Topps Reveals Print Run for Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2

After the sale clock officially ended today, Topps revealed the print run for 2021 Topps On Demand #9 Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2. According to Topps, they sold a total of 2,504 sets. This set is the third highest selling online GPK set to date, and top selling On Demand set. It took six days to sell out, but despite longer sketch odds and previous On Demand collation issues, collectors still showed up to purchase. Based on the odds and print runs released for the foil parallels, the sketch odds appear to be slightly better than 1:3. Gold Foils /50, mean there are 1000 total gold foils, while rainbow foils /25, mean there are 500 total rainbow foil cards. If the sketches fall 1:3 sets that should mean 750 sketches and 2250 total sets. Unless Topps adds an unannounced parallel, based on the actually print run, there will be 1004 sketches total inserted. This puts the actual sketch odds at 1:2.5, which should make collectors happy. It looks like Topps will be back to offering various online sets the rest of the year after taking many months off.

Chalkline Launching Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs Collection

The year long collaboration between Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs continues with a new clothing line. Chalkline is set to launch their GPK x Madballs collection tomorrow via their website. The company will be launching two new jackets and two new shorts. All items feature characters from both brands doing battle. While the collaboration hasn’t brought collectors cards or figures yet, a number of associated items have been released this year. The clothing collection will release tomorrow, 9/23, at 12:00 EST.

Philly Non-Sports Card Show Returns at New Location

Update: Here are images of the promo cards that collectors will receive with paid admission (while supplies last).

Garbage Pail Kids collectors can rejoice, the return to in person cons is back! Two years after the last in person event, the Philly Non-Sports Card Show is set to return October 16-17. The show had to cancel the past three events due to the Covid pandemic. The Philly show is the largest non-sports card show in the country. The show will feature a number of changes and adjustments to comply with local safety measures. The biggest change is the venue. The show will be held at The Greater Philadelphia Convention Center (Hall E) in Oaks, PA. Additionally, anyone over 12 years old attending the show, including dealers, must show proof of vaccination. Masks are recommended, but not required.

The show will once again have a heavy GPK presence. GPK final card artists David Gross and Smokin’ Joe McWilliams highlight attending artists that also include Robert Jimenez and Lily Mercado, who have also done online and sketch card work for Garbage Pail Kids. Artist Ingrid Hardy will also be in attendance. GPK collectors also will find Mark Pingitore’s Magic Marker Art booth. Other companies attending are Sidekick Labs, Cryptozoic, Rittenhouse, and the Collector Connection. Collectors attending the show will also be given officially licensed GPK promo cards from artists David Gross and Smokin’ Joe. Kids and adults alike will even be able to take photos with Topps’ GPK Spokesperson, Adam Bomb!

Admission for the show is $10 per day, or $15 for a two day pass. The show will be open Saturday Oct. 16 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and Sunday Oct. 17 from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. There will be no dinner this time, while a card talk session is still TBD. Everyone is sure to have a great time meeting their favorites artists and hanging out with their fellow collectors.

Topps Updates GPK Collector Club Members on Third Gift

Collectors who are part of the year long Garbage Pail Kids Collectors Club begin receiving shipping notices today for set #3. Minutes after notices begin going out, Topps sent an email out to alert collectors of a shipping delay with the included third gift. The email states the gifts are stuck at customs. Topps says the gifts will now ship separately from the card sets, but once they arrive. See picture below for email from Topps.

Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2

A whole new group of GPKs are getting behind the wheel. Today Topps launched 2021 Topps On Demand #9 Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2. Topps made a few changes to how the set is broken down compared to the first set. There are a total of 21 cards in the base set, 10 character names, 10 car names, and 1 header card. Like the first set, all the artwork was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. There are also inserts and parallels to collect. Each set purchased comes with 3 license plate back cards. Each set also comes with either a foil card or a sketch card. This time around sketches are a bit harder to pull at 1:3 sets. Foil parallels come in both Gold (/50) and Rainbow (/25). Sketch artists confirmed so far for the set by Topps are; Neil Camera, Chris Meeks, GPK Nik, Lowell Isaac Hildebrandt , Brandhen Snyder, Darrin Pepe, K. GRIMM, Robert Jimenez, Yoga Demon, Jason Crosby , Chenduz, Bekki Sharp, Simone Arena, Ziggy, Gregory Fages, Jasmine Contois, and Robert “El Smetcho” Garcia. Each set can be purchased for $40. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The sets are available on for 7 days or until sold out. Don’t wait on these, GPK On Demand sets often sell out within a matter of hours. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist along with pictures of some cards.

