Topps Launches 2018 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars Online Set

Fresh off of last night’s Academy Awards shows, Topps is at it with this year’s online set parodying the best movies of the year. Today Topps launches the 2018 Garbage Pail Kids Not-Scars online set. Unlike the previous awards sets from this year, this 8 card set is a mix of GPKs and Wacky Packages. There are 3 new GPK cards offered in (a/b) versions, as well as 2 Wacky Packages. The entire set can be purchased for $34.99. Shipping is free in the US via the SmartPost option, while international shipping is $10. The set will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is a checklist along with pictures of the cards.

  • 1a: Amphibian MANNY/1b: The SHANE of Water (Artist: Smokin Joe McWilliams)
  • 2a: Periled MERYL/2b: Stuck STREEP (Artist: Michael Barnard)
  • 3a: Wacky WINSTON/3b: Goofy GARY (Artist: Simone Arena)
  • 4: No Man’s Own Caesar! (Artist: David Gross)
  • 5: Tonya To Go (Artist: Neil Camera)