Topps Reveals Print Run for 2017 GPK Thanksgiving Set

Did collectors show up to purchase all the turkey and trimmings they could handle? Today Topps revealed the print run for 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving online set. For the first time in months the set consisted of both GPKs and Wacky Packages. Collectors decided that didn’t matter as much, and still showed up for the holiday set. The set sold a total of 188 copies. While being much less than it’s Halloween counterpart, it’s still a lot higher than previous awards related online sets. Look for Topps to continue the holiday theme later in Dec. with a Christmas themed set.

Topps Launches 2017 GPK Thanksgiving Online Set

As the holidays approach, Topps is continuing with its tradition of online holiday sets. Today Topps launched 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving online set. After spitting the brands for the past few months, Topps decided to return to offering GPK and Wacky Packages together. The set consists of 15 cards, 5 New GPK pieces (a/b versions) and 5 Wacky Packages. Artwork in the set was created by artists Brent Engstrom, David Gross, Neil Camera, Joe McWilliams, Robert Jimenez, and JungHwa Im. The set is available for $34.99. There is no bundle discount available this time. Shipping is free in the US, or $10 internationally. The cards are available on for 7 Days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale. Here is the checklist and pictures of the cards.

  • 1a: SAMMY SNOOD/1b: DIRK Dangler – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  • 2a: ANDY Corn/2b: Corny CANDICE – Artist David Gross
  • 3a: Turkey CAL/3b: Hapless HUNTER – Artist: Neil Camera
  • 4a: Basting BART/4b: Leggy LENNY – Artist: Smokin Joe McWilliams
  • 5a: GARY Gravy/5b: Poured POLLY – Artist: Robert Jimenez
  • 6. Butterbrawl – Artist: Smokin Joe McWilliams
  • 7. McSnoremick Turky Gravy – Artist: David Gross
  • 8. Bruised Yams – Artist: Brent Engstrom
  • 9. Lippy’s Punk In Pie Mix – Artist: Smokin Joe McWilliams
  • 10. Turkey Taffy – Artist: JungHwa Im

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2017 GPK Halloween Set

Topps was in a revealing mood today as they have now caught up on Print Run reveals for all their online sets. Today Topps revealed the print run for 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Halloween online set. The 20 card set was based on characters from popular horror movies. The artwork proved to be right in the line with what collectors were looking for. Despite the larger set and higher price point, the set sold 272 copies. Those numbers are higher than any other online set in months. GPK collectors have shown that if the artwork and content are good they will spend the money.

Topps Reveals Print Run for 2017 GPK Fall Comic Convention Set

Almost a month after the set was sold online Topps finally released the print run for 2017 Garbage Pail Kids Fall Comic Convention online set. The 12 card set was sold during the week of this year’s New York Comic Con. The set ended up doing much better than previous online sets, even beating the GPK Classic set. The final print run for the whole set was announced as 187 copies sold. GPK collectors have shown over the years that cards based on comic characters are popular.