2016 GPK Prime Slime Trashy TV Sketch Preview

Last Updated 10/5 with sketches from Steve Potter, Henriquez, Norvet, Camera, and Monserrat..

While the 2016 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime Trashy TV set is not set to release until 10/5, artists have begun to let slip some previews of sketches they have been drawing that will be inserted into packs. (Note: All sketches must be approved by Topps before they are inserted into packs. Also all sketches will not be inserted as Topps holds some back for damaged or missing hits.) Expect the a flurry of sketch previews about 4-6 weeks before the set’s release. I will continue to update this post as artists continue to show off sketches. All photos courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page and/or website.

Artist: Jeff Zapata

Artist: Lowell Isaac

Artist: Cecilia Granata

Artist: Jon Gregory

Artist: Chad Scheres

Artist: Patrick Giles

Artist: Jason Heil

Artist: Matt Steffens

Artist: Dennis Gortkaowski

Artist: Michael Barnard

Artist: Magnus Von Robotsson

Artist: Barry Nygma

Artist: Robert Jimenez

Artist: Rich Molinelli

Artist: Lily Mercado

Artist: Sean Norvet

Artist: Kelly Greider

Artist: Cathy Razim

Artist: Chris Meeks

Artist: Jason Crosby

Artist: Sobot Cortez

Artist: GPK Dave Dabila

Artist: Daniel Contois

Artist: Matthew Kirscht

Artist: Simone Arena

Artist: Neil Camera

Artist: Chenduz

Artist: Ryan Moffett

Artist: Dan Burn Webster

Artist: JM Monserrat

Artist: Marisol Henriquez

Artist: Steve Potter