1 Mad Mike
2 Buggy Betty
3 Cracked Jack
4 Junk Food John
5 Windy Winston
6 Joe Blow
7 Oozy Suzy
8 Starrin Darren
9 Weird Wendy
10 Jolted Joel
11 Grime Buggy
12 Bug Bug
13 Egg CARton
14 Food Junker
15 Gas Breaker
16 Gum Runner
17 Oozer Cruiser
18 Sight Seer
19 Weird Wheeler
20 Volt Vette

License Plates:

1 Grime Bugy
2 Bug Bug
3 Egg CARton
4 Food Junker
5 Gas Breaker
6 Gum Runner
7 Oozer Cruiser
8 Sight Seer
9 Weird Wheeler
10 Volt Vette

Topps Teases Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2 Online Release

It appears online GPK sets are once again ramping up. Topps today via their GPK Facebook page begin teasing Garbage Pail Kids Krashers Series 2 online set coming tomorrow. The picture posted appears to be a header card similar to the first series. This time Mad Mike, Live Mike, and Buggy Betty are all featured on the card. Joe Simko once again did artwork for the cards in the set. Simko also mentioned on his Facebook account today that there will once again be sketch cards available as part of the offering. Collectors can expect this to be an On Demand type of offer that will be limited based on the number of available sketches. Collectors will find all the set details when it goes live on tomorrow.

Mishka NYC launches GPK x Madballs Clothing & Blanket

Today Mishka NYC launched a line of clothes and a blanket based on the Garbage Pail Kids x Madballs crossover. Mishka launched a number of new products after their initial t-shirt launch a few months ago. This time all the products are available on their website. First up in a 70 x 50 inch fleece blanket featuring the same Joe Simko monster box artwork that was on the t-shirt. The blanket is available for $40. The same monster box artwork is also available on a hoodie ($75) and a long sleeve shirt ($45). Two new print shirts, “Headlick” and “All Over” are also available for $49.99 each. All artwork for the shirts were also done by Joe Simko.

Topps Launches Nasty Nick x Vlad Guerrero Project 70 Mashup

Ermsy is at it again, incorporating another Garbage Paul Kids iconic character in a baseball card. Today Topps launched Project 70 Card #539 1985 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by Ermsy. This is the second card in the online only set to include a GPK character. Back in July Ermsy also painted a Adam Bomb x Mike Trout card. The card features Vlad Guerrero Jr. seemingly busting out as Bad Vlad, spilting Nasty Nick in two. The card is based off the popular 1985 Topps baseball card layout. There are different versions to collect. In addition to the regular base version, Rainbow Foil /70 and Gold 1/1 will be randomly inserted into the print run. Collectors can order the base version of the card for $19.99 each, in a lot of 5 for $82.49, or a lot of 10 for $144.99. Free shipping is available when choosing the SmartPost option. The cards are available for 3 days on Topps will reveal the print run of the base card after sales end.

GPK Nation Set to Release New GPK Pins

GPK Nation is back again with a new officially licensed pin offering later today. They are calling this their Garbage Pail Kids Autographed Sketch Pin Set. This three pin set is based off of sketches done by GPK artist Neil Camera for the upcoming 2021S2 Vacation set. The set includes pins for Nasty Nick, Hot Scott, and Up Chuck. The pins are individually numbered /50, each order will receive the same serial number on each pin. The backing card for the pins is also numbered and signed by the artist. If these pins sell well, collectors could see pin sets by other artists in the future. The pins go on sale later today, 9/1/21 at 2:00 PM EST. GPK Nation also continues to release multiple GPK coins every week. Be sure to check out their website for the latest.

Topps Replacing Missing GPK Sapphire Hits With Unnumbered Pink Parallel

Some GPK collectors received a surprise in their mailbox today in the form of their GPK Sapphire replacements. Topps has begun issuing replacements for collectors whose Garbage Pail Kids Sapphire boxes did not contain the stated “2 parallels inside”. Thanks to collector Chris Yuergens for sending along pictures of his cards. Chris received what appears to be five “pink” Sapphire parallel cards. The color resembles the 1/1 Padparadscha, but with one important difference, they are not numbered on the back and instead are stamped with “Refractor”. Other collectors have also posted their replacements.

GPK Sapphire was a huge hit with GPK collectors, and non collectors, as the excitement brought in collectors from other card types to the hobby. However, collectors soon begun to realize the product was riddled with errors. Many boxes contained 0 or 1 “hits”, despite the statement on the box saying there were 2 parallels inside. After the release of the product, a handful of collectors received either random parallels or GPK Sapphire packs for their replacement requests. That was a very small number of collectors, and most collectors have been waiting months for Topps to respond to their requests. Tracking done by Benjamin Siegler and others within the various GPK break groups, have shown that nearly 20% of boxes opened do not contain 2 parallels. With a print run of upwards of 16,000 boxes, this left Topps with many requests for missing hits, and not having replacements. In addition to the missing hits other errors in the product has surfaced. Tracking has shown there are 22 characters that have not had a Teal (/99) parallel surface, 34 base cards are double printed, and multiple Nasty Nick 1/# parallels have surfaced.

Topps has not commented on any of the GPK Sapphire issues to date. GPKNews has made multiple requests to the company for comment, including today for the replacement parallels. If Topps responds, this article will be updated.