Topps Finishes 2021 GPK Collector Club with Binder & Set 4

Collectors who signed up last January for the 2021 Garbage Pail Kids Collector’s Club are just starting to receive their last set and gift. Thanks to Uncle Louie from GPK Nation for the pictures. The club has seen a lot of controversy but most collectors should be satisfied with the final gift, a Collector’s Club binder. The binder was first teased as a gift when the club first went on sale on Topps UK site, but that information was quickly removed. The binder itself features the same picture and header on the front and back of the binder. Collectors also received the final 21 card set titled, I’m Always Cranky. This concludes the first year of the club. Topps has not announced if there will be another club offer in 2022.

Topps Updates Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4 Release Date

Topps made a change in release dates this morning for one of their highly anticipated GPK products. Garbage Pail Kids Chrome OS 4 has been updated now to March “TBD”. Originally set for release in November 2021, the set has seen a number of delays. Topps I continued to work through a backlog of sets due to printing delays. What is notable is 2021S2 GPK on Vacation was not changed, and remains February TBD. That could mean good news for collectors as Topps might be more confident that set will release in February. Collectors are slowly inching towards the release of the next sets.

Topps Launches Project 70 Honus Wagner x GPK Mashup

The daily online baseball card set Project 70 continues to incorporate Garbage Pail Kids into some of the cards. Today Topps launched Project 70 Card 827 Honus Wagner by Ermsy. This mashup includes one of the most sought after baseball cards from around the beginning of the 1900’s with GPK character Nervous Rex. This is the forth card Ermsy has done that’s incorporated GPKs. Customers ordering a card have the chance to randomly receive a Rainbow Foil parallel /70 and a Gold parallel 1/1. Each card can be purchased for $19.99, in a lot of 5 for $81.49, or a lot of 10 for $144.99. Shipping is free choosing the SmartPost option. The card is available for sale on for 3 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale.

PremiumDNA Set to Launch GPK x Madballs Toys

In January of last year, Topps and Cloudco announced a collaboration pitting the Garbage Pail Kids vs. Madballs. Now, just over a year later, the toys associated with the collaboration  are set to launch. PremiumDNA and Topps announced today the upcoming preorder for Madballs vs. GPK toys. There will be four different 2-toy packs available for purchase. Each toy pack comes with one classic GPK character and one Madballs character. The toys stand 6 inches tall and all come with swappable parts to create different creations. The toys will also come with battle panels, accessories, and additional hands. Premium DNA is also advertising that the first 1500 orders will come with a set of 4 Madballs Vs GPK trading card stickers that correspond with the 2 pack lineups. Artwork on the cards was done by GPK artist Joe Simko. The toys are set to go on sale at on 1/29/22 at 10:00 AM EST. Be sure to set your alarms!

Abrams Offering Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays 2023 365 Day-to-Day Calendar

The first officially licensed daily GPK calendar is set to hit desks everywhere in 2023. Thanks to collector Christopher Pinnow for being the first to point out the listing. Abrams Books is now officially offering the Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holidays 2023 365 Day-to-Day Calendar. The daily desk calendar features a holidays for each of the 365 days, along with a picture of an existing GPK to match the holiday. The examples all shown show classic John Poumd cards, but in the description for some of other days there is planned artwork from the Bizarre Holidays set that will be used. The GPK artist is credited under each card. You can preorder the calendar now from Amazon for $16.99. The calendar is set to be released Aug. 30, 2022. Here is the description from the listing along with sample days.


Product Description

Featuring a wacky holiday each day paired with an outrageous, gross Garbage Pail Kid, this first-time-ever GPK daily desk calendar promises 2023 to be a year of yuck.

Celebrate a wacky, crazy holiday each day of the year with this 2023 day-to-day calendar featuring the crude, silly, weird, and sometimes disgusting Garbage Pail Kids. Spend National Rubber Ducky Day (January 13) with Fowl Raoul, and ring in National Kazoo Day (January 28) with Cornelius Kazoo. Pay tribute to e-Day (February 7) with Brainy Janie. Toast to Frog Jumping Day (May 13) with Jumping Hope, and enjoy a great big slice with Cheesy Charlie on National Pepperoni Pizza Day (September 20). May 2023 be a year of yuck to you and yours!

