Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Trumpocracy 2017 #16-#17

Just when you thought sales couldn’t get any lower. Today Topps revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy 2017 cards #16-#17. After last week’s controversy over the quality of art on a GPK card, many collectors have decided to stop buying the online releases. Once again new record lows for sales were set. Both GPK cards offered on Tuesday finished below the previous low. The new low is card #17 with a print run of 68. Card #16 barely beat it out with 70 in sales. Both Wacky Packages cards also finished very low in sales. It remains to be seen with sales continuing to be low how long Topps will keep up the constant offers. Here are how Tuesday’s cards finished.

GPK Trumpocracy 2017
#16 – Curtains Comey – 70
#17 – No Hugs Hillary – 68

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