Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Trumpocracy #1-#4 & Network Spews #51-#52

Topps waited until the end of the week to reveal the print runs for their online exclusives, and the news isn’t good. Last night Topps revealed the print runs for Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy 2017 cards #1-#4, and GPK Network Spews #51-#52. The news started out good for Topps as card #1 of any set always sells well, and the new Trumpocracy set was no exception. Card #1 blew everything away doing sales of 346. From there things started going downhill. Wednesday’s GPK cards saw sales back down in the mid 100’s. The bad news came with Thursday’s release of Network Spews cards. Sales hit rock bottom. Both GPK cards broke the record for lowest in sales, and not by a little bit. The new lowest is card #51 with only 112 in sales. Perhaps more worrisome for Topps is the sales of Wacky Packages. Thursday’s Network Spews Wacky bottomed out with three actually ended in double digits. Was Thursday a one off in sales? Or have a large number of collectors buying these stopped? It will be very interesting to see what if offered and the sales next week. Here are how the sales came out for the week.

GPK Trumpocracy
#1 – 100 Days Donald – 346
#2 – Divertin Donald – 147
#3 – Tough Cookie Trump – 151
#4 – Colin Alien Hitlinr – 176

GPK Network Spews
#51 – Eager Eagles – 112
#52 – Rapturous Rihanna – 118