Features include:

  • 5.25″ x 4.375″
  • Easel backer for desk or tabletop display
  • Printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based ink
  • Full color tear-off pages (blank on reverse)
  • Day/date reference on each page
  • Separate weekend pages
  • Widely celebrated and nationally recognized holidays and observances
  • 365 Garbage Pail Kids from 1985–now

Garbage Pail Kids 2021S2 and Chrome 4 Seeing Additional Delays

The more things change the more they stay the same? Topps updated their release schedule today for distributors and the news isn’t good for Garbage Pail Kids collectors. After being previously listed as January TBD, both the 2021S2 GPK Vacation and Chrome 4 sets have been officially updated by Topps to February TBD. The “TBD” means Topps really doesn’t know when the sets will release. With the update to February, collectors now know they won’t see them in January. Topps continues to see printing delays across all their brands into 2022. Topps only has so many slots available at the printers, unfortunately contracts and other more profitable sets are taking precedence. Some work does continue on the sets as artists have now signed their autographs for both 2021S2 and Chrome 4. After multiple delays for both sets, collectors must continue to exercise patience for the next releases.

Topps Launches Project 70 Garbage Pail Kids x Nolan Ryan Mashup

The third Keith Shore Project 70 baseball card paying tribute to Garbage Pail Kids is now available. Today Topps launched Project 70 #788 Nolan Ryan by Keith Shore. The card features Ryan as a GPK in his Angels uniform. The card is numbered 30a on front with the nameplate as Swollen Ryan. The familiar GPK banner is replaced with California Angels. This is the third of five planned GPK parodies in the online baseball card set from Shore. Collectors who purchase the card have the chance to receive a rainbow foil parallel /70, or a gold parallel 1/1. Each card can be purchased for $19.99, in a lot of 5 for $82.49, or a lot of 10 for $144.99. Shipping is free when choosing the SmartPost option. The card will be on sale on for 3 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale.

The Bazooka Companies Retains Movie and TV Rights to Garbage Pail Kids

After completing the sale of the Topps trading card division to Fanatics earlier today, Michael Eisner and his Tornante Company along with Madison Dearborn Partners announced the formation of The Bazooka Companies Inc. The new company will remain in charge of the remaining candy and gift card businesses that were left from Topps. The big news for GPK collectors is that as part of the press release, the company announced it would have the rights to produce movies and television shows of certain Topps properties such as MechWarrior/BattleTech and Garbage Pail Kids. This should include the upcoming HBO Max animated series being developed by creators Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Josh Bycel. No release date has been announced for the series. No other information is known such as how long Bazooka will retain the rights, or if Fanatics will have a say in future content decisions.

Fanatics Acquires Topps Sports and Entertainment Trading Card Division

Fanatics has continued their move to take over the trading card industry by announcing today they have purchased the Topps Sports and Entertainment trading card division. The deal was first reported by Sportico last night. The deal includes all the physical and digital trading card assets of Topps. The move enables Fanatics to begin to produce MLB trading cards right away instead of waiting until their control of the licenses begin in 2026. According to the Wall Street Journal the deal was valued at roughly 500 million dollars.

In a press release from Fanatics, CEO Michael Rubin said, “With trading cards and collectibles being a significant pillar of our long-term plans to become the leading digital sports platform, we are excited to add a leading trading cards company to build out our business. Their iconic brand, commitment to product excellence and passionate employees worldwide will allow us to immediately serve our league and players’ association partners and our fans.” 

According to the press release by Fanatics, the deal includes all 350 current Topps sports and entertainment employees around the world. Current Topps Global VP David Leiner and Topps Digital VP Tobin Lent will run Topps within the Fanatics Trading Cards company, a subsidiary of Fanatics, Inc. Both will report to Fanatics Vice Chairman Doug Mack.

It’s too early to tell how the move will affect Garbage Pail Kids. No mention of the various non-sport brands within Topps has been made so far, including GPK. Fanatics now owns the rights to the GPK brand, and inherits all current licensing deals.

