Topps Releases GPK Golden Groans Print Run

It took a while, but Topps today finally revealed the print run for Garbage Pail Kids Golden Groans. This 10 card online exclusive set was on sale back in early January. The set parodied the Golden Globes Movie and TV awards shows. I’m not sure why Topps waited so long to reveal the results, as collectors should have sets in their hands by now. All cards in the set finished in the lower 200’s. This is right around where the award show sets finished in sales last year as they were first introduced. It will be interesting to see if Topps follows up with an Oscars set as well in a few weeks. Here are the final results for the Golden Groans.

Mashing Meryl/Streep’s Speech: 226
On the Throne Tyrion/Dinklage Dump: 217
Colin Crustacean/Filleted Farrell: 213
Flubbin’ Fallon/Jimmy Failure: 213
Emma Error/Snafu Stone: 213