Topps Launches 2017 GPK The Shammys Online Set

David Bowie, George Michael, and Prince all highlight today’s exclusive online offer from Topps. Today Topps launched 2017 Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie – The Shammys set. This is the second year in a row Topps has done a set based off of the Gammy awards. This large 19 card set,¬†features eight new GPK and three new Wacky Packages cards. Each GPK card comes as an a/b pair for $9.99, each Wacky card can also be purchased for $9.99. The entire set can also be purchased for $49.99. The set will be available on for 7 days. Topps will reveal the print run at the end of the sale on their blog. Here is a checklist along with pictures of the new cards.

  • 1A: Decorated DAVID
  • 1B: Blackstar BOWIE
  • 2A: Purple PRINCE
  • 2B: Noble NELSON
  • 3A: Glorious GEORGE
  • 3B: Majestic MICHAEL
  • 4A: Guileful GAGA
  • 4B: Huffy HETFIELD
  • 5A: Angry ADELE
  • 5B: Agitated ADKINS
  • 6A: Beautiful BEYONCE
  • 6B: Noticeable KNOWLES
  • 7A: Cuckoo CEE-LO
  • 7B: Golden GREEN
  • 8A: Ailing ALEX
  • 8B: Declining Health DREW
  • 9: David Bowie Knife
  • 10: Purple Crayons
  • 11: Chance The Wrapper Wrapping Paper

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