Hobby & Collector Odds for GPK Prime Slime Trashy TV

packfrontThanks to GPK collectors Laura Ross and Ke We for sending along the Collector and Hobby Pack odds. A few things to highlight based on the Collector odds. Bloody Red parallels return to Collector packs, numbered /75 just like the Apple Pie release. Topps made no mention of these on the sell sheet. In another change, the Bloody red border cards are either pink or red depending on the card number. The red borders are the “a” cards while the pink borders are the “b” cards. This repeats a trend started in the Apple Pie series with the Black/Blue Bruised border cards. Topps has also changed  the numbering on Patches and Relics. Patches are now numbered /99, meaning there are twice as many of those compared to previous releases. It will be much easier to put that insert set together. However, the artist shirt relics are now only /50. With only 4 versions on the checklist, those will be very hard to come by.

Overall it seems Collector box production is on par compared to the Apple Pie release. Odds are a little tougher for card types that are shared across packs like the gold parallel, autos, and plates compared to the Apple Pie set, but that is due to retail production being increased significantly. Card types exclusive to Collector packs are either the same as Apple Pie like with the Shaped Sketch cards, or slightly lower with the Dual Artist sketches. Given there are more sketches available this time around, I’m guessing production is very close compared to the Apple Pie release.

Hobby boxes don’t have any surprises. Everything expected in Hobby packs are there. Production for Hobby boxes, like Collector boxes, appears to be right around the same as the Apple Pie series. I’ll have a complete breakdown next week with two articles taking a stab at production numbers for Prime Slime Trashy TV

Here are the pack odds for 2016 Prime Slime Trashy TV Collector:

Spit – 1:4
Bloody Nose – 1:2
Fool’s Gold – 1:58
Printing Plate – 1:288
Artist Autograph – 1:96
GPK Wacky Packages 1:24
Shaped Sketch Card – 1:144
Dual Artist Panoramic Sketch Card – 1:352
Patch Card – 1:35
Artist Relic 1:175


Here are the pack odds for 2016 Prime Slime Trashy TV Hobby:

Spit – 1:4
Fool’s Gold – 1:58
Printing Plate – 1:1792
Artist Autograph – 1:245
GPK Wacky Packages – 1:24
Shaped Sketch Card – 1:165


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