FYE Offering Exclusive Box for Upcoming GPK Tarot Set

FYE announced they are offering an exclusive box art for the upcoming Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck and Guidebook. The set and book are being published by Insight Editions. Artwork on the cards was done by artist Miran Kim. The set has been available other places for preorder for a few months now, but collectors now have the chance to preorder this exclusive box set from FYE. The set can be preordered now from FYE’s website for $24.99. The deck and guidebook is scheduled to be released in 7/21/22.

Topps Delays Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4

Two weeks ago Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4 finally got a release date from Topps after months of being “TBD”. Today however, Topps has delayed the set by a couple of weeks. The set still has a release date, but now is scheduled for 8/24/22. Collectors will need a little more patience until they get their Chrome fix.

In other release date news 2022S1 GPK Book Worms remains with a 7/27/22 release date. In this week’s update Topps also moved 2021S2 GPK Vacation to “Aug. TBD”. It’s expected to be a few months still until Vacation releases.

ToyNK Offering Exclusive GPK Sticker at SDCC

ToyNK’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives have been announced, and once again the company has a Garbage Pail Kids promotion. Collectors purchasing the GPK Playing Card Deck also get to choose either an Adam Bomb or Hot Scott sticker. The deck and sticker can be purchased for $15 at their booth, (#3921). Each exclusive sticker is limited to 1000 copies. The playing card deck was originally launched two years ago. The company is also one of the participating booths in the Topps GPK Trading Card Scavenger Hunt.

Garbage Pail Kids Part of Topps International Trading Card Day

Do you want a Mike Trout or Adam Bomb? Collectors get to make that choice during this year’s Topps International Trading Card Day. Previously called National Baseball Card Day, Topps is expanding the program this year to include different brands. Collectors that visit a participating hobby store on Aug. 6 can choose to receive a free pack of either MLB, UEFA soccer, or Garbage Pail Kids cards. Topps released information to distributors today on the promotion along with the first look at the cards. Each pack of cards contains 5 cards from the brand collectors choose and 1 marketing card. No checklist has been revealed yet for the program, so there is no information yet on the set size. Each 50 pack box stores buy, yes hobby shop have to purchase the packs, contain 30 MLB, 13 soccer, and 7 GPK packs. Topps did reveal a checklist and participating store list on last year’s promotion just prior to the date, so hopefully collectors will have the information again this year.

GPK Blacklight Silkscreen Posters to be Available at SDCC

GPK artist Joe Simko announced on his social channels today new Garbage Pail Kids Blacklight Silkscreen Posters that will be available to purchase at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Simko did the artwork for the posters that measure 24” x 18” and will be available in two colors, Bubblegum Pink and Snot Green. Each poster will be limited to 150 copies, and will be signed and numbered by Simko. The posters will be available at the Atomic Toybox booth (#3921). Pricing is not yet available. Simko will also be appearing at the Atomic Toybox booth Fri. & Sat. from 11:00-11:30. Simko also teased there will be more exclusive GPK items at the booth during the show.

Dynamite Comics Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids Issue #3 Available for Preorder

Dynamite Comics has released information for issue #3 of the Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids comic. The comic is written by Sholly Fisch and illustrated by Jason Crosby. Like the previous issues, there are three cover variations, one by Joe Simko, another by Crosby, and a third trading card team up cover. Also like the first two issues, there will be a number of variations of those covers available. So far all three covers are available in a virgin variant, while the Simko and Crosby covers are available in B&W variants. This issue is advertised to have, “This issue: ”Block Busted”- ”Disorder in the Court-” and two (!) Puzzle Pages!” The comics are available to preorder, or will be soon, wherever you purchase comics. Issue #3 is set to hit the shelves on 9/14/22.

Topps Announces SDCC Trading Card Scavenger Hunt

Are you going to this year’s San Diego Comic Con? If so Topps has a little game for you. Today, Topps announced a Trading Card Scavenger hunt. There will be nine partner booths, they will each have an exclusive card for collectors. The nine puzzle cards reveal the entire image once completed. Artwork for the puzzle was done by artist Chris Meeks. Topps said that each booth will have cards available each day of the show. Each puzzle piece will be limited to 500 copies of the card. The cards will be free at each booth. Here are the details as revealed by Topps:

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Coming to San Diego Comic Con! ☀️

Topps is pleased to be hosting a trading card ‘scavenger hunt’ produced exclusively in conjunction with the upcoming the San Diego Comic Con 2022. The promotion is centered around nine newly created GPK ‘puzzle’ cards. One specific card will be available at each of the nine GPK partner booths. Featuring artwork by GPK artist Chris Meeks, when combined, all nine cards reveal a complete scene — certain to delight convention goers and Garbage Pail Kids fans of all ages.