The 2021 Best of GPK Award Winners

2021 is going to be remembered in the Garbage Pail Kids community as the year of the delay. Topps had big plans to followup on a hugely successful 2020, with a 2021 filled with cards sets, merchandise, video games, and licensed deals. However, it quickly became clear that GPK collectors would have to exercise patience. Most of the delays were caused by printing delays and shipping issues. Only one retail set made it to market in 2021, as both 2021S2 Vacation and Chrome 4 were pushed to 2022. The huge demand industry wide for trading cards meant only so many printing slots available to card manufacturers. GPK sadly is taking a backseat to other, more profitable brands in the Topps hierarchy, leaving collectors yearning to bust packs. Online releases saw its own multi-month delay as well. After a backlash from fans of the K-pop band BTS to a proposed card in the Shammy’s set, online GPKs went on hiatus for four months. GPK collectors were once again left without an explanation from Topps and no online sets.

Officially licensed GPK products were not immune to delays either. Manufacturers, especially of toys, saw product announcements and shipping dates continue to get delayed. Merchandise sat, and continues to sit on ships in the ocean as manufacturing in China and port delays in the US has wreaked havoc on the entire industry. The early 2021 announcement of a mashup with Madballs and GPK only resulted in a few clothing items as the toys and cards have yet to materialize. Toy figures from Super Impulse and The Loyal Subjects saw delays of months. GetAGrip Skateboards released Series 3 wheels, while Series 2 sits on a ship in the Pacific. There were also numerous plans Topps announced they were working on at the end of 2020 that have yet to be launched, such as video games, and foreign card releases.

Despite the delays, there was still a lot for collectors to collect from online sets, to books, die-cast cars, figures, skateboards, coins, pins, and clothing. Let’s take a look back at what stood out in 2021 for Garbage Pail Kids. It’s time for the 5th annual 2021 Best of GPK Awards! Winners have been selected by the editor of in seven categories, (Retail Set of the Year was not awarded in 2021 since there was only one set released). Additionally, a Reader’s Choice winner was also named in each category. Readers of GPKNews were able to vote in a poll on GPKNews’ Facebook page in mid-December. On some awards there is agreement, while others vary in opinion. Let the debate begin! Its time to celebrate the best in GPKs for 2021!

And the winners are…

2021 Online GPK Set of the Year
Winner: GameStonk
Reader’s Choice: Oh the Horror-ible Expansion Sets 1-2

Not quite as many online offerings from Topps this year. Online sets were put on hiatus by Topps after a proposed BTS card in the Shammy set caused controversy online. Sets that were offered were diverse. Two On Demand sets, con sets, horror, holiday and award sets all were among the available sets in 2021. Sales exploded for online sales with the majority of sets selling over 1000 copies. Rarely does a GPK set catch fire and bring in sales from outside the community. But that happened early in 2021 with this year’s Online Set of the Year, GameStonk. The set was based on the real life revolt against Wall Street with the Reddit/GameStop scandal. Sales of the set exploded to just over 13,000 copies, making it the highest selling online GPK set ever, a record that may never be broken. Honorable mention: Oh the Horrible-ible Expansion (1-2), Krashers 2, Funny Valentine, and GPK Collector Club (Intro-Set 3).

2021 NFT Digital Set of the Year
Winner: Food Fight
Reader’s Choice: Food Fight

The NFT space is much like the Wild West, and with Topps in 2021, NFTs were certainly a wild experience. The year started with Topps continuing to focus on a number of NFT GPK offers, including this year’s NFT Set of the Year, Food Fight. The set saw Topps try a number of new things in the NFT space to bring in new collectors. The set was a companion product to the retail physical 2021S1 Food Fight set. Packs of the physical product contained redemption cards for collectors to claim a free Food Fight NFT pack. This allowed for long time collectors who were skeptical of NFTs to give the technology a try. Sadly, after Food Fight, Topps abandoned the Wax platform to start their own website to offer the company’s other NFT brands. Only a contract with Wax keeps GPK NFTs only on their platform for now, with Topps not empathizing the product. Honorable mention: GameStonk, GPK Nifty Kids, Bernventures. 

