a 1:2 chance at a sketch card. The set sells for the same price as NYCC at $40. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. Purchases are limited to 50 sets. The sets are available on for 7 days or until sold out.

Topps had sold out of sets pretty quickly at NYCC according to collectors attending the event. Topps only brought a limited number of sets to the con, while holding back the rest for online sales. As part of the online listing Topps did reveal the names of the 16 artists that did sketches for the set. Sketch artists are; John Brewer, Neil Camera, Jasmine Contois, Dan Contois, Sebastian Cortez, Jason Crosby, Joe Grotesque, Joey Fitchett, K GRiMM, Dennis Gortakowski, Robert Jimenez, Rich Molinelli, Anthony Skubis, B. Nygma, Floydman, and Gavin Williams. Artists were asked to complete 52 sketches, but some completed less. I’ll update this article with more details when available.

Here is a checklist for the set in addition to some pictures of the cards.

1. New Wave DAVE/Graffiti PETEY
2. Smelly SALLY/Fishy PHYLLIS
3. KIM Kong/ANNA Banana
4. Spilt KIT/Mixed-Up MITCH
5. Slobby ROBBIE/Fat MATT
7. Greaser GREG/CHRIS Hiss
8. Travelin’ TRAVIS/Flat TYLER
9. Up CHUCK/Heavin’ STEVEN
10. MATT Rat/RACHEL Rodent

Topps Updates Customers on GPK Scratch & Stink Shipping

It’s been more than a month since sales of the online exclusive Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink set ended. Collectors who purchased the set have been wondering when shipments would began. Today Topps supplied an answer. In an email sent to customers who purchased the set, Topps apologized for the shipping delay. They said sets would begin to arrive in collectors mailboxes next week. This isn’t the first time an online GPK set has seen shipping delays. Last year’s On Demand GPK Memes saw some customer’s sets delayed by weeks. Hopefully collectors will get the full aroma of the set by this time next week.

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

It took just over 4 days for the latest online Garbage Pail Kids set to sell out. While this was the longest any of the recent online sets have taken to sell out, there is a reason. The print run is higher. Today, after the clock ran out, Topps revealed the print run for 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. According to Topps a total of 1200 sets sold. This marks the high number for any of the recent online offerings. Topps planned for this with ordering additional sketches from artists. We are now able to figure out the print run information based on the sales regulars.

  • Green Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 2 greens per set = 2400 total greens / 20 cards in set = 120 of each Green parallel
  • Pink Parallels – 1200 Base sets * 1 pink per set = 1200 total pinks / 20 cards in set = 60 of each Pink parallel
  • Scratch & Stink Inserts – 1200 Base sets * 1 S&S per set = 1200 total S&S cards / 10 cards in set = 120 of each S&S card

The greens stay the same as the previous Valentine’s set because each set comes with one less green this time. Pinks and the Insert set print runs are higher this time around. We also know the majority of the sketch card artists on the set. After asking around the following 12 artists completed sketches for the set, (included are the number of sketches they completed). David Acevedo (62), Neil Camera (30), Brent Engstrom (30), Jon Gregory (72), David Gross (30), Lowell Isaac (60), Joe McWilliams (30), Rich Molinelli (30), Barry Nygma (31), Jay O’Leary (72), Chad Scheres (62), and Floyd Sumner (62). Since sketches come 1:2 sets we know there should be 600 sketches. The numbers above account for 571 of those sketches. So, there may be one additional artist that hasn’t come forward yet.

Topps Launches 2019 On Demand Set #11 Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink

Update: I heard back from Topps. Each order comes with:

  • 20 card base set (10 a/b)
  • 2 Green parallels
  • 1 Pink Parallel
  • 1 Scratch & Sniff Card (Not a sticker)
  • 1:2 chance at a sketch

Topps says they will be updating their listing online.

Original article…

Its time to smell your Garbage Pail Kids! Today Topps launched 2019 On Demand Set #11 – Garbage Pail Kids Scratch & Stink. The brand new online set appears to come with 10 new pieces of art available in a/b names for a 20 card base set. The listing from Topps is very confusing, so its not clear what cards come with an order. They show the checklist as being 1-20. However, the cards pictured show 2a, 3a, etc. Based on the actual names listed it appears #11 is really card 1b, #12 is card 2b, etc. I believe the set is 20 base cards. The artwork for the set was completed by Joe Simko, David Gross, Brent Engstrom, Joe McWilliams, and Neil Camera. The cards themselves are all numbered on the front and have brand new back artwork with awards.

The listing says the set comes with 23 cards, 1 Scratch & Stink card, and a 1:2 chance at a sketch. There is no explanation for what the other 3 cards you get in an order is. The example pictures show a green and pink parallel. Topps doesn’t state how many of each come with an order. There is also no information on the scarcity of the green and pink parallels like previous sets. The Scratch & Stink cards, which should actually smell, look to be replacing the previous “C” cards in the recent online sets. The picture of the example one shows they are numbered with an “s” after the number, and the set has 10 total cards. There is no checklist listed for the sketch artists, it is currently unknown how many artists were invited to do sketches for the online set. I’ve reached out to Topps for clarification, if they respond the article will be updated.

Each set is available for $40. Free shipping is available if you choose the SmartPost option at checkout. The set is available on for 7 days. Topps is limiting purchases to 50 per customer this time, up from 20 the previous set. Topps should reveal the print run at the completion of the sale. Here is the checklist list as listed and some picture examples.

