Topps Launches GPK Prime Slime Awards Online Set

artgpk-16c2s-16gpap-pacs-setTopps today launched Garbage Pail Kids American as Apple Pie Prime Slime Awards set only available in the Topps Store. The set is based off of this past weekend’s prime time Emmy Awards show. This set gives Topps a perfect way to promote their next set based off of popular TV shows. However, despite carrying the Prime Slime name, the set still falls under the American As Apple Pie banner. The set features 10 new pieces of artwork featuring nominees from the Emmy awards show. Each character can be purchased as a 2 card a/b set for $9.99 or the entire 20 card set can be purchased for $49.99. Like with previous sets, free shipping is being offered when you choose the SmartPost option. The set is available for 7 days with the sale ending next Monday, 9/26, at 12:00 Eastern time. Topps said the print run will be revealed after the sale on their Topps Blog. Here is the checklist along with images of the cards.

1A: Bombastic Bryan
1B: Conceited Cranston
2A: Convicted Cuba
2B: Gotcha Gooding
3A: Cookie Monster
3B: Terrible Taraji
4A: John Revolta
4B: Tosses Travolta
5A: King Kevin
5B: Spade Spacey
6A: Kit’s Kingdom
6B: Haughty Harington
7A: Torn Tina
7B: Partitioned Poehler
8A: Ecstatic Ellie
8B: Cultish Kemper
9A: Lookalike Larry
9B: Doppelgänger David
10A: Absorbed AmyRead More