Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 80’s Expansion Set Week 1

The latest six week expansion series based off a previous retail set kicked off sales last week. After ending earlier today, Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 80’s Expansion Set Week 1. The set sold a total of 1,499 copies. Those numbers just just a handful less than the 90’s week one set sold. It has to be considered a success considering how many new GPK products were launched last week. Proving GPK collectors love the 80’s.

Retail Odds for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms

It’s happening, Topps is releasing new GPKs! Fresh off of today’s checklist release from Topps, the first cards from 2022 Series 1 Book Worms have surfaced. Thanks to GPK breaker Scott Calvert for sending along pictures of the Retail Display odds. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel Calvert’s Cards. The first bit of good news is there are “B” name cards. Topps left those off the checklist as an error. At fist glance the odds look to be all over the place. Odds for plates and especially the Gold parallels seem to be very long. However, auto and sketch odds are much better. Odds for Green parallels don’t appear on the pack, but do fall 1 per pack. Without seeing odds for all pack types it’s not known yet what print run numbers could be. It’s also not clear yet if parallel odds are overstated by double as is usual for GPK, more info to come. Odds for Mega Boxes will be added to this post once available.

Update: Mega boxes have just started surfacing it appears. Thanks to GPK Collector Michael Zigon for sending the heads up to a listing on the Mercari marketplace. Not much is known yet on the contents, but the back of the box does have odds. The exclusive insert set Gross Adaptations does have two different odds, one for regular cards 1:2 and another for exclusive 1:6. The checklist supplied by Topps lists two different Gross Adaptations exclusives, one Mega Box and one Mega Box toy aisle. The box listed on Mercari doesn’t seem have any distinguishing characteristics. More info on GPKNews as it’s available. Odds for Mega Boxes is below.

2022S1 GPK Book Worms Mega Box Odds

  • Moby Dick Gray 1:183
  • Fool’s Gold Scratch n Sniff 1:727
  • Printing Plate 1:29,166
  • Artist Autograph 1:1055
  • Gross Adaptations Insert 1:2
  • Exclusive 1:6

2022S1 GPK Book Worms Retail Display Odds

  • Moby Dick Gray 1:183
  • Sleep Drool Blue 1:57
  • Fool’s Gold Scratch n Sniff 1:727
  • Printing Plate 1:16,834
  • Artist Autograph 1:228
  • Authors of Their Own Misfortune 1:3
  • Regular Sketch 1:186

Collector Box Odds for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms

We are still a couple of days from the official release of 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms, but boxes are starting to show up in collector’s hands. Thanks to collector Kayla Caratachea for sending along the odds for the Collector pack. Despite reports of smaller production for this set, the odds say otherwise. Black borders do appear 1 per pack as advertised, and do not show on the odds. Odds for reds, golds, patch cards and shaped sketches are significantly higher than Food Fight. It’s too hard to tell yet if parallel odds are overstated by double as not enough boxes have been busted to tell trends. The advertised Iron On patches do come as one per Box Toppers, despite Topps leaving those off the checklist. Once Mega boxes odds are located I’ll have articles going over production numbers in the days ahead.

2022S1 GPK Book Worms Collector Pack Odds

  • Moby Dick Gray 1:183
  • Red Herring 1:54
  • Fool’s Gold Scratch n Sniff 1:726
  • Printing Plate 1:1,480
  • Artist Autograph 1:36
  • Wacky Packages Prose 1:24
  • GPK Patch Card 1:203
  • Blue Patch Parallel 1:406
  • Red Patch Parallel 1:536
  • Gold Patch Parallel 1:804
  • FoilFractor 1:38,475
  • Shaped Sketch 1:366
  • Tryptych Sketch 1:2,654
  • Iron-On Patch 1:24
  • Book Marked! 1:24

Dynamite Comics Reveals Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Issue #4

The four issue comic series pitting two iconic 80’s brands is coming to a conclusion. Dynamite Comics has revealed the info for the final Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids issue #4. Like with previous issues, it is written by Sholly Fisch with art by Jason Crosby. There are covers once again from Jason Crosby, Joe Simko, and a trading card variant cover. There are sure to be a number of other variant covers revealed soon. The description for the final issue reads, “This issue: the momentous conclusion with a full-length story… don’t miss “Family Feud”!” The comic will be available soon to preorder wherever comics are sold. Issue #4 of Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids is set to hit store shelves on 10/19/22.

GetAGrip Skateboards Launching Joe Blow Deck Today

GetAGrip Skateboards is back with another deck launch today. The company announced their Joe Blow character deck will be launching at 1:00 PM EST today at their website. Based on the advertisement photo the deck appears to come in three different colors; yellow, pink, and blue, with a simple Joe Blow in the middle. Each deck comes with two grip tapes, one of two different banner tapes, and one of two different character tapes. There is also a Joe Blow card, and two bubble gum air fresheners. No pricing is available yet for the deck. The week of GPK releases continue.