  1. Dorian Fruit (1a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  2. Moth Bill (2a) – Artist: Joe Simko
  3. Milly Dew (3a) – Artist: David Gross
  4. Wet Doug (4a) – Artist: David Gross
  5. Harrison Fire (5a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  6. Trashy Candy (6a) – Artist: Joe McWilliams
  7. Death Breath Seth (7a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  8. Farmin’ Francis (8a) – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  9. Tear-Jerk Kirk (9a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  10. Chummy Chad (10a) – Artist: Neil Camera
  11. Durian Ian (1b)
  12. Martha Ball (2b)
  13. Musty Maddie (3b)
  14. Phil-thy Animal (4b)
  15. Meltin’ Milton (5b)
  16. Darlene Dump (6b)
  17. Garlic Garth (7b)
  18. Maynard Manure (8b)
  19. Reeky Ricky (9b)
  20. Funky Fin (10b)


Topps Working on New Online Set

Last last night one of the Garbage Pail Kids sketch artists posted on Facebook previously unseen sketch blanks. The blanks appear to belong to an upcoming online offering from Topps. There aren’t many other details that have been revealed about the set. Based on posts from many former sketch artists, only a select number of artists were invited to complete sketches for this set. The title and/or theme of the set appears to be 2019 Scratch & Stink. Will the cards have a scratch & sniff concept to them? Topps previously offered scratch and sniff cards during the ANS sets. The blanks have a light green name plate on the front, with a light/dark green banner. The backs have a camo color scheme on the back with the title 2019 Scratch & Stink. This is the first time sketch artists are being used for an online set, that aren’t also main card artists, since the GPK Classic set almost two years ago. Topps hasn’t revealed any information about the set, including any possible release dates or configuration. Keep checking the Topps online store daily to get your hands on the next online set.

Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK x WWE Online Set

Have you ever wondered how well professional wrestling and Garbage Pail Kids would do if they were combined? Topps has revealed the print run for their 13 card GPK x WWE crossover set. The set featured only single cards, (no a/b names), and the artwork was also used on t-shirts sold at and Spencer’s. The set struck a cord with collectors and had the highest online sales since 2016. The set ended up selling 1028 copies. This is the third highest online sales ever for a GPK product, just behind the first Disgrace to the White House card, and the initial Iowa Caucus online set. These sales numbers blow away any holiday or political sets Topps has done the last 4 years. 2019 has proven to be a very successful year so far for Topps GPK online. Between the coloring book, on demand sets, and the WWE set Topps is selling more GPK online than they ever have before. With numbers like these I would expect future GPK x WWE crossover sets.

Topps Launches WWE X GPK Online Set

Fresh off the announcement by WWE this morning of shirts being available at and Spencer’s gifts, Topps decided to launch their wrestling themed GPK set a day early. Today Topps launched WWE X GPK 13  sticker online set. The set features 13 cards of past and present WWE superstars turned into GPK characters. Joe Simko and Brent did all the artwork on the cards. The cards have numbers and the “peel here” arrow on the fronts. Unlike a traditional GPK set each character only has one card. The WWE announcement from today said the cards would launch on Mar. 12, but it looks like Topps decided to get the ball rolling a day early. The set is available for $24.99.  Shipping is free in the US, while international shipping varies. It will be available for 29 days at Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist and pictures from Topps & WWE of the cards.

1. Gigantic ANDRE (Simko)
2. Breakin’ BECKY (Simko)
3. C-Thru CENA (Engstrom)
4. Savage RANDY (Simko)
5. Mixed-Up MICK (Engstrom)
6. Mouthy MIZ & Maryse (Simko)
7. Slick RICK (Engstrom)
8. Rowdy RONDA (Engstrom)
9. Brawlin’ ROLLINS (Engstrom)
10. Seething STEVE (Engstrom)
11. Chipped ROCK (Simko)
12. Unravelled WARRIOR (Simko)
13. Undead TAKER (Engstrom)

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2019 GPK Not-Scars Set

Award season ended last weekend as the yearly Academy Awards show passed out the Oscars. After skipping the first batch of awards shows, Topps released an online exclusive set based on this years Oscars. Today Topps revealed the print run for the 2019 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars online set. In total the set sold 375 copies. While the number is down from the recent On Demand releases, it’s a great number for an awards set. In fact this is the highest selling awards set Topps has produced. Collectors quickly sold out recent On Demand releases such as Valentine’s is Gross, and the GPK Coloring Book. This set did not contain any sketches or parallels and thus was not limited. The set was for sale the entire 7 days on With the set being a surprise launch it will be interesting to see where Topps puts their online focus the remainder of the year. We most certainly will see additional On Demand sets, but with record numbers for the awards set, surely more of those types of sets will be on the way?

Topps Launches 2019 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars Online Set

Just when you thought Topps was done with awards sets…Today Topps launched 2019 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars online set. This is a surprise from Topps. Topps seemingly was skipping over the awards season this year. But after three hugely successful On Demand GPK releases, Topps seems to be taking a step back to the awards sets of the past couple of years. This year’s 12 card set features six new paintings, (available in a/b versions), all completed by artist David Gross. The gags all parody many of the best picture nominees for this weekend’s upcoming Academy Awards show. Unlike the most recent Valentine’s set, there is no new back card art for this set. Card numbers and the “peel here” arrow will be appearing on the fronts. The entire set can be purchased for $24.99 in the brand new Garbage Pail Kids Online section of Shipping in the US is free, while international shipping varies. The set will be available online  for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist.

1A. Gashed GAGA
1B. Starstruck STEFANI
2A. Bathroom Break BRADLEY
2B. A STAN is Born
3A. Bohemian RAMI
3B. Flossing FREDDIE
4A. THEA Favourite
4B. EMMA Execution
5A. Deranged DICK
5B. Crackpot CHRISTIAN
6A. Host LES
6B.NOAH Host