Topps Reveals Print Run for GPK Prime Slime Awards

artgpk-16c2s-16gpap-pacs-setThe results are in, and it appears collectors did not vote in the Prime Slime Awards. Today Topps revealed the print run information for the Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime Awards online set. The set, which was for sale a couple of weeks back, featured entertainment personalities to coincide with the Emmy awards show. The set did not fair well with collectors as it set a record for the lowest sold online exclusive. All but one card sold only 106 copies, besting the previous low by almost 100 copies. It will be interesting to see if fans just didn’t like the entertainment concept, or if fans are just tiring of the online sets. This so far was the last online set to be sold online, as Topps moved into the almost daily release of Disg-Race to the White House cards. Here is the print run info as revealed on

  • Absorbed Amy – 106
  • Lookalike Larry – 106
  • Ecstatic Ellie – 106
  • Torn Tina – 106
  • Kit’s Kingdom – 106
  • King Kevin – 106
  • John Revolta – 107
  • Cookie Monster – 106
  • Convicted Cuba – 106
  • Bombastic Bryan – 106