Topps Launches GPK Summer Comic Convention Online Set

For the first time in years Topps is not offering exclusive GPK cards at the San Diego Comic Con going on this week. However, that doesn’t mean Topps is ignoring the comics world completely. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Summer Comic Convention online set. The 10 card set consists of 4 new GPK cards with a/b versions, and 2 Wacky Packages cards. The cards are all based on popular comics. In a bit of a surprise the complete set is available for $19.99, this is quite a bit cheaper than recent online sets have be sold for. Individual cards are not available. Shipping is free in the US by using the SmartPost option, while international shipping is $10. The cards will be available for 7 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist and pictures of the cards.

1a: I Have the POWELL (Artist: Simko)
1b: Activated ADAM
2a: Lazy LIONEL (Artist: Simko)
2b: Thunder KAT
3a: Unmasked MATT (Artist: Engstrom)
3b: Tricky TRAKKER
4a: CHASE Hugger (Artist: Engstrom)
4b: AL-iens
5: RoboCorpse 3 Poster (Artist: Camera)
6: Itchie Comics (Artist: Jimenez)


Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK 4th of July Online Set

All has been quiet on the Topps online store for over a week. It appears Topps took a break for the holiday last week, and did not offer any new online sets. The last set offered focused on that vary American holiday. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids 4th of July online set. The 9 card set consisted of 3 GPKs with a/b versions, and 3 Wacky Packages. In a first for offering online sets, Topps did not offer the ability to purchased individual cards. The only way to get cards was to buy the entire set from Topps. In the long run the decision didn’t seem to hurt sales as the numbers for the set came in right around what other sets have been doing. The set finished with 119 total sold. Daily cards are no longer being offered, instead Topps will focus on offering similar smaller online sets. There is no telling how often Topps will offers sets. Expect Topps to continue to celebrate holidays, award ceremonies, and other noteworthy events.


Topps to Stop Daily GPK Themed Cards, Move to Weekly Sets

Yesterday artists begin receiving word from Topps that they will no longer be producing daily Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages cards. Wednesday’s cards served as the final daily offerings from Topps for the foreseeable future. Instead, Topps will focus on smaller weekly online sets.

The daily cards were based off Topps’ popular Topps Now Baseball Card program started in early 2016. While Topps had been selling smaller GPK sets online, their first daily cards appeared in the GPK Disg-Race to the While house set that took aim at the presidential election. More daily sets were launched by Topps including two Trumpocracy sets, GPK Network Spews, Wacky Packages Alternate Facts, and the Twister set.

There was no overarching reason supplied to the artists on why the daily cards were ending. A number of reasons could certainly be in play. Sales have fallen constantly since the first release of the cards. Collectors have complained about too much political focus, over saturation of the market, along with artwork from certain artists that seems rushed. With sales falling often below 100, it may no longer have made sense financially to offer daily cards.

The focus will now turn to weekly smaller online sets, similar to ones offered in the past. Past sets focused on the holidays, awards shows, TV, and musicians. While sets might not appear every week, you can expect similar themes. More than likely sets will continue to see GPKs mixed with Wacky Packages. With limited political cards, less cards offered, and possibly more time for artists to complete cards, it will be interesting to see if sales start to rise.


Topps Launches GPK 4th of July Online Set

Topps focus on smaller online sets continues with today’s release. Today Topps announced Garbage Pail Kids 4th of July online set. The set features 3 new pieces of GPK artwork in a/b pairs, as well as 3 Wacky Packages cards. All cards are new parodies of various American historical figures. It appears that Topps is no longer offering the cards individually, you can only purchased the entire 9 card set fro $29.99. Shipping is free in the US via the SmartPost option, while international shipping is $10. The cards will be available for 7 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards, (Note Topps did not show a picture for card #9 in the listing.)

  • 1a. JOHN Hancocky (Artist – Michael Barnard)
  • 1b. Hubristic HANCOCK
  • 2a. Smashed SAM (Artist – Simone Arena)
  • 2b. Ale ADAMS
  • 3a. Independence DON (Artist – Michael Barnard)
  • 3b. Take-Off TRUMP
  • 7. George Washington Grill
  • 8. Lincoln Legs (Artist – Robert Jimenez)
  • 9. Fourth Fingers

Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Summer Time TV Online Set

Last week Topps revisited last year’s Prime Slime TV set, with a special set based off of this summer’s popular TV shows. Today Topps released the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Summer Time TV online set. The 10 card set featured 3 new pieces of artwork available in a/b pairs, and 4 Wacky Packages cards. Except for one Wacky card, all cards in the sent ended in the mid 120’s in sales. This topped the previous week’s set based on James Comey. After taking a long break from these smaller separate sets, Topps seems to be returning focus to these along side the daily GPK cards. Here is how each card finished for the Summer Time TV set.

  • 7. TWIN FREAKS – 128
  • 8. SHAME OF THRONES – 129
  • 9. SHARKNADA – 140
  • 10. BIG BOTHER – 128