Topps Launches GPK Trumpocracy 2017 Card #1

Just when you thought Topps might take a break from the Trumpocracy, it starts all over again. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Trumpocracy 2017 card #1. Remove the 100 days title, add 2017 on it, and start over at card #1 (Artist: Camera). Topps also released three Network Spews Wacky Packages cards as well today. (Going forward I will no longer be covering the Wacky Packages cards as part of It appears this is now Topps’ main focus instead of just being a part of the set, even though the Spews set is still called “GPK”. I will mention the launch of the daily cards but will only post pictures and print runs of the GPK cards.) The card can be purchased for $9.99 or in lots of 5 for $29.99, 10 for $49.99, or 20 for $79.99. A four card bundle featuring one of each of today’s cards is also available for $29.99. Free shipping within the US is available via the SmartPost option, or international shipping for $10. The cards will be on sale for 24 hours. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale.

2 Replies to “Topps Launches GPK Trumpocracy 2017 Card #1”

  1. “I will no longer be covering the Wacky Packages cards”
    I’m betting you’ll cover them one more time, once you see this week’s sales numbers…
    The beginning of the end?