2021 Topps GPK Licensee of the Year
Winner: GetAGrip Skateboards
Reader’s Choice: GetAGrip Skateboards

Want to know how your website has made it? Someone creates a bot to cheat an online poll! This year’s reader’s choice award was a hotly contested affair between two companies whose main focus is GPK. It’s not surprising these two were at the top of the poll. Collectors who vote on this award always vote for the company who’s main focus is GPK products. After the removal of thousands of bot votes, new comer GetAGrip Skateboards edged out last year’s winner, GPK Nation, for this year’s GPK Licensee of the Year. Collectors flocked to GetAGrip in 2021, crashing their website with each launch to claim Rory McQueen’s exceptional artwork on skateboards and wheels. Accompanying promo cards with the same artwork on each product has vaulted GetAGrips products to the top of most collector’s wantlists. Honorable mention: GPK Nation, Funko, The Loyal Subjects, Abrams Books.

2021 GPK Rookie Sketch Artist of the Year
Winner: Andrew Artz
Reader’s Choice: Adam Dobrzeniecki 

Topps started off 2021 using a new crop of first time GPK sketch artists in the 2021S1 Food Fight set. Those eight newbies were the extent of the new blood this year. This category is always a tough one, and the award could have gone to any of the talented artists. The Facebook campaigns are always strongest with this award, and this year was no exception. This ended up being a two horse race for collectors. Reader’s choose Adam Dobrzeniecki for his wonderful full color sketches from Food Fight. GPKNews however, choose Andrew Artz as the Rookie Sketch Artist of the Year. Both his full color and B&W sketch work was among the best in the Food Fight set. Andrew also did the artwork on a number of licensed coins for GPK Nation in 2021. Who does Topps plan on adding to the lineup in 2022? Honorable mention: Adam Dobrzeniecki, Nik Muggli, Robert Ball.

2021 Sketch Artist of the Year
Winner: Chris Meeks
Reader’s Choice: Pat Chaimuang

Pat Chaimuamg and Jasmine Contois have had a strangle hold on this award for the past few years. This year for the first time some new faces moved to the top of the list. The GPKNews Sketch Artist of the Year is Chris Meeks. Chris shined throughout the year with exceptional work in Food Fight and both On Demand sets. His work in Krashers 2 was a giant highlight, form his postage stamp sketches to full color sketches. His official Artist Proof cards were a highlight both among collectors and eBay bidders. The reader’s choice award for the first time in a while was a six artist race with Pat Chaimuang edging out Greg Treize to win. Another great year of sketches for collectors! Honorable mention: Pat Chaimuang, Greg Treize, David Acevedo, Rory McQueen, Jasmine Contois.

2021 GPK Artist of the Year
Winner: David Gross
Reader’s Choice: David Gross

For the second year in a row, David Gross is the GPK Artist of the Year. David had another great year both from a gag and painting standpoint. He remains collectors favorite gag writer, from his Wax Max Food Fight card to an as yet unreleased Collector’s Club card from set 4, the time spent on understanding what both experienced and casual collectors want stands out. David also had a number of stand out paintings. Joe Blow from Collector’s Club Set 3, and Mid Summer from Oh the Horror-ible Expansion 2, both highlight some of the his intricate painting. He also introduced a new medium to GPKs with the use of linocut on his Beth Death card from Bizarre Holidays. Another year full of highlights for collectors! Honorable mention: Joe Simko, Rory McQueen, Brent Engstrom.

2021 GPK Card of the Year
Winner: Joe Blow (Collector’s Club Set 3 #1a Artist/Concept David Gross)
Reader’s Choice: Semi Colin (GetAGrip Skateboard Promo Artist/Concert Rory McQueen)

The choice for Card of the Year could have come from any number of options in 2021. Remakes of classic cards, innovative art styles, and collecting parodies were just some of the highlights for collectors this year. This year’s GPKNews Card of the Year goes to the Joe Blow remake in the Collector Club Set 3. This year long club might be controversial among collectors, but the Joe Blow card painted by David Gross is a standout. The bright pink exploding gum on the black background, while Joe skates, is an eye popping example for collectors. Honorable mention: Semi Colin, Jim Mint 10, Beth Death, Wax Max.