Topps Reveals GPK Democratic & Republican Online Set Print Runs

artgpk-stic-16gpaprc-dt-setIn the race to see who wins the Garbage Pail Kids Presidential Nomination, who wins? In a close race it appears the Republicans have won. Back during the Republican and Democratic conventions Topps offered exclusive 10 card online sets to collectors. After all the hanging chads have been counted, the results are in. Here is the print run information for both the Democratic and Republican sets as revealed on Topps Blog:

Complete Set – DNC – 283
Bye Bye Barrack – 288
Bullied Bernie – 285
Ecological Elizabeth – 283
Lying Lynch – 283
Dollar Billary – 283

Complete Set – RNC – 286
Compliant Chris – 288
Donald Dictator – 293
Perturbed Paul – 286
Accurate Aaron – 286
Tender Ted – 286

Sales numbers for both of these sets was slightly higher than the previous online exclusive sets. The sets being for sale during the conventions may have caused a slight uptick in sales. Also, for the first time Topps revealed how many complete sets were sold as part of the numbers. Only two cards from each set sold any individual copies, with Trump leading the way. We’ve gone a couple of weeks without any new sets, will there be more on the way?

2 Replies to “Topps Reveals GPK Democratic & Republican Online Set Print Runs”

  1. They didn’t say how many Clint Wood Chair were printed.
    And Accurate Aaron was from the 4th of July Founder Fathers set.
    I ‘assume’ it was a typo but it would be nice for them to verify.

  2. Good catch! I’m guessing those numbers are for the Climt one and it’s just a typo, hopefully they will fix.