A limited number of ‘puzzle’ cards will be available each day of Comic Con, including Preview Night. A total of 500 cards per participating GPK partner will be distributed – at no cost — while supplies last.

2021 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4 Gets Release Date from Topps

GPK Chrome collectors rejoice, we now have a release date. In today’s email to distributors, Topps has given 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4 a release date of 8/5/22. GPK Chrome has been listed as TBD for months after being originally scheduled for a Nov. 2021 release. The product was delayed as printer and card shortages shortages have ravaged the trading card industry.

2022S1 GPK Book Worms remains with a 7/27/22 release date on the calendar. Word begin coming down yesterday that distributors were informed of Book Worms impending release and the cancellation of Blasters. GPKNews has heard from additional sources today that have confirmed the same information being shared with them as well. It would appear collectors will be getting two sets  very close together.

Meanwhile, 2021S2 GPK Vacation remains July TBD on the calendar. GPKNews has heard from multiple sources that the set will continue to be delayed due to shortage of sticker card stock, with delays anticipated for months.

As always, collectors shouldn’t trust release date updates on online sellers websites as they generally use placeholder dates until official updates from Topps are released.

Garbage Pail Kids Taste Buds Series 1 Begins Surfacing at Breweries

Garbage Pail Kids Taste Buds Series 1 begin showing up this week at the 20 breweries who were part of the set. Thanks to collector Billy Adam for info and pictures of the cards. Billy visited the Half Acre brewery where they just received the cards from Topps. Instead of complete sets, the breweries have 10 card + 1 Gold parallel packs. Each brewery pack comes in a themed Taste Buds box with an inner silver sales pack. The box also has the list of breweries on the back. These are the same packs that were sold online to collectors. While the online packs cost collectors $20, this brewery was selling them for $10 each.

This brewery received 500 packs to sell locally. This is the number GPKNews had also heard a few weeks ago. If each brewery received 500 packs that would put the brewery packs at 10,000. After including online sales, it puts the total pack run at 13,382. That comes out to 3,263 complete sets that can be made from these packs. It would put the each gold parallel at 326 copies. Quite a high print run for a niche GPK set. GPKNews can also confirm that artists will be starting work shortly on Taste Buds Series 2, set for release later this summer.

2022S1 GPK Book Worms Releasing First, Blasters Cancelled

GPK collectors might have some hope a retail set will be releasing soon! At least one retail distributor was told today from Topps upcoming shipping plans for 2022 Series 1 Garbage Pail Kids Book Worms. Topps is planning on releasing Book Worms first. However, the popular Value Boxes (Blasters) are being cancelled. Topps told the distributor this was due to lack of available sticker stock. GPKNews had heard a few weeks back Topps was having trouble getting sticker card stock to print GPK sets. They will still be shipping the 24 pack Retail Display Boxes. There is no update on the planned Wal-Mart exclusive Mega Boxes. The distributor told GPKNews that orders for display boxes could not be increased, only original allocations would be honored. The distributor was told shipping from Topps would occur in the next 10-15 days. GPKNews does not have an update on Collector boxes as we have not heard any updates from Hobby Distributors.

Word of cancelling of Blasters is not surprising, as shortly after sketch artists received sketch blanks from Topps for Book Worms they were told to not sketch the panoramic or loaded puzzle sketch cards. Both those types are found exclusively in Blasters.

There is no update yet on what will happen to the GPK Gets Graphic Insert cards or Yellow parallels that are usually exclusive to Blasters.  There are also no official release date updates from Topps yet. GPKNews has reached out to Topps for official comment, but has not heard back. As for 2021S2 Vacation, GPKNews also asked Topps for a status of that set. GPKNews continues to hear that work continues on the Vacation set. More than likely Topps had a contract with Walmart for the exclusive Mega Boxes that they had to meet, which would explain Book Worms releasing first.

Oh yeah, the distributor was also told Topps is trying to get 2021 Chrome Blasters shipped by mid-July. More info as we get it!