Topps Launches Prime Slime Fall TV Preview Online Set

artgpk-stic-16gpapft-cs-setFor the second time this summer Topps is offering a Prime Slime Trashy TV preview set online via their Topps Store. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids American As Apple Pie Prime Slime Fall TV Preview set. Like the previous set offered earlier this summer, the set is still listed under the Apple Pie banner. Celebrating shows like Big Bang Theory and MacGyver the set consists of 5 new pieces of artwork with a/b variations. Two card a/b sets can be purchased for $9.99 each, while the entire 10 card set can be purchased for $29.99. Once again free shipping is being offered via the SmartPost option. The cards are available for 7 days with the sale ending next Tuesday, 9/20, at 12:00 PM Eastern time. As usual Topps said the print run for the sets will be revealed on their Topps Blog. Here is the checklist and images for the new set:

  • 1A: Big Bang Theo
  • 1B: Subatomic Sheldon
  • 2A: Adhering Angus
  • 2B: Mucus MacGyver
  • 3A: Transformed Tomas
  • 3B: Mad Marcus
  • 4A: Revolting Roger
  • 4B: Messy Martin
  • 5A: Slashed Ash
  • 5B: Bookish Bruce