Topps Reveals Print Run for 2017 GPK The Not-Scars

After an much publicized and controversial ending to the Oscars, would that help out sales of the GPK Not-Scars set? Topps has revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids 2017 The Not-Scars set. This 18 card set featured eight GPK, (offered in a/b sets), and two Wacky Packages cards. The set was on sale for seven days following the end of the Oscars. Collectors were not willing to give any awards to this years set. The GPK cards all sold right around what the recent political GPK cards have been going for, in the 140-150 range. The Wackys meanwhile saw a sharp decrease compared to other sets, with both cards unable to break the 180 mark in sales. Historically entertainment sets have been tough sellers for Topps, and this set ended up being one of the lowest sales wise. Here are how the final print run numbers came in as revealed on

1A: Warren Batty/1B: Baiting Beatty – 154
2A: Rhytmic Ryan/2B: Ensemble Emma – 144
3A: Losing Lin/3B: Missed Out Manuel – 154
4A: Hurting Harley/4B: Cracked Quinn – 148
5A: Eaten Eddie/5B: Ravaged Redmayne – 144
6A: Amy Arrived/6B: Alien Adams – 144
7A: Monster Michael/7B: Swipin’ Shannon – 144
8A: Viggo Mortified/8B: Misappropriatin’ Mortensen – 144
9: Oscar Mired Wieners (and Losers) – 177
10: Harlequin Pudding – 170