Wish Factory Launches Licensed Kawaii Cube GPK Posers Figures

Story Updated 4/30/17

Collectors around the country are starting to see the new Kawaii Cubes GPK Posers in Target stores. According to a spokesperson for Wish Factory, the company behind the figures, Series 1 of the GPK Kawaii Cubes were just launched in Target stores. They hope to start selling these on their website, www.kawaiicubes.com, within the next month. When asked if a “Series 2” would be forthcoming they said that, “Demand would dictate if a Series 2 would be produced.” If a Series 2 is made you can expect it in stores around the end of the year.

Their license with Topps might not stop there. Kawaii Cubes is primarily known for their cubed shaped plush toys. They have licenses currently with brands like TMNT, DC Comics, Power Rangers, among many others. The plush characters generally come in either 2, 4, or 8 inch cubes. Retail prices can be anywhere from $5 to $20 per plush toy. When asked if they were working on any additional GPK items they said, “We are working on a GPK Kawaii Cube plush.” However, they added, “Whether they hit the market place depends on whether the retail stores purchase them.”

There might be a chance Santa will be stuffing stockings this Christmas with new Kawaii Cube plushes and posers. Thanks to collector Mike Maronek for pictures of the Cubes in action.

Original story, posted 4/27/17

Thanks to collector Daniel Goodroad for the heads up on these. He spotted them in Target today. Wish Factory has launched a new line of blind pack posable Garbage Pail Kid figures. The company is mainly known for their line of stackable plush licensed figures. They also release blind box posable figures under the Kawaii Cube brand. These new figures appear to be officially licensed by Topps, as the box uses the Topps logo and GPK banner logo used on Funko figures. The box advertises the figures have magnetic hands and feet and can be changed into over 1000 poses. The back of the pack shows 5 figures available; Adam Bomb, Hot Scott, Mad Mike, T.V. Stevie, and New Wave Dave. The box mentions this is Series 1 of the figures. They appear to retail for $6.99 each and were found in the toy section of Target.

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