Topps Launches GPK Best of the Fest Online Set

ARTGPK-STIC-16GPAPBF-CS-SETTopps is taking a break with the Presidential online sets and going back to the entertainment world. Today Topps launched Garbage Pail Kids American As Apple Pie Best of the Fest online set. The set features musical acts that headlined music fests this past summer. There are 10 new paintings each offered as a 2 card a/b set for $9.99, or the entire 20 card set can be purchased for $49.99. Free shipping is also being offered via the SmartPost selection. The set is available on Topps online store for 7 days, ending at 12:00 Eastern time on Sept. 5th. As with the previous online sets Topps said they will reveal the print run on their blog after the sale ends. Here is the checklist along with pictures of the new cards.

  • 1A: Arcade Fired
  • 1B: Lose Butler
  • 2A: Decked Beck
  • 2B: Hammy Hansen
  • 3A: Bob Weird
  • 3B: John Slayer
  • 4A: Overworked Axl
  • 4B: Gunnin’ For Rose
  • 5A: Radio Dead
  • 5B: Tortured Thom
  • 6A: Fiery Flea
  • 6B: Affably Anthony
  • 7A: Tree Roots
  • 7B: Quest Shrub
  • 8A: Crying Cure
  • 8B: Sobbing Smith
  • 9A: Death Cab For Frontman
  • 9B: Bashed Ben
  • 10A: Meaty Morrissey
  • 10B: Sacrilege Smith

2 Replies to “Topps Launches GPK Best of the Fest Online Set”

  1. Hi,
    I paid for this set on 9/1/16 but it has not even shipped from Topps yet? This seems a bit late compared to their usual track record on shipping GPK sets.

    Has anyone gotten these yet?


    • Good point. Mine hasn’t shipped either. Usually these have shipped out quicker. Hopefully the delay won’t be long.