Topps Reveals 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms Checklist

We are one week away from the release of the first GPK retail set in 17 months. Today Topps revealed the checklist for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms. GPK retail sets have been delayed due to printer and sticker/card stock shortages due to Covid and increased demand in the trading card industry. The base set is listed on the checklist as 1-100 with only one column of names. GPKNews is checking with Topps to see if the “B” names were left off in error, or if base set is only 100 cards. **Update: B cards exist based on an early box break this evening.** The checklist also shows a 32 piece puzzle, and 6 9-card character name puzzles. These are the puzzles for the back of the cards.

There are of course plenty of inserts that are exclusive to different pack types. Although due to sticker stock shortages, Topps cancelled Value Box (Blasters) from the series, eliminating the GPK Gets Graphic insert set. That artwork may find life in the future as part of a different offering. Retail Display packs are being made, and will be the place to find the 10 card Author’s of Their Own Misfortune insert set with artwork done by Tom Bunk. According to the checklist the Gross Adaptations insert set might be found in multiple pack types. The insert set is listed as 25 cards, 1-15 are separated from 16-20, which are labeled as a Walmart MB Exclusive, while 21-25 are labeled as a Walmart MB Toy Aisle exclusive. It appears there might be two different types of Mega Boxes offered at Walmart, while the first 15 cards of the set are available in multiple pack types. The ever popular Collector packs have a number of inserts; 8 card Wacky Package Prose (1 per box), 5 card Book Marked! (1 per box), and the 10 card GPK Patch Card insert set. The Iron-on patches advertised on the sell sheet do not appear in the checklist.

Topps had the four final card artists; Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, David Gross, and Joe McWilliams sign autos once again for the set. However, the number of autos signed increased tremendously. Each artist signed 170 autos per card(!), 160 for pack insertion, and 10 for replacements. In a change, the autos were not numbered on the card when received by the artists. It’s not known if Topps decided to insert all the autos into the product, given Value boxes were cancelled. Topps did not include an official sketch card artist checklist. GPKNews is working to try to obtain the official list. In the meantime, GPKNews has confirmed 59 sketch artists, with one being new to GPK. Those numbers could change with the release of the product. You can find the official checklist for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms in PDF form here.

Garbage Pail Kids Release Date Updates

Topps today sent out their regular email to update distributors on release dates for sets through October of this year. There are plenty of GPK updates to share!

First, updates on what didn’t change. 2022S1 Book Worms and 2021 Chrome OS 4, remain with their current set release dates. Book Worms should be shipping from Topps, and remains with a 7/27/22 release date. Chrome OS 4 also remains with the 8/24/22 release date. Now for what did change. 2021S2 GPK Vacation has been updated to “TBD Sept.” Sticker stock shortages have continuing to cause future retail releases to slip.

The big news from this week’s email was the addition of 2022S2 GPK. That set has not officially been announced by Topps yet. The set is listed with a release date of 10/26/22. Artists have recently completed artwork for the set. So more GPK sets are on the horizon as Topps tried to get back on the regular release schedule.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 80’s Expansion Set Week 1

Totally rad! GPKs are going back to the 80’s in the latest online series from Topps. Today they launched Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the 80’s Expansion Set Week 1. This will be the second six week online series based off a previously released retail set. The original We Hate the 80’s set was launched back in 2018. This week’s set has 10 cards, 5 new pieces in a/b versions. Artists David Gross and Brent Engstrom are handling all the artwork for the expansion series. Each set ordered also comes with one sepia parallel card. The set can be purchased for $19.99 or in a lot of 10 for $179.99. Shipping is free when choosing the economy/SmartPost option. The set is available for 7 days on Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the cards.

Topps Reveals Print Run for Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend

After ending earlier today, Topps revealed the print run for Topps x Ermsy Entertainment Blend. The online series featuring Ermsy’s take on GPKs, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, and Ugly Stickers sold a total of 9,986 packs. Ermsy’s popularity along with the lure of Garbage Pail Kids art proved to be a success for Topps. While not labeled a GPK set, those sales would make it the second highest selling online GPK set, just behind the Gamestonk set from a few years ago. The set was sold in 6 card packs, 5 base cards and 1 “hit”. Based on the total number of packs sold the base card print run can be broken down as follows:

  • Base Sets: 9986 Packs x 5 cards per pack = 49,930 total base cards / 20 cards in set = 2,496 number of base sets

Topps has confirmed with GPKNews that the B Names and Chopped Chase cards are not being printed in the same quantities, so there isn’t a way to determine the print run on those. With only 720 foils and 100 autos, there will be a lot of either the Chopped chase or B names. After this set proved to be successful, it will be interesting to see if Topps does another series with Ermsy, or another outside GPK artist.

Abrams Offering Free Gifts to Preorders of Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook

Abrams announced today they are offering collectors who preorder the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook free gifts. Collectors have until 9/26/22 to fill out the form at Abrams website to receive their free gift pack. The gift pack includes a GPK spatula and three GPK recipe cards. The cards all feature recipes on the backs.

Here’s the info on the promotion from Abrams:

Hungry for some more exclusive @garbagepailkids collectibles? Preorder THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS COOKBOOK and you could receive these limited-edition gifts from @abramskids.

Full details:

Offer good until 9/26/22 or while supplies last. Limit one per person. Offer limited to residents of the 50 U.S. (and D.C.), aged 13 or older. For complete terms and conditions, go to