Topps Launches GPK Disg-Race to the White House Card #1

artgpk-stic-16gpkrace-0001_fr_1Topps began their Print on Demand initiative earlier this year by selling Garbage Pail Kids sets exclusively online. From there Topps has launched Print on Demand products across multiple brands. Probably their most successful so far has been Topps Now, which celebrates baseball highlights everyday with new cards sold individually. It looks like Topps has decided to go that route now with GPK as today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids Disg-Race to the White House Card #1. The new cards are not labeled as part of the American Pie or Trashy TV set, but instead on their own with the date the card was for sale printed on the back. No word yet on how many cards Topps is planning to produce as part of the set, but they setup a separate section on their website for the GPK 2016 Election. Similar to Topps Now the more copies of the card you buy the cheaper they are. Single cards can be purchased for $9.99, while multiple copies of the same crd can be bought for; 5 for $29.99, 10 for $49.99, or 20 for $79.99. Free shipping is offered when selecting the SmartPost option. The card is only available for 24 hours. Like with other online releases Topps says they will release print run info at the end